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The Value In A Reputation In Who Owns The Ice House?

In the book, Who Owns the Ice House? authors Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger discuss eight powerful life lessons derived from an unknown entrepreneur named Cleve Mormon. Growing up in the 1950’s, Taulbert had the opportunity to work for his Uncle Cleve at the Ice House. In doing so, Taulbert acquired more than just a paycheck each week but valuable insight, stories, and experiences that impacted his outlook on life and his own entrepreneurial development. In each chapter, Taulbert introduces...
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Is Reputation An Important Issue For Business To Consider In The 21st Century?

Reputation is an important issue for business in the 21st century. Reputation is considered much more important nowadays when compared to any given point of time in human business history. In this essay, first, I will start by defining the business reputation. Second, try to theoretically explain that reputation is important to the business. Third, I will review the business environment in the 21st century. Fourth, discuss the reasons that reputation is important in this era by using the vehicles...
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The Audit Firms Reputation And Its Effects On Audit Quality And Results

Abstract In this paper we will look at the connections between the reputations of auditors and their clients. In my research I have found in several research papers that the clients of the same auditor have very similar histories of misconduct. It is easily deduced that a client’s misconduct history and reputation is almost as important as its size. The research papers I have studied show the relationship between an auditor and their preferred client. Clients chosen by Auditors who...
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The Meaning Of Companies’ Reputation on The Example Of H&M

In the digital age, there are a lot of competition between companies in various fields and maintaining a good reputation and image might be difficult. To appeal to the costumers and market, companies need to care about their product’s quality in addition to keeping their reputation. This is not considered easy, because companies’ reputation can be destroyed in a blink, after building it for years. What happened to H&M company is a clear example of this case. Firstly, companies need...
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Why Reputation Is An Important Issue For Business To Consider

Introduction Reputation is an important issue for business in the 21st century. In fact, reputation is considered much more important nowadays when compare to any given point of time in the human business history. This essay begins by defining the business reputation, then review the business environment in the 21st century, finally discussed the reasons that reputation is important in this era by using the car manufacturing industry as an example. Reputation is important because it provides alternative regulations to...
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The Role Of Reputation In The Things Fall Apart

Reputation and respect in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe play a substantial role in the main character and protagonist of the novel, Okonkwo’, actions and dictates how the people in Umuofia are seen. If a man’s status doesn’t meet the requirement set by society, one is almost useless. The better the reputation, the more respect is given. To the men of Umuofia, reputation is essential and deemed as vastly important. One who may have multiple debts and is unable...
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The Process Of Rebuilding Business Reputation Online

This can be painful to see your professional integrity compromised. You may not even be at risk sometimes because that may be down to a common error at times. Irrespective of the cause it’s important to keep in mind that you will restore your image with time, maturity, and integrity. Considering the reputation point of view respectively, reputation is fragile and has to be protected, however, you can handle the perception of your company with a little rational thinking and...
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Preserving One's Reputation In The Crucible

Artur Miller writes the play, The Crucible, which describes the events of the 1960’s Salem witch hunt. However, he writes theses events as an allegory to the 1950’s ‘witch hunt’ in America against the communist party. The characters in the play portray different types of people during the 1950s. In this play, Salam, the town is under terror from supernatural acts, however, the town fears more of being accused of witchcraft. In the period of accusations of witchcraft over 150...
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Reputation As Passport That Leads To Success Or Failure

Reputations is crucial when it comes to businesses. Not only does it determine how others perceives a company, it also decides of its future. A bad, or damaged reputation can be fatal and lead to the downfall of a company. Reputation is important and essential among all stakeholders of a company, from the employees, consumers and current and prospective investors, to the press. The press plays a key role in reputation and should not be underestimated. However, the reputation of...
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The Ways Character Melinda Stands Firm For Her Reputation In The Book Speak

