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We face difficulties from the very beginning of our life. It may sound funny but the period when a small child is learning how to walk seems to be quite challenging. He/she sees that everyone around him/her is walking but it still is something beyond his/her possibilities. All of us can observe the process and result: thousands attempt to stand up, hundreds of them finishing with falling, taking a couple of steps and finally the desired, probably not that confident,...
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Have you ever heard a proverb saying that “He, who doesn’t risk, never gets to drink champagne?” Of course, many try to avoid taking risks, thinking it’s wise to keep what you’ve already got instead of staking it in the hope of getting more. A fear of failure makes people reluctant to try their hand at something more challenging, which leads to stagnation. Still, there is another category of people willing to test their luck, skills, and capabilities to become...
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In Lord of the Flies, fear is inevitable; a foreign space, with a lack of authority, and no means of escape is indeed frightening. As time progresses, William Golding illustrates the fatal flaws of humanity as the boys on the island slowly abandon their moral constraints and revert back to a savage-like nature. Golding demonstrates the overarching theme that savagery is an intrinsic component within every human being, by suggesting that fear and its derived consequences are the source of...
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“Regardless of age, ethnicity, academic background, educational goals, or the path to college, students reveal tremendous anxiety about their educational trajectories and ability to succeed in college” (Cox 20). Change in life can be scary, but it is something that everyone must face at a certain point. The transition from high school to college is a drastic change that brings forth more challenges but also more opportunities as well. Author Rebecca D. Cox highlights these points in her book titled...
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