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The Struggles Of Being A Teenager

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Over the course of time, life as a teenager has changed abundantly. How teenagers lived back then is incomparable to how they live now. In today’s generation, being a teenager is anything but easy. Or at least that’s how I feel. The growth from childhood to adulthood is effortless for some, but difficult for others. There’s many challenges to face, decisions to make, and roads to take set out for all of us. Based on our preparation for these moments, we’ll know just how “ready” we are to take on life.

The hardest part of being a teenager now is feeling stuck. Stuck between what responsibilities are yours to handle. You’re no longer a child but you’re not officially an adult yet either. This can be the biggest struggle we all come across. It gets very frustrating trying to live up to so many expectations from your friends, family members, and sometimes their friends too. We’re stuck in this stage in life where we’re expected to be responsible young adults yet we’re not permitted to do just as much as adults can. It’s hard being expected to act as an adult, but all adults see in you is a child just trying to be someone they can’t be just yet.

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I myself struggle with getting things done when it’s needed. At times this gets me in a lot of trouble. Many adults automatically expect us to do things exactly how they want us to and expect us to act just as they did, but they don’t understand that we were raised differently. Times have changed compared to 30 years ago when our parents were teenagers. Back then, technology wasn’t as convenient so they had more time away from phones, laptops and TVs. They interacted face to face more and were always busy whether inside or outside of the house. Nowadays we are glued to our gadgets. Face to face interaction has been compromised over text or video calling straight from your phone. Losing this really took a toll on our generation.

The best part of being a teenager is being able to find things at the click of a button. With the advancement of technology, today’s generation doesn’t struggle as much as they did 30 years ago. The new technology has become such a great investment and factor in our lives. Compared to the past, teenagers nowadays are closer than ever. Teenagers now can easily reach each other at the click of a button. Along with the advancement of technology came a faster more efficient access to knowledge. Although there are still many struggles of being a teenager now, the superlatives of the present triumph it all.

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