Anti-Americanism Vs Pro-American Attitudes

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America…Home of the brave land of the free and home to many different beliefs and opinions. One example of America's diverse belief system is the topic of Anti Americanism vs Pro-American Attitudes. I am writing about this topic because it's a big problem across the world today and so many people have different ideas and sides on this matter. Two articles that go in depth and give real life examples of Pro/Anti Americanism would be ‘The Children Will Keep Coming’ by Oscar Marteinez, which focuses on Pro-American Attitudes, and ‘Why I Could Never Hate America’ by Mehdi Hasan, focusing on Anti-American Attitudes.

In Oscar Martinez’s article Pro-Americanism is shown when he wants all the children in Central America to come to the US for a better life. As thousands of children like Auner, Chele and Pitbull arrive at the US border, it is important to remember the role the United States has played in creating this mass migration (Martinez). With this it shows that Oscar thinks good of America in that it's a great place to start a new and healthy life which in turn promotes Pro-Americanism. Oscar thinks highly of America in this segment of the article while also advising other kids and other adults to want to migrate to the U.S. In the article ‘Why I Could Never Hate America’ by Mehdi Hasan Anti-American attitudes are displayed throughout it especially knowing the past between the U.S. and The Middle East/Muslims it's not hard to see why blood boils at the thought of each other. A piece of evidence to support it is “I condemn the actions of the U.S. government in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, without attacking my American friends in Houston, LA or New York” (Hasan). Here Mehdi is showing his distrust and disdain for the USA government due to the treatment against his country.

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There's tons of examples of Pro/Anti Americanism displayed in each article. Hasan illustrates the Anti attitudes when he says “Time and again we have been told that the ‘war on terror’ is at its core a struggle for hearts and minds'. Not so on U.S. borders, where foreigners are met, in Hertzberg’s words, with “delays, ugliness, sullen contempt and near chaos while being treated alternately as cattle or potential terrorists”. Despite Hollywood’s best efforts, millions of people across the world no longer consider the U.S. to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave” (to quote the national anthem), the “shining city upon a hill” (Ronald Reagan), or the “indispensable nation” (Madeleine Albright)” (Hasan). Here Hasan is telling us that Anti-Americanism is developed through the U.S. discriminatory acts by its government and people and you cant blame them for having this mindset. Switching to a lighter tone, examples of Oscar Martinez Pro-American attitude is shown when he states “Central American mothers and fathers will continue to seek ways to be reunited with their children; they will continue to try to get them out of violent places and keep them safe” (Martinez). Here it's known that Central American families leave for the U.S referring to them as safe areas where they can start new lives as citizens and away from violent crimes.

The factors that contribute to these attitudes are heavily influenced by the treatment of the individuals by the US Government. In ‘Why I Could Never Hate America’ Mehdi gives a statement that influenced anti Americanism amongst his country saying “I married an American in 2003, and each time we return to her homeland I’m reminded of the New Yorker journalist Hendrik Hertzberg’s description of the “brutal fuck-you that greets foreigners arriving in the United States”, and his call to U.S. immigration officials to stop making ‘preventive war’ on innocent tourists” (Hasan). As an immigrant and this being your first impression of Americans how could you learn to like the country if they treat you so terribly.

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