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Is a Positive Attitude Necessary for Success: Persuasive Essay

Introduction A positive attitude is often touted as a key factor in achieving success. While some may argue that skill, talent, and hard work are the primary drivers of success, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that a positive attitude is necessary for success. In this persuasive essay, we will explore the impact of a positive attitude on various aspects of life, including personal growth, relationships, and professional achievements. By understanding the benefits of maintaining a positive mindset, we can...
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Role of Gut Choice, Being Yourself and Attitude Certainty in Life

There will always be so many things running through your mind, but your gut feeling is always something you should listen to. Just by having that one gut feeling it can change your attitude on the output and even change your decision. Most of the time it’s for the better and really how your true self is feeling in that moment. When it comes to your feelings, it helps make decisions easier, and with what they find in that decision...
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The Knowledge and Attitude Towards Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among University Students

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a group of diseases that can be transferred from person to person or between sexual partners through sexual intercourse. These diseases travel via semen, sperm, blood or vaginal fluids from one person to the next through sexual contact, and from mother to child. These includes diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV and genital herpes (Satterwhite, 2017). STDs have proven themselves to be more common in university students and this can be attributed in part...
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Effects Of Customer Attitude On Online Shopping

Two variables commonly decide customer perceptions towards online shopping, one is trust, and second is perceived benefits (Rahman et al., 2018). Therefore, trust and perceived benefits It seems like the expectations regarding customer behavior against online shopping are important. First, Trust is one of the curious considerations in the global industry of online shopping and locking power between buyer and seller. Trust has a major positive significant impact on the relationship between the attitude of customers towards Online shopping and...
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Attitude Measurement And Issue

INTRODUCTION Human attitudes are unique to each person. Attitudes are a group of thoughts, feelings, or actions that evaluates objects in either a positive or negative manner (Schwarz, 2015). For example, our opinions on climate change, beliefs on the side effect of vaccination in children, or as simple as the credibility of politicians (Branscombe & Baron, 2017). Among researchers, there are questions on to what extend do attitudes differ in their strength (Branscombe & Baron, 2017). Attitudes can be categorized...
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Attitude Towards Transgender Scale

Transgender means a term denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender doesn’t correspond with their birth sex. The term transgender was coined by psychiatrist John.F.Ollven in the year 1965, in his work sexual hygiene and pathology. In 1984 transgender community concept was developed in which transgender was used as an umbrella term. In 1985 Richard Elkins established the transgender archive at university of Ulster. In mid-2000 primary term transgender were used to denote men...
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Theme Of Attitude In The Book Out Of The Crisis

Background information William Edwards Deming was an American and an international consultant. His ideas helped revolutionize the Industries of Japan after World War II, giving a boost to the countries’ economy. To honor his name, both Japan and America have an annual Deming prize for production, quality and dependency. Intended Audience The Book Out Of Crisis by Edward Deming is a treasure store for anyone looking to venture to the unknown dimensions of ethical and moral work, as managers and...
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The Factors And Aspects Of Attitude Change

The ability to change another person’s attitude towards a topic, object or other individual is very important in society and has been. It’s a key tool in marketing, law, parenting, the media and even the health sector. It can be used to encourage people to do positive things, such as care for their health, and follow the law. However, it is a double-edged sword, as a key technique in war time is the production of mass amounts of propaganda and...
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Knowledge, Attitude, Awareness Of Rational Use Of Drugs Among Non-Medical Students

ABSTRACT Introduction: The term “drugs” include prescription and non-prescription medicines, including complementary healthcare products. Rational use of drugs, as per directions will result in safer and better outcome for the patients. Rational use of drug requires the patient receive medications appropriate to their clinical needs. The concept of rational use of drug is new to the younger generations. It is important to know the usage of drugs and traditional medicine. The result of the study can be used to understand,...
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The Attitude Towards New And Old In The Play A Streetcar Named Desire

In the play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, written by ‘Tennesee Williams’, the erratic protagonist ‘Blanche’ embodies the cultivated ideals of the ‘old world’, juxtaposing the character of ‘Stanley’ whom represents the industrialised ‘new world’ which fundamentally comprises of patriarchal motivations and post-war values. Throughout the play, Blanche is invariably threatened and exploited by Stanley, consequently jeopardizing her aristocratic semblance as an ‘Southern Belle’. Williams successfully illustrates the contrasting attitudes towards the ‘new’ and ‘old’ world through the progressive demise of...
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Attitude Of Insuranced Residents In The Northern Republic Of Cyprus

