The Issue of Cyber-Security and Cyber-Terrorism: Analytical Essay on Homeland Security

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As it stands Homeland Security is doing their utmost to prevent cyber terrorism, but the field is always growing, introducing new ways to code and create programs, thus creating new ways for terrorism to occur. The issue is so bad that the European Union has made a convention to prevent cyber attacks in the 21st century. This allows for a standard of prosecution for those of which who have committed Cyber Attacks on whichever country it happened in.

As technology grows, so do the possible loopholes or bugs that come with human error in the matter. The same goes for legacy formats in today’s time. They may seem foolproof but there is always a backdoor into these formats, whether it be one that was found recently or one that was uncovered and never patched because it became outdated. Although the system might be “outdated” as far as industry standards go, that doesn’t prevent normal people or even less successful businesses from using these protocols, rather than having to pay a premium for the newest and latest item. Aforementioned topics don’t cover the portion that goes to Homeland Security. As any government works, there is a budget for everything, yet newer and greater things such as; Protocols, and proxies, cost more and more as time goes on. The budget that Homeland Security is alloted may seem like quite a lot of money -- 47.5 Billion as of 2018 -- the majority of which goes to other departments rather than the department of Cyber Security within Homeland Security. Around 804.4 million dollars is allotted for the protection of Homeland Security’s network itself. This balance includes the amount of money paid to the workers of the agency. The average Penetration Tester/Network Analyst salary is around $71,000 US Dollars. Hypothetically if more money was to be allocated to the Cyber Security department, we could invest in more talented individuals, allowing for Homeland Security to be less strained in their efforts to prevent Cyber Terrorism. This also creates a less saturated career field, allowing more individuals to complete their aspirations while protecting the United States.

Cyber Terrorism is always changing, no matter how much Homeland Security does, the agency can only do so much to prevent the issue at hand. With infinite number of ways to go about Cyber terrorism, it’s physically impossible to stop every attack on U.S Soil. Cyber Terrorism isn’t just limited to being “truly” cyber, on multiple occasions physical information has been stolen off of a computer or end device at a facility, this is still classified as cyber terrorism. The chances that Homeland Security could prevent every single action taken place against the United States is highly improbable and would cost an exorbitant amount of money, money that Homeland Security doesn’t have access to. Furthermore, within the realm of computers, there are an infinite number of coding “languages”, these lengths of code can be replicated in almost every language in a multitude of different ways, as well as the creation of new languages or different ways to code a program, thus it is impossible for Homeland Security to find a way to replicate or protect even itself from said ways of programming.

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Within the realm of Cyber-Terrorism lies new technology, physically speaking. There are new flagship devices out every year, new graphics cards, CPUs, etc. Everything under the sun to create computers or handheld computing devices; A new version is made every year. With each iteration comes loopholes or mishaps that can happen after launch. Vendors like Samsung, Apple, and Google, all release what is called a, “Patch” or a “Hot Patch” for issues that come up. Specifically speaking there has been a couple occasions where these providers have to patch their new device or Operation System on said device, because there is a major flaw that poses a security risk to not only the people who had bought the device, but to the vendor itself. As the technology field grows everyday, so does the risk. With new developments comes new issues, there is not a single piece of technology that doesn’t have some flaw, wherever it might, it is still accessible by those who know of it.

One counterargument to these claims is that the Dept. of Homeland Security is not spending enough money to protect the rest of the United States’ infrastructure, but this isn’t entirely true. As the field of technology grows, network analysts and people-the-like are limited by the technology at the same time. With up and coming devices for networks, it becomes harder to connect to legacy (older) devices, as not everyone has the capability to upgrade to the latest and newest devices, it becomes more and more strained to provide end to end connectivity and security. Another counterargument to prior claims is that simply Homeland Security is not treating the issue with the severity that it deserves. That simply isn’t true, Homeland Security protects the United States’ on more than one front, it is impossible for the agency to focus on one aspect of security else the United States face an issue that it possibly couldn’t protect itself from. Homeland Security does not operate in one way, or act with one solution in mind, their goal is to find blanket solutions that can solve a great deal of issues at once without harming the public or the agency itself.

All-in-all the Dept. of Homeland Security is doing their utmost to protect the United States on every front, including Cyber Security, although this much is being done, it is impossible to prevent every happening. There will always be new loopholes, new issues, but that is just how the Technology field is as of yet, no way of going around that issue is currently possible, or within the realm of expectations for the next few years.

The issue of Cyber-Security and Cyber-Terrorism will affect every person on Earth for the next hundred years and beyond. Cyber-Security will be one of the most spoken topics in the near future, almost guaranteed as the topic is ever-growing and ever-changing, meaning that it will most certainly be around for quite a while, although the reader may not have been affected by this currently, it is almost a one hundred percent chance that they will be at one point or another.

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