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The term ‘America First’ has a dark history of extreme white nationalism and is deeply rooted in racism, anti-immigration and xenophobia. However, the origins of this phrase stems from 1915, during the Great War, where President Woodrow Wilson and Americans used this slogan to oppose any US involvement in the First World War, in order to protect their own national interests. ‘America First’ was a form of American nationalism, but its meaning had evolved over time and had become distorted...
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America is a contradiction. It’s core constitutional values rest on prosperity, and the idea that all men are created equal, and yet was built and is thriving off of the systematic oppression and domination of people of color. It could be argued that the American culture hinges on on a widespread set of views, norms and beliefs, rather than true democratic norms. Without a doubt, from a young age we’re indoctrinated by Americanism. Activities such as learning the Pledge of...
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Prior to the War of Independence, America was not yet a set of united states. Everyone had different aims and there was not one cohesive group. But what is Americanness? There can be no answer to the question until this has been defined. I believe that Americanness relates to a large group of people having a sense of belonging to an area and being prepared to fight for their country. This feeling should be shared among populations. In relation to...
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America…Home of the brave land of the free and home to many different beliefs and opinions. One example of America's diverse belief system is the topic of Anti Americanism vs Pro-American Attitudes. I am writing about this topic because it's a big problem across the world today and so many people have different ideas and sides on this matter. Two articles that go in depth and give real life examples of Pro/Anti Americanism would be ‘The Children Will Keep Coming’...
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The role of the artist and intellectual in twentieth-century politically convulsed Europe was ambiguous and altogether disagreeable. The source of this dispute is deeply rooted in moral and ethical grounds and, in order to offer a more refreshing view on it, the sociological dialectics of Niklas Luhmann will be exposed. Nevertheless, first we shall consider the philosophical state of the author’s writing context: Postmodernism, and more specifically, poststructuralism. By the time Luhmann ponders about the meaning of interaction, or better...
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The United States invasion of Afghanistan occurred in October 2001, in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, marking the beginning of its “War on Terrorism” campaign. Seeking to oust the Taliban and find al-Qaeda mastermind Osama Bin Laden, the Afghan Northern Alliance provided the majority of forces, and the united kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, newzeland, Italy, Germany provided support. The officially stated purpose of the invasion was to target al-Qaeda members, and to punish...
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