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Introvert: How To Adapt To Working Culture

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Throughout history, people have searched for the best way to describe the characteristics of the people around them. There are different ways to identify people’s personality and according to many social experts and psychologists, their social behaviors help to identify the personality type, the introvert or an extrovert. Introverts are someone who is very quiet and reserved. They are a little hesitant when it comes to open up with new people.

If ever you come across an individual who looks to be comfortable in doing things alone be that less of group interaction, ignorance for social activities those that deals with crowd, admiring silence and visualizing it a worthy nature is something termed as reserved or introvert and in my assignment I wish to highlight importance of being creative, preference to a lone healthy time and the minds that work two times faster in a quiet atmosphere which are more or less defined qualities of introverts.

Being a team leader, I don’t think an introvert person in a team is a problem. A group expands on every others aptitudes and capacities and one individual shortcoming is enhanced by someone else’s quality

Practical tools

Its highly important for an individual to communicate and gel up in a team for an organization’s long-time growth, due to introvert’s spending time much in themselves it becomes challenging for them to adapt to a quality of being strongly outspoken.

A few points jotted below are the necessary things that will help an introvert to adapt to a professional working culture.

1. Know your ‘Style of Communication’

An introvert will need to understand that being vocal is a way to present hidden qualities before management and should be able to modulate his communication with co-workers having different personalities.

2. Know your ‘Happy Space”

A space that can allow an introvert to find its solace, a space or a time that can be used to analyze self-actions and behavior, a space that includes a schedule for job-related reviews which probably can outperform company’s needs.

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3. Staying a step ahead

As per the studies, introverts are the ones who doesn’t perform well in short notice, to not be ashamed in failing from an immediate project completion call, it’s highly recommended introverts to stay updated with their profile or industry changes.

Space Design for an Introverts

1. Flexible work options

Providing an introvert’s employees with a flexible working space creates motivation to perform well.

2. Provide challenging opportunity

Introvert being less outspoken won’t generate creative ideas immediately but allowing them to do challenging work can build confidence to strive for the best.

3. Regular meet

Mangers are required to be attentive towards their speech and efforts to push them ahead and understand what exactly is expected from them.

Ensuring input into consideration

1. Try to connect the topic with past relevance

If a company has a project in a particular field, then try to ask if someone has any experience with the topic of the project. Also, allow them to write/draw ideas that are there in their minds in the form of a letter. It’s okay if they don’t reveal their identities.

2. Inform about the meeting in hand

In this case, the aim is to generate ideas through a discussion than to make the introvert comfortable give them time to think and prepare. Ask them to talk about ideas they are unsure of discussing with everyone so they can disclose it in a letter.

3. Casually present a question to them

Ask them about their opinions and views at different intervals of the discussion without them realizing that they are being questioned. Make it sound like a conversation

4.Begin by appreciating each person’s attributes

When coming to introverts, highlight all the qualities of an introvert and appreciate any ideas contributed by that introvert in the past and how valuable it was.

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