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Self Reflection And Assignment: Introverts

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Introverts form the backbone of any successful organization. Introverts possess some key skills such as analytical qualities and paying attention to detail. Basic definition of an Introvert is someone who gets drained by research shows that socializing and recharges by being alone. Being an introvert is perfectly normal. Despite what your teachers, and even our parents may have told us, being an introvert doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us and it’s not even that uncommon. Studies suggest that 30 to 50 percent of the U.S. population are introverts.

Skills and Abilities

Extroverts get attention of all but introverts getting the things done. That’s a somewhat oversimplified take on personality traits, but sometimes introverts can be overlooked along with their real contributions. Some of the abilities are follows,

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  1. Observation Skills: its not about focusing on talking, we can observe what others overlook. It’s not a surprise that many famous artistic people like Stephen Spielberg and J.K. Rowling identify as introverts, because this allows them to turn their focus and attention inward to their work. This ability is helpful and make people who can sit down, focus and get work done.
  2. Self-Knowledge: Introverts are more interested in Self-Knowledge whereas Extroverts are focused on others, they will interact and make people out of their shell and can be naturals leaders. Mostly extroverts forget to work on improving their own selves. Naturally introverts inspect themselves, see where they can improve and work on professional and personal development.
  3. Focus: Maintaining an introvert personality often means pulling great deals of focus on an unconscious level. Not surprisingly, this focus can prove to be useful in a variety of ways.
  4. Introverts choose their words carefully: One of the biggest advantages in an introvert is that while they will not speak often, their words will have considerable weight when they do. This is because you can expect an introvert to choose their words carefully.

Practical tools

  1. Balance Group work and individual work: According to me it is important that a leader must be able to balance his team work among members by assigning them different tasks according to their ability Giving employees a private setting to voice their thoughts and opinions. However, if you throw an introvert into a large group of people, you’re unlikely to see them flourish. Introverted students are more responsive in small group discussions, that is as long as they’re given time to consider the topic and are well acquainted with group-mates. Introverts also do better in groups when they have an assigned task, such as taking notes.
  2. Ask them for feedback: According to me it is important to ask feed backs from the introverts in a team and engage them in all the activities so that their inputs would be valuable for the team. We should not corner an introvert team member and ask for his immediate feedback on a meeting or event that just happened. Remember, introverts take their time examining every aspect of a situation before reacting. Rather, make it clear to all the employees you manage that you want their feedback regularly and on what topics.
  3. Being Quiet is not a bad thing: Introverts tend to be quiet and take a long time in processing their thoughts as compared to an extrovert. But their behaviour might make others feel suspicious and uncomfortable. Understanding their behaviour is what makes a person a good leader. Giving them their time to think about their thoughts would make them comfortable and might come up with new ideas which may be creative and progressive.

Space design

To my opinion, providing space to introverts and allowing them to have their alone time would recharge them and make them feel more active. Also having one on one sessions with the coach will increase their bonding and relationship with the team as the higher authorities know their personality. Introverts don’t like getting spotted. It reduces their confidence; it is always better to give them their space.

Other Ways

The other ways include giving them the time to observe as Introverts take time in observing situations. Also, teaching them few techniques or skills privately may have better results. It is always good to let them talk without interrupting when they begin to verbalize and open up.

Giving them time to write their questions down after a group meeting and clearing them separately builds confidence in them. It is not good to change people; it is always better to help them grow than making them an extrovert.


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