Essay on Eagle Scout Court of Honour Speech

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Is there a true way to define oneself? How can someone who is constantly changing be defined for any period? These questions were the first to come into my mind when the assignment was proposed. I tried defining myself then and I found out that without the ability to tune out the world, there is no way to have only one definition. Therefore, I believe that there is a way to define 'self' but that definition is not meant to last forever. myself is almost like the definition of 'self' is always a connotation and life is the context in which it is viewed. In that light, it seems as though a physical self can be defined as a human being or a dog or a cat but the mentality of that human, dog, or cat cannot simply be categorized into a simple sentence. There is a correlation between the environment and how someone is defined in that environment versus another one. For instance, if you throw someone into a war zone they will be a much different person than if you take them to a nice dinner one night and decide to have a pleasant conversation. Another comparison would be trying to explain the shape of a circle rather than a multivariate callus, all of this to a five-year-old. The word 'self' can be defined as simply as 'you' as long as you refer to 'yourself'. To define 'self', not just the word, means one must interpret one's actions in different environments.

Now, some people might claim to always have been the same no matter what, but this cannot be true. The human body itself changes over time, and with changes come more definitions. Definitions that can change are usually like connotations can change from positive to negative and vice versa. This means that at any two moments, the definition can be the same but those moments cannot be very far from one another. There is no way to make yourself the same way as you had several months or years before. The human psyche and personality are two of the major factors when defining self. The way you observe the world around you is critical in how you view yourself i.e. if you see the world as a beautiful place of many possibilities you will probably see yourself in a more positive light versus someone who sees the world as a dark and evil place they might not view themselves so highly.

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There is also a distinct correlation between a single person and a group of people and how diversity or sameness can lead the definitions of a few people to become a collective of definitions. This collective definition can either strongly or weakly correlate to the people that make up its contents. If you have several different people to gather together into one collective group then the definition of that group will most likely be a weak definition for the individuals. If you have many people of the same origin or definition then the collective will strongly represent the individuals. Now, these are two extremes of this scenario. In most cases, you will not have all the same people or even all different people but will have a variety and this is a useful tool for accomplishing goals. If you have many people, one of them is bound to be a leader-type and therefore the group can be organized and brainstorm ideas from the collective of individuals, with a difference there is a possibility.

For instance, I am an Eagle Scout, and to get this honor you must plan, lead, and execute a leadership project. I had to utilize many people with very different definitions to bring them together to help finish the project. This required about a year and a half for the whole process to be completed. And that is no easy task, to begin with, especially with marching band and life getting in the way at all the worst moments. I was a different person before that project, therefore having a different definition of myself than after the project. Before the project, I was a timid follower who usually accomplished the goals set before me to the best of my ability. After I completed the project with several other individuals I became a leader and team player that always gave the best I could give no matter what it is that needs to be done. There is no excuse for failure and no excuse for laziness. These are the values that have impressed me ever since I was young but I never truly embraced them until I had to become an Eagle Scout. So, I do have a definition of my current self; and that is I am tall, not very fit, I have some common sense when I need to have it most, I embrace challenges, I am an Eagle Scout, I like to watch sports, I am studying to be an Aerospace Engineer at Auburn University, and most of all I am not a quitter and I will always live and work by the Scout Oath and Law in every day I am living and working.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that a definition of self cannot be eternal but I do believe that there is a definition for self at every moment but that definition cannot be held over to another point in time unless everything remains constant. This is how I define myself, this is how I rationalize myself, and this is how I understand everything around me.

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