In the book Speak by Laurie Anderson, Melinda’s reputation ruined. Reputation, image, and impression are used in everyday situations affecting social status, self-esteem, and professional freedom. In the book, she loses her social position because of her past and present actions. Reputation is a social process that is an essential part of success, and a bad reputation can damage a future. People learn reputation, study others, and use it to make their own decisions. Melinda’s friends, therefore, consider her and...
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The Ruined Reputation In The Book Speak

In the book “Speak,” by Laurie Anderson, main character Melinda enters highschool with her reputation ruined. Reputation, image and impression is used in everyday situations affecting social status, self esteem, and professional freedom. How an individual presents themselves through past or present actions is reflected by interactions with others. Why is reputation an important part of success, and how a bad reputation can damage a future. “Reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something,”...
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Analysis of Positive Impact of the Variable of Disclosure of Human Resources on the Reputation of the Institution

Through the previous results reached by the various researchers, we see the positive impact of the variable of disclosure of human resources on the reputation of the institution as well as on its image, and these results are related to the idea that the image of the institution is adapted through the perceptions of the various stakeholders, In this way, the institution discloses its commitment to its employees, its intention to increase the confidence of the various interest groups, and...
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What Is Reputation Economy?

According to Forbes Magazine, a reputation economy is a marketplace where brands or professionals are treated like products and are rated, commented on, and judged based on reputation. (Schawbel, Dan). If a brand creates positive interactions, it will open opportunities, whereas a negative brand will diminish its reputation in the marketplace. With the development of Internet evolution, more and more people search for brands and products based on their personalities before approaching to providers and make the decisions. Facebook and...
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Women And Reputation In Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

It is against human nature to be indifferent to public opinion, especially when those judgements evaluate one’s stature in society. Reputation is a tremendously significant theme for the female characters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The novel describes the intertwined lives of several middle and upper class families living in England during the late 1800s. In this time period, women had zero means of providing for themselves, so it was absolutely vital that they maintain a respectable peer opinion....
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Social Class in the Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and essayist who was remembered for his witty epigrams, his imprisonment and early death. During the peak of his fame, Wilde had an affair with Lord Alfred Douglas and was imprisoned for 2 years. In the 19th century, people were “emotionally frigid about sexual matters”, however there was a dark side to those who belonged in the upper-class in the Victorian era where there was a ‘secret world’ of Victorian prostitution, pornography and...
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Reputation And Appearance In The Victorian Era Through Frankenstein And Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

The phenomena of good and evil relating to social class, status, reputation and appearance have been explored and discussed in many literary works for hundreds of years. However, there are two monster classics that are known today specifically for commenting on reputation and appearance in relation to good and evil in the respected eras they lived in. These authors include Mary Shelley, the woman who wrote Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that was...
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The Role Of Reputation In The Crucible

Most people have developed a reputation for themselves in one way or another during their lives. The desire to protect one’s reputation is an extremely prominent theme in The Crucible. This play takes place in a Puritan society in Salem, where the moral code and beliefs learned from the Bible stress the importance of bearing a good name. The protagonist, John Proctor, is extremely concerned with how the townspeople view him and does not want to tarnish his name in...
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Influence Of Brand Equity On Brand Performance: Role Of Brand Reputation And Social Media

Pakistan’s fast food industry ranked 8th world largest market for food and related businesses [1]. While ranked 2nd largest in the country, and accounted for 27% of value-added production and 16% of total employment in the manufacturing sector [2]. [3], affirmed that almost 70 global franchises are operating in the country, and most projected franchises are from Canada, Australia, China. To date, Pizza Hut is considered the first fast-food chain in the country to go public and operating with 74...
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Preservation Of Reputation In The Play The Crucible

People worry about their reputation all time. People worry that their reputation is in jeopardy. There were so many people that were worrying about their reputation not the act “The Crucible”. There are many examples of this. There was John Proctor when he was accused of being a witch. Then there is Reverend Parris who was so worried about what people thought about the church and what he was doing with it all. And finally there was Abigail he was...
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