The researcher will be researching about attitude of insurance residents in the northern republic of Cyprus in their respective pursuit of attaining quality health care. Firstly, attitude is defined as per literary virage below so as to get a vivide comprehension about on attitude, the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, health insurance , and healthcare quality. ATTITUDE Fabrigar L and Wegener D (2010) stipulated in their finding the concept of attitude is presumotively recorded as the most disctinctive and indispensible concept...
3 Pages 1539 Words

Knowledge, Attitude & Practices Of HBV Infection In The Dental Pupils At Taif University

ABSTRACT Background: The World Health Organization (WHO), states categorically that Hepatitis B infection is the world’s most prevalent liver infection. Nearly forty five percent of the global population lives endemic regions. [1] Objective: To analyze the information , attitude, and practices of dental pupils regarding the Hepatitis B Virus infection at Taif university dental college institution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted using, a validated, pretested, structured questionnaire containing 14 questions on...
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Perspectives, Gaps And Uncertainty On Global Climate Change Attitude And The Implications For Australia

Abstract Understanding the complex human behaviours in response to climate change (CC) is important to undertake mitigation measures. The objective of this paper is to review the attitude, gaps and uncertainty of global climate change and the implications for Australia. While Australia is the most vulnerable country to climate change, an inevitable dismissive audience segments belief that climate change is not happening and strongly oppose the climate change mitigation action to archives low carbon future. Therefore, a comprehensive and continuous...
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Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Teachers Toward Epilepsy

Introductions Epilepsy is considered one of the most important chronic neurological disorder (1,2), characterized by synchronous recurrent unprovoked seizures due to uncontrolled electrical discharges from the brain neurons (2, 3). Infections either parasitic, viral or bacterial and birth trauma are suggested to be some factors contributing to the disease (2, 4, 5). The disease has high prevalence estimated that about 50 millions people affected worldwide (6, 7, 8). The global burden of the disease is about 1% in both industrialized...
7 Pages 2990 Words

Masculinity Norms And Men’s Attitude Towards Help Seeking

Abstract To investigate the role of masculine norms on attitude towards seeking professional help, three hundred and twenty-one heterosexual Australian males participated in an online study. The measures were Male role gender inventory scale and the Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Help Scale, which were designed to see how participants would score on each scale. It was hypothesized that the specific subscales restrictive emotionality, self-reliance and dominance obtained from the inventory will each have a negative relationship with attitude towards help...
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To What Extent Does Celebrity Endorsement Impact Consumer Purchase Intentions And Brand Attitude?

Source credibility Source credibility is traditionally defined as the ability or willingness of a message source to provide reliable and truthful information (Kelman and Hovland 1953). Traditionally, source credibility has been conceived as consisting of two dimensions: source expertise and source trustworthiness (Mills and Jellison 1967; Rhine and Severance 1970). Source expertise refers to the extent of which a source is perceived of being knowledgeable on the message topic whereas source trustworthiness refers to the text of which the source...
6 Pages 2719 Words

Comparative Analysis of the Attitudes towards the First World War: David Haig, Siegfried Sassoon and Rudyard Kipling

The outbreak of the Great War in 1914 ensued a feeling of euphoria in Britain. Many Britain’s felt it was their moral duty to participate in the war because of ‘its pledge to Belgium and its duty to destroy Prussianism in a war to end war’. The declaration of the war was greeted with enthusiasm and jingoism. Streets filled with celebration and national pride, many with the belief of ‘it’ll be all over by Christmas’. The reason for excitement and...
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Arrogant Attitudes of Humanity towards Death in Sonnet “Death Be not Proud”: Critical Analysis

Through the close exploration of both john donnes holy sonnets and Margaret Edson’s post-modernist text wit, we are able to collect that context plays a vital role in the construction and understanding of a text. Both texts portray the flaws and faults of humanity and the necessity of individual redemption. Edson has managed to take the strong religious ideas of Donne’s poetry and even his metaphysical conceits and translate them into the secular world. Professor Vivian bearing, a ‘scholar of...
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Decision Making Styles and Attitudes Towards Self in Young Adults: Essence of Birth Order Psychology

Abstract Many important factors are taken into consideration while trying to understand an individual’s choices and attitudes. This is a study conducted to understand how attitude affects the decision-making styles of an individual and if there are any differences among first born and middle born students. The study has 2 main objectives: 1) to understand the role played by the attitudes one has towards himself in his decision-making process 2) to analyse if being a first born or middle born...
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Motivation The Key Factor In Your Success

Motivation is a topic that has a lot of research. Still, today, cause they are other forms of motivation that are still found, yet they are different and are always evolving. In society, you need goals (goal-setting theory), which could be linked to motivation. This helps to achieve your job/tasks. In school, there’s always a goal set, to motivate students to work. The positive consequence of work would be able to have a wider decision on the sector. This would...
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