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Attitude Of Insuranced Residents In The Northern Republic Of Cyprus

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The researcher will be researching about attitude of insurance residents in the northern republic of Cyprus in their respective pursuit of attaining quality health care. Firstly, attitude is defined as per literary virage below so as to get a vivide comprehension about on attitude, the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, health insurance , and healthcare quality.


Fabrigar L and Wegener D (2010) stipulated in their finding the concept of attitude is presumotively recorded as the most disctinctive and indispensible concept in contemporary American social psychology.Evidentially it has been noted that no other term appears most frequently in experimebtal and theoretical literature.It’s famous popularity is known to be quiet fascinating and comprehendable to has been ushered unto the floor of favour. First of all because it ain’t solely utilised in the one school of psychology school of thought ,and therefore applicable and fascinates the purpose of eclectic writers. Furthermore , it is a concept which evicts the ancient controversy related to the relative impact of heredity and environment.

Since attitude is an embodiment of instincts and habit in any quantifiable terms, it avoids the accrued commitement of both the instinct theory and environmentalism. The term is elastic enouph to apply either to the dispositions of single, isoliated individuals or to broad patterns of culture. Psychologist and sociologist have found it relevant as a point of discussion and studies. This useful one might also say peaceful, concept has been so widely adopted that it has virtually actualised it self as the keystone in the edifice of American social psychology.

As might be expected of so abstract and serviceable a term, it has come to pin-point many things to numerous writers, with the inevitable output that its meaning is somewhat indefinite and its scientific status called into query. American social psychologist and sociologist have recently produced a voluminous literature concerning what they call ‘ social attitudes’; the term is utilised to cover a multitude of facts of many kinds including almost every variety of opinion and belief and all the abstract qualities of personality such as courage, generosity,humility, and obstinacy as well as units of affective organization which are here called sentiments. It is undeniable that the concept of attitude has become something of a factotum for both psychologist and sociologist which is as well relevant in our todays and in the disposition of scholars. But inspite of all the animadversions of critics , the term is now in nearly global use and plays a pinnaculous role in most of the recent systematic studies in social psychology. It is there a concept which students must examine with unusual care. Perhaps the first ecplicit recognition of attitudes within the domain of laboratory psychology was in connection with a study of reaction time. In 1888 l. lange discovered that a specimen who was conciousely prepared to press a telegraph key immediately upon receiving a signal reacted more quickly than did one whose attension was directed mainly to the incoming stimulis , and whose conciouseness was thereby not conciousely directed primary upon the expected reaction. After lang’s work the task-attitude, or Aufagabe , as it came to be called , was discovered to play to a decisive part in nearly all psychological experiments. Not only in the reaction experiment but in the investigation.

Geographical disposition

Cyprus is known to be the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. It lays between latitudes 30.33 and 35.41 and longitudes 32.23 and 34.55. The island has two parts: North–administered by Turks, and South–administered by Greeks since 1974. North Cyprus covers an area of 3,355 square kilometers. The capital of North Cyprus is Nicosia which is actually located in the city of lefkosa. Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzelyurt, Lefke and Karpaz are the major developed cities which are known to be well existent and there as well exist some other little villages proximal to the above said locations.

In terms of the average atmospheric condition of north cyprus at a particularly given time spand,that is the ;climate. North Cyprus possess the mediteranean type with very acrue hot dry summers and relatively cold winters annually.

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As an extension , Most of the rain-fall is between December and January.Spring and autumn are short. From the months of mid-May to mid-September, on an average scale, 11hours of sun light is relinguished daily. Amazingly during this time the temperature can reach as far as 40 degree celsius. The skies are cloudless with low humidity. The low humidity makes the high temperature bearable. Cyprus is green during winter. So, Cyprus is promoted as ideal for summer and winter holidays and it has a great potential in tourist attractions, therefore, medical tourism blends well with its environment and as well serves as an active point of benefit both for the state and residents of north Cyprus.

Hussain et al (2012) found out that As an the tourism department has been one of the main sectors for North Cyprus’ economic development. Despite its comparative advantage of rich geographical and natural resources, the Turkish republic of North Cyprus has faced some limitations in their capacity of fully harnessing that potential in order to enhance its competitiveness owing to the embargoes, restrictions in transportation (direct ferries/ships and direct flights) and competition with other countries. Since the second half of the 1980s, the tourism industry in North Cyprus has grown steadily, resulting in new travel agencies and the construction of new hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs and increasing competition between them.

It is unarguemented that tourism is widely sensitive to political instability and political environment, which has a great impact on the tourism industry in any region, so does Cyprus. It is known that from the year 1963 tourism industry in the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus has been drastically been influenced by political instability of north cyprus.

In contrast to the South, which is a well-developed tourist destination, North Cyprus is still developing and its economy is handicapped by the international political and economic isolation of the country, as well as by the insufficient intervention of both private and governmental investment. The department of tourism has its relative contribution to society but has not yet reached its optimal value given the political demerits of North Cyprus being an internationally unrecognized nation and the imposition of political embargoes .As Altinay et al. (2002) mention, ‘in spite of its significant contribution to the North Cyprus’ economy, the tourism industry is lagging behind its competitive strength when compared with its main rivals’. While South Cyprus has turned into a well-established nation. Cumulatively , the Turkish republic of North Cyprus is on a milestone to achieve acquire economic growth and to evict from its known political and economic dependence on Turkey (Yasarata et al ,2010).

Health department North Cyprus

The Health sector of the Turkish republic of North Cyprus was appalling traditionally, due to some ailing factors like insufficient medical awareness, low penetration of medical insurance, and the insufficient distribution of doctor- patient ratio as per population. However, it has come a long way and has reasonably witnessed a robust advancement in recent times and with a few years with the dynamic support of progressing healthcare campaigns that have been erected and established. To elucidate, the Turkish republic of north Cyprus has witnessed advantageous increase in medical insurance coverage, rising income levels and a rise in medical tourism. As if this is not enough North Cyprus still slugs behind in some health related infrastructure in the primary health care sector as compared to some other developing nations in Europe , Asia, Africa, and the latino regions. Ongoing, the healthcare department is witnessing some changes in patient demographic profile accompanied with several lifestyle diseases hitherto unknown. According to Health and Planning Office (2017), there exist a total of 6 public hospitals and 11 private hospitals in Northern Turkish republic of Cyprus, which are shown in the diagram below alongside their respective locations.

Records of the Health and Planning Office (2016) envisaged that, there is an aggregate of 873 medical doctors who are specialised in diverse medical disciplines, serving these hospitals. In 2016, the doctors have provided general, surgery cure,treatment to approximately 95,966 patients and dental care-treatment to 42,912 patients. These hospitals are known to be equipped with some advanced modern technological operating medical devices with a 2,582 bed capacity and 2,732 employees including administrative staff, nurses and other workers. Currently a few private hospitals in the Turkish republic of North Cyprus are aiming to intergrate with the developed economies to so as to offer them some distinguished healthcare services with an applaudable special and attractive packages like some cosmetic and dental services. As an extension a successful example of medical tourism in North Cyprus is the cosmetic tourism offered by BFN Cosmetic Tourism which is actually a local private company based in Kyrenia, working with a private hospital in Nicosia-lefkosa. This organisation has designed its distinguished and transformative packages to anastomose with the European tourist market since 2007.

To add, a progressive example of medical tourism in North Cyprus is the aspect of dental tourism relinquished by the Near East Travel and Tourism Enterprises since 2009, a local private organisation situated in lefkosa- Nicosia, which has erected some dental care programs welcomed to foreign tourist since 2008 dissipating all sorts of dental care therapeutic interventions.

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