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Purpose Vs Struggle

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People use struggles or problems they face to find and accomplish their purpose or reason to live. One reason why is because the knowledge and experience of struggles makes you want to find a purpose that fixes those problems and acts as a way of inspiration. Also, struggles help make way for enjoyment and dreams can come true that way. In A Long Walk to Water, there are two characters named Salva and Nya. Nya is living in 2008 and at the end of the book, Nya is helped by the other character, Salva. Salva, is shown to be living in the late 1900s and has gone through many things during the war between North and South Sudan, in which he has to live alone. As Salva experienced the trips to different refugee camps, he wanted to help the people of Sudan, and wanted to because he had to go through many problems during the war. This acts as a way to find one’s purpose. Salva then later met his father after his father had developed an illness because of the dirty water that he had drank for many years.

Salva experienced the struggle of having to see a loved one sick like any other human being, and the chance of not seeing his father in a very long time. Jackson and Samuel are from On the Way to School, Jackson living in Kenya, and Samuel living in the Bay of Bengal in India. Samuel has a disability and can’t walk and Jackson has to walk for four hours, also dangerous, to get to school and get an education. These characters show hard work and perseverance through struggles for people to successfully find their purpose.In a Long Walk to Water and On the Way to School, Salva Dut and Jackson both show why one might experience a struggle and further want to make sure others do not have to face the same struggle if possible. This is shown when Salva is experiencing great emotion and wants to come back to Sudan later to see his father again. This shows that after people experience inspiration, it can help them set goals to find their purpose. This observation can be shown in the quote from Salva, “And an idea came to him-an idea of what he might be able to do to help the people of Sudan” (107).

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He was already thinking about helping Sudanese people before seeing his father, “He had a vague idea that he would like to return to Sudan someday, to help the people who lived there” (99). In the same way, Samuel had stated that he wanted to become a doctor to help other children with disabilities like his own. His experience for his paralyses made Samuel want to do this and Samuel also states that because of this, he wants to study more. This is a form of inspiration and this shows that people can feel something and find their way to a purpose. The film states that Samuel is the only member of his family who can read, and that is including his mom, who is an adult and may not have found the same opportunities as her sons. Samuel is not that much older than his brothers and still is able to read with them not being able to. This shows that Samuel is doing this because of his disability and is also thinking about how to achieve it and hopefully it will not only stay a dream, but, come true. People may not want others to face the same struggles they have faced and that is why Samuel is becoming a doctor to help others in need and have a better experience with that disability. Samuel and Salva are both doing hard work by either keeping up and persevering or walking for a thousand miles for refugee camps to be treated horribly and then finally working hard on projects to help others. Helping others face different experiences is a way to find one’s own purpose, as it tells about one’s desire and passion. Samuel and Salva are both taking action in the present and hopefully in the future to follow their dreams and make sure that others do not have to suffer the same as themselves, this shows how powerful inspiration can be to change one’s life and future. Another way that you can find your purpose is by persevering.

In addition, going through struggles finds a purpose. Nya, from A Long Walk to Water, had to struggle every day because she had to grab water for her family, which is contaminated even after the long walk which shows that children and people all face struggles within struggles and adapt to them after a long time, making it easier for them to persevere. A struggle that Nya faces is not getting to go to school, instead, she has to get water, the struggle getting water is a struggle within the struggle of not going to school and getting an education. This is a form of hard work and struggles and is a motivation point for one to persevere and find a purpose. The book states, “The water that filled the hole was filthy, more mud than liquid” (27). After the struggles, Salva Dut, when he is older, reaches her village and makes a clean water well, which means she doesn’t have to go to the pond for the dirty water every day anymore. This is a dream come true because, “all the children will be able to go to school” (103) and she doesn’t have to be worried about the consequences of drinking the water from the pond and if she will get sick like her little sister and must go to a clinic far away. This is a dream come true because of the emotion she showed when learning that she will be able to go to school. This also helped for more opportunities for her village after a marketplace, medical clinic, and the school. Her purpose is starting to come true, and many others will if they have a good education, because after one is able to have an education people are able get jobs and money to further help one’s standard of living. Likewise, Jackson achieves having a higher education as he will be going to a boarding school next and got a grant to be a pilot and his struggles were to go on a 4-hour trip with his little sister to get to his school and to get an education. In the end it told about how Jackson got good grades, and that is a struggle because working hard when you don’t have to and Jackson didn’t care but kept on going and persevered to get a grant to achieve his purpose in life and the base was his education which also proves that Nya and many others will be able to get access to many things through a good education. Jackson is persevering and showing hard work, and that is a way to get a purpose. Jackson has already gotten his purpose and is now working on becoming a pilot, which proves that struggles help find one’s purpose. Nya and Jackson are both doing hard work by either bringing back water every day by walking for hours and then to only get filthy water back or working hard in school to achieve a dream is going to come true. Shown by Nya and Jackson, hard work can become a key factor, in which you may face even more hardship while trying to find purpose as a way to test one’s ambition.

Ultimately, people have to shed blood and tears or hard work into their work to find success or purpose. Many have to go through struggle and not want to continue, but in the end, it can be valuable to have a life that one may feel passionate about and not force one to continue the next day. People can adapt to their struggles and continue because it may not make them feel pain anymore. If people face struggles as happily as they would face dreams, people can succeed and move onto the other part of their life, after success and purpose. Success is one part of the life and struggle is another, but, if one does not complete hard work, he or she may not be able to find the success part of life. With so many people and characters starting to find their personal purpose, it shows that even with many struggles, through hard work, a person can find their purpose easily as a trade to all of the work and struggles they have gone through.

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