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Caste System Essay Examples

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Marriage in the Caste System of India

Marriage is an institution which allows or admits women and men to family life, defines marriage, “as a socially sanctioned union of male and female or as a secondary institution devised by society to sanction the union of mating male and female, for purpose of...
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The Caste System in India

The caste system in India came about 2000 years ago before colonial rule; it came from the Hindu God, Brahman. The system classified people’s hierarchy that dictated their professions, social sphere, and even diet. The hierarchical system dictated the authority and influence one caste has...
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Annihilation of Caste': Sriticism of Caste Systems

The book written by Dr. Ambedkar, “Annihilation of Caste” which is also known as the undelivered speech which was supposed to be delivered at a Conference being organized by Jat-Pat-Todak Mandal of Lahore and was cancelled because of controversial and objectionable content against the Hindu...
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Ambedkar's Critique of the Caste System: Argumentative Essay

Assignment ques: Discuss Ambedkar’s critique of the caste system making suitable references to the text you have studied. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, was one of the most prominent lawyers, economists, politicians and social reformers who inspired the Dalit Buddhist movement and...
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Critical Analysis of the Caste System of India

The Caste System of India India’s social structure is dominated by Hinduism, and the religion determines your position in the organization and stratification of their society. In looking at how the caste system operates, the caste system origins, and the ways it coexists in the...
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