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Strategic Management: HFL Strategic Report Analysis

1. Introduction: The importance of drawing a strategic plan is vital to determine the success of a Company, ‘Where do you want to play and how are you going to win?’ Equally important, to develop a business strategy a company needs a good understating of what it is and what it represents. (Vision, Mission Statement and Values). Once achieved a deep understanding of the company’s vision, mission and values then it will be helpful to start thinking about the strategic...
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Corporate Social Responsibility In International And Local Companies

1. Introduction: Historically, the ultimate goal of any corporation has been, making money and increasing shareholder’s value because they are the owners of the company and without them the company won’t exist. However, in the last decade a concept called the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) started to slowly spread. Today, CSR became a necessity for a successful business as they recognize the numerous benefits to their businesses, employees, communities, and the environment. CSR is also sometimes described as the corporate...
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The Meaning Of Companies’ Reputation on The Example Of H&M

In the digital age, there are a lot of competition between companies in various fields and maintaining a good reputation and image might be difficult. To appeal to the costumers and market, companies need to care about their product’s quality in addition to keeping their reputation. This is not considered easy, because companies’ reputation can be destroyed in a blink, after building it for years. What happened to H&M company is a clear example of this case. Firstly, companies need...
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The Peculiarities Of Canada Business Name Registration

Picking an incredible name for your new business is one of the most significant, yet multifaceted, portions of business fire up. While making a name for your business, you have to consider the lawful, operational and promoting angles, just as feel, and even your very own style. You should likewise comprehend your business’ potential for development, your serious condition and the picture you need to extend to your clients or customers. In this period of organization as brand and with...
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Corporate Social Responsibility In Global Business Discourse: Example Of MAMEE-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd

1.1.Background of the Company MAMEE-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd is a company of food processing in snack, instant noodles, beverages and confectionery in Malaysia. It was founded in 1971 by Datuk Pang Chin Hin and his partner in Malacca. Currently, they are serving over 50 products including MAMEE Monster snack, Mister Potato Chips and MAMEE Chef. They had penetrated to the international market and exported to over 100 countries around the world. Besides, MAMEE-Double Decker also build manufacturing facilities in...
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Apple Company: Planning, Organizing, Leading And Controlling

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and his friend Zwynak. They wanted to make computers small so people could put them in their homes or offices. Apple is an American company that manufactures personal computers and accessories. It was the first company, a successful personal computer company, and began expanding and developing it to include manufacturing phones Portable, Bluetooth headsets, and many other products from Apple. This organization is headquartered in California. Planning According to Theo Himamm,” Planning...
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The Value Of Team Dynamics In The Company

Abstract This paper examines the value of team dynamics in a business, how to improve poor dynamics, and how to measure dynamics within a team. I will also briefly cover how a group or team is formed and the stages that every group goes through. The value of team dynamics is critical for organizational success. Without positive team dynamics, your business can’t leverage the potential of your employees and tap into their skills and experience. So, what is team dynamics?...
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Gig Economy Workers And Companies

INTRODUCTION This report discusses how Uber company uses Gig economy workers for the working of the company. It will highlight the use of freelance economy by the company and how they maximise their profit without investment and use of flexible working hour employees. It introduces us to the working of gig economy, how companies gets advantage and disadvantaged by it. This will also cover how these kind of workers are adjusted with the full time working employees in the company....
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Skills Development In Case Studies And How The Scheme Benefits Companies And Its Employees

Introduction I am going to be carrying out a research on one of the most important aspect that affects both the companies and its employees. The successful companies these days are mostly interested in what skills all the potential employees possess. They also put most of their focus on how they can better the skills of those whom they currently employ. This is really important to these companies because smooth operations mean better or improved profits. A company with a...
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Case Study of Diversity in ABC Company

Case Study Answers Question-1 Why should ABC analyse existing practices in relation to diversity? ABC should analyse existing practices in relation to diversity because neither company mission nor the current operational plan contains any detail for the implementation of the diversity which implies that all the benefits of the diversity that have been mentioned will not be reaped by the company so they should carefully examine their existing practices in accordance with diversity. Question-2 Explain the benefits of diversity in...
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Quality Control and Improvement Project of TATA Motors Company: Analysis of Company's New Product

Abstract Contextual investigation on improving quality administration of TATA organization’s new item advancement venture incorporates the examination of the present circumstance inside the quality administration of TATA organization’s new item advancement venture (current circumstance and recognize existing issues), improvement study (investigation the reason for existing issues and plan the improvement plan) and usage. Through checking the execution procedure, we have an assessment investigation for the usage results. The reason for this examination is to improve quality administration of new item...
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Assessment of Liquidity and Solvency of the Company: Analysis of Balance Sheet

Introduction The main goal of enterprise management is to ensure the survival of the enterprise in the market and improve its well-being. An important role in the implementation of this task is given to the financial analysis of the enterprise. Financial analysis helps to develop the strategy and tactics of improvement of the enterprise, to make management decisions, monitor, identify reserves for improving production efficiency, assess the performance of the enterprise and its divisions. One of the main criteria for...
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PG&E Company and Wildfires in California

