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How Can An Introvert Person Build Confidence?

Introvert means shy people, and shy people are usually the most talkative people around the best company. As an introvert, you always think of how you can build more confidence in life. We all are introverts in a few places or phases of our lives. In today’s scenario, more and more people are turning toward the motivational speaking. Be it or speaking for others or listening for themselves, motivational speaking and sharing success stories have now become the new trend...
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Being An Introverted Leader And How It Affects Upward Mobility

A few years ago, I participated in a test designed to find out what type of personality I had in order to better identify the best way to engage with me in a classroom environment and see how I received information. I am an ISTJ type personality. ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, and is one of the many personalities identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. This personality test was developed by Carl Jung and he was...
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The Peculiarities Of Introverted Personality

INTRODUCTION I“Did you know that one third of the population in the United States are introverts?” (Boss 2015). That is about 110 million people! I am one of those people; I am an introvert! As such I have been misunderstood my whole life. Since kindergarten, through middle school and high school, and even today people define me as a shy person. Introversion and shyness are not the same! Some of you are introverts as well while others might not be;...
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What Influences Do Nature And Nurture Have On Being An Extrovert Or Introvert?

There are many different theories as to whether introversion and extroversion is predominately influenced by nature or nurture. It can be influenced predominately by one or the other or seen to be both working together. The brain contributes to this and brain activity, there are areas of the brain that relate to either introversion or extroversion. Polygenic inheritance can influence which of these personality types you are as well as studying the different stages of life. The research has found...
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Types And Features Of Introverts

Introduction Its quite difficult to define this term introvert for me because I am an introvert person however I am not able to categorize any person from this characterize either introvert or extrovert. To be very honest and as far as I knew, most of famous leaders, scientists or any intellectual person is introvert in behaviour. They are generally more focus on internal thoughts, feelings, moods rather than seeking external stimulation. I think there are many very misconceptions about an...
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Speaking Challenges Faced By Introvert English Education Study Program Students

INTRODUCTION Background People talk everyday where ever they live. They use language as their tool to interact and communicate with another people. Marzulina (2018) states language is a means of communication to connect people. Thus, language is required for interaction and communication. Talking about language, there are many languages in this world. Based on page of UNESCO, there are around 6.700 languages that spoken by people in this world (Hardyanto, 2018). Every country must have its own language. But nowadays,...
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Reflections And Research Of An Introvert

I am considered a School Based Technology Specialist in one of the nation’s largest school districts. I am much more that a Technology Specialist. I am a Testing Coordinator, who assigns and monitors district, state and national assessments to students. I interpret data and then consult with staff on the best way to reteach. I am an Information Technology Specialist who images computers, fixes printers, and problem solves software along with managing a large network in an elementary building. I...
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Leadership From An Introvert Perspective

I am more of an introverted leader as I am good at one-on-one interaction, empathy and have the ability to concentrate amid distraction. In order to leverage my personality to be a more effective leader, I should try to be more comfortable in a group, should try to determine effective ways to interact and communicate with the team members, listen to everyone’s opinions and problems, should develop a strong sense of confidence and should solve problem with thoroughness rather than...
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Introvert: How To Adapt To Working Culture

Throughout history, people have searched for the best way to describe the characteristics of the people around them. There are different ways to identify people’s personality and according to many social experts and psychologists, their social behaviors help to identify the personality type, the introvert or an extrovert. Introverts are someone who is very quiet and reserved. They are a little hesitant when it comes to open up with new people. If ever you come across an individual who looks...
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What It Is Like To Be An Introvert

I’m an introvert, there’s no question about it. I’m shy, I like being alone and I’m good at it, and I avoid confrontation at all cost. I’ve always been this way, and I’m fine with it. Being an introvert has its good and bad sides, and I guess so does being an extrovert. I wouldn’t know, though . Lately this is something I’ve thought about a lot for some reason. Maybe because the words introvert and extrovert are being used...
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Extrovert And Introvert Theories Of Personality

Personality is “A dynamic organisation, inside the person, of psychophysical systems that creates the person’s characteristic patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings” (Maltby, Day and Macaskill, 2017, page 5). This essay will explore Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the five-factor model and their contrasts and similarities. The MBTI is a personality type theory and questionnaire assessing and revealing each individual’s personality type. The MBTI’s composed of four cognitive categories with two choices for each category, resulting in sixteen different...
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Self Reflection And Assignment: Introverts

Introduction Introverts form the backbone of any successful organization. Introverts possess some key skills such as analytical qualities and paying attention to detail. Basic definition of an Introvert is someone who gets drained by research shows that socializing and recharges by being alone. Being an introvert is perfectly normal. Despite what your teachers, and even our parents may have told us, being an introvert doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us and it’s not even that uncommon. Studies suggest that...
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The Concept Of Introversion: Features And Stereotypes

Society is often influenced by trends set on social media and technology. Sometimes the media and entertainment overpower an individuals own thoughts and ideas causing an impact on how society can view certain subject matter. Stereotypes in american society has taught the nation that extroversion is the route to take to succeed. Afterall, people do believe that assertiveness and being vocal is the only way to be successful. The misconception of introverts being viewed as incapable or unproductive is a...
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