Apple Company: Planning, Organizing, Leading And Controlling

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Table of contents

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Leading
  4. Controlling

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and his friend Zwynak. They wanted to make computers small so people could put them in their homes or offices. Apple is an American company that manufactures personal computers and accessories. It was the first company, a successful personal computer company, and began expanding and developing it to include manufacturing phones Portable, Bluetooth headsets, and many other products from Apple. This organization is headquartered in California.


According to Theo Himamm,” Planning is a specific course of action to be taken in the future. It is also a definition of what needs to be done, and how to do it, as it is by allocating responsibility when implementing actions to specific individuals or units. After that, the success of these measures is measured by comparing the actual results with the revised goals and plans. Accordingly.”

Apple is committed to providing the best free personal experience for different groups of people, such as students, teachers, creative professionals, and consumers around the world. It also plans to build an important brand for customers by educating them about the company and its products because Apple believes that it is important to build a strong relationship between the company and customers to gain confidence with its customers, as it offers many free workshops for people with a different level of experience to know more new Apple products and also There are three types of training available in these workshops, personal training, group training, open training, and Apple is keen to outperform its competitors by providing a better environment and technical experience for customers. Also, employees are given the freedom to improve products if they find any problems in them after using the device.


As per Huimlg (2008) ' organizing is an administration work that includes building up a hierarchical structure and dispensing HR to guarantee the accomplishment of objectives. The organization also includes designing individual jobs within the organization so that decisions must be made regarding the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs as well as how duties should be performed.

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Apple operates within the framework of the organizational structure, which is characterized by extreme adaptation and flexibility, which allows the company to change quickly as required. And as we mentioned previously, employees in Apple company are free to enter and improve the product if they find a problem that bothers them, and on the other hand, Apple provides a training program for new employees to improve their ability to perform at work and thus this training can change the skills of employees, their knowledge, attitudes or behavior after this training, On the other hand, Apple decided to manufacture its products in China and cooperate with the largest component manufacturer in the world, Foxconn. China also provides numbers for assembly lines and expanding iPhone production. Moreover, the company does not allow the use of labor under the legal age.


According to Mintzberg,(2004) “Leadership includes sources of social and informal influence that companies use to inspire the actions of others. Therefore, if managers are effective leaders, employees will be eager to make an effort to achieve organizational goals. There is a lot of research and studies that talk about career situations and provide important information about how managers can lead Staff more effectively.

Steve Employments he is work in apple company in 1976 the co-founder Steve and Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne established Mac. But in 1985 John Scully expelled Steve Jobs from the company, and after several years, specifically in the year 1997, Steve Jobs returned to the company and began to lead the company Apple, and here began his first mission, which is to increase the company's focus on the product that must be produced, Steve Jobs has always been warning employees From the simplification of the hardware and software, he used to follow the saying, 'simplicity is the ultimate evolution.' He likes to create competitive advantages among his competitors because competitor products are more complicated to use, so Steve Jobs's simplicity was not ignoring complexity but rather overcoming it and the company witnessed very large development and growth and achieved tremendous success in the whole world thanks to its leader Steve Jobs, and after his death, Tim Cook took over The leadership of Apple, which had a different leadership style to change the corporate environment,. Apple focuses more on operational efficiency while continuing and striving to preserve the unique culture that Steve Jobs formed before his death.


According to Henri,(2004) “ Monitoring includes ensuring that standards do not deviate. Control also consists of three steps that include setting performance standards, comparing actual performance with standards, and taking corrective measures when necessary. Performance can be measured after methods based on performance standards, including financial statements, sales reports, production results, and satisfaction. Customers and official performance evaluations.

The CEO’s mission is to monitor performance and evaluate the organization’s success in achieving its goals and taking corrective actions as needed to maintain and develop performance. After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple did not release anything new but had made improved copies of the iPhone and iPad devices, and then the company announced that the request The iPhone 5 has exceeded $ 2 million in just 24 hours and also sold iPads at $ 3 billion in three days, so the quarterly profit increased from $ 8.2 billion to $ 36 billion after selling the iPhone and iPad devices in one year, and the company’s share has increased It has nearly doubled since the death of Steve Jobs .

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