My Deserving to Be a Member of the National Honor Society

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I recognize that membership in the National Honor Society can be both an honor and an obligation. The students who have a chance to apply for membership, except have good education and behavior, are needed to understand and follow the four qualities, which are scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

To begin with, I understand that scholarship is willing to spend the time needed to acquire and focus my mind on seeking knowledge through diligence and effort. Scholarships can be known as always try my best to do well in everything and achieve the best academic results. The person I think of when talking about the scholarship is the daughter of my host, Lan Vy Ho. To me, she is a person with good academic achievements and a passion for learning. She has a GPA above 3.5 with four years of High School getting A grades and receiving a scholarship from Texas Tech University. She can spend many hours at the library just to find the answer to the problem that she doesn’t understand. Vy Ho always tries her best in everything she does, especially her studies, so she finished half the way to being a doctor according to what she wants to be. As a student, I know I have to be responsible for my studies. Some of the ways I can promote a scholarship at Faith West Academy and the community are know how to organized between homework, tests, and extracurricular activities. I plan my work and follow it so as not to affect my studies and activities. One more thing I can do is communicate and caring for others. I am a friendly person, like to interact with others, I am not afraid to help in my ability if people need me. Lastly, I understand that the rules are in place to follow, I think I'm doing this well now and will in the future.

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In the second place, my perspective on leadership is someone who can create a connection between people forming a group, connecting with the personality of the individuals in the group. It cannot be instructed or imposed on. A leader is someone who has an objective perspective from many angles, making the final decision in a smart and fair manner. The leader must create trust with the members and always help as well as support the members to develop their strengths. The person I choose that I think represents this character is my mom. My mom is a restaurant owner, she has to face many problems and give many decisions every day. As a leader, my mother does a great job of managing the restaurant and for connecting with the staff. My mother divided the plans for each person, and always rewarded and penalize fairly. My mother explored the personalities and strengths of the employees to choose the right positions for them. When a conflict occurred, my mother always looked at things from many directions and reached the final conclusion in a fair and reasonable manner. I used to be a vice president and now a language teacher in the community, I understand how important the responsibility of the leader is. I will listen to other people's opinions and see the problem from many directions. I will be careful and serious at every work. I will communicate graciously and politely in order to convey ideas to people. I do not hesitate to learn new things from people around me and the community.

Thirdly, for me, the service is willing to volunteer to work for the mutual benefit of those in need or need help and for the community without any payback or certification of any kind.

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