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company is an American Investor-Owned Utility institution whose headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. It is California’s largest gas and electric utility company, running almost half of California’s utilities statewide. Even with California’s high fire risk status, PE&G and their neglect and improper upkeep of their equipment contributed to the increasing threats threat through California in the past few years. In November 2018, a historical wildfire destroyed the city of Paradise, California, in the...
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National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing: Decision Making Report

Introduction Decision making in companies can be a synonym of management, every manager makes hundreds of decision everyday that range from simplest things to critical and life altering decisions for the organization he manages, making these decisions gets more complicated the more important they are or to what level they are related to, whether it is in HR or in operations or something that affects every department like expanding or merging. In this study we will shed a light on...
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Nike: Company’s Background And Marketing Mix

Introduction: • -Nike is an American worldwide clothing company that was found in 1964 in the city of Oregon in the united states of America by Phil knight and Bill Bowerman. Nowadays Nike is one of the most famous international brands in the world with a market capitalization of more than 65.8 billion dollars and net worth of 29.6 billion dollars in 2017 and 32.4 billion dollars In 2019, Nike has also been identified as the richest sports brand in...
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Intro To IKEA Foreign Company Business

The very first IKEA was built in southern Sweden in a locality called Älmhult. IKEA all started with one young boy named Ingvar Kamprad, who figured out how to buy and sell items to make a profit at the age of five. IKEA is spelled in all capital letters because the first two letters are initials and the second two is a place. I.K stands for “Ingvar Kamprad”. The second two letters is the name of the farm and village...
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IKEA Organizational Culture And Performance Evaluation

IKEA is a Swedish-based group of a multinational institution that focuses on the design and marketing of furniture, home accessories and kitchen appliances. IKEA began in 1943 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, and the firm remained the largest furniture distributor globally since 2008. The owner, Ingvar got enlisted by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest globally with assets valued over $ 40 billion. IKEA, the company name, denotes Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnaryd (‘ IKEA history – how it...
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The Aspects And Peculiarities Of British Petroleum (BP) Company

Today, there are a lot of different industries and companies operating within these industries, each of which has its own special characteristics, history and future potential. Despite the fact that the market is constantly changing and there are new more modern and up-to-date companies that can impose competition on established market leaders, companies with a long history are able to resist new young companies and can make every effort to prevent the loss of their market share. Such companies can...
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Tesco Plc.: Company Overview

Introduction This assessment is for the analysis of the financial statements of Tesco PLC, the British multinational company specialising in the sale of groceries and general merchandise. It is currently the third largest retailer in the world and has spread its shops to eleven different countries. The company has been running for 101 years (since 1919) and was founded by Jack Cohen, beginning as a market stall. One of Tesco´s main priorities is maintaining and reinforcing a sustainable value, and...
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What Is Essential In Picking A Business Name?

What’s in a name? A ton, with regards to private venture achievement. The correct name can make your organization all the rage. An inappropriate one can fate it to lack of definition and disappointment. In a perfect world, your name ought to pass on the mastery, worth and uniqueness of the item or administration you have created. A few specialists accept that the best names are unique, a clear record whereupon to make a picture. Others imagine that names ought...
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Water Utility Company And Stakeholders

Stakeholder is any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. (Friedman and Miles, 2006) Stakeholders have special interest in an organisation and as a result they influence the organisation directly or indirectly. There are two main types of stakeholders, which are internal stakeholders (employees, owners and managers) and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, government and local community). For the purpose of this assignment, I want to talk about a water utility company....
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Teamwork In The Workplace: A Crucial Component Of A Successful Organization

The goal of a business is to maximize the profits for stakeholders and obtain a lead against competitors, to attain this goal businesses must have a further understanding of all the factors that Contribute to either aiding or further deterring the business from acting correspondently. Employees are Significant to businesses because Employees keep businesses in operation, hence the success of a business is reliant on the workers efficiency. Counterproductivity within employees in the workplace can be assumed to be the...
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Ooredoo Multinational Company: Culture, Climate And Leadership Styles

INTRODUCTION Organization is a person or a group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall, common goal or set of goals. Goal is a statement that shows organizations wishes to archive. Organization is born when more than one person coordinates to perform a work, such as one person passing bundles to another person who puts them in an order. Organizations can range in size from one person to tens of thousands. “OOREDOO” the multinational organization is a leading international...
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Supply Chain Management In Saudi Telecom Company

Introduction: Saudi Telecom Company is a telecom provider and a digital leader providing telecom services and platforms to help enabling the digital transformation of the MENA region. In order for any company to reach a leading position in the market, there has to be a developed supply chain management to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the integration between supply and demand. Through the supply chain management, STC has developed an end-to-end SCM by developing the supplier system, and...
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