Moving to a New Place: Narrative Essay

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I woke up on a hard cold wooden floor, body stiffened, however, it was as comfortable as I’ll be until the movers arrive with my bed. What felt like a nightmare is suddenly coming true. I hear nothing but birds chirping and cicadas, dancing around in the trees, which gave me an unfamiliar feeling. I incessantly begged my parents to stay, but we moved nevertheless. I always preferred the familiarity of an environment, and I wasn’t ready to leave my hometown. This was where I learned how to ride a bike, to skate, and to dance. People here were like my family. The Dominican ladies that did my hair since I was little, the Chinese restaurant and Little Caesars across the street where I always ate, and even the Latin lady who sold ice cream on the street. For twelve years I had one home that resided in West Harlem, New York. I had gone to three different schools for three different reasons. But this time is different because I have to pack up my life in NYC and leave behind everything and everyone I knew. I did not want to have to change my routine. Living conditions were not the best, but I learned to be grateful and caring and to still give. Thoughts of uneasiness flooded my mind. Little did I know, my new town would change me in a way I would have never anticipated. As we drove into the town of Wappingers Falls, all that was in sight was vast lands, barely any sidewalk, businesses that looked more like houses, and more green land than ever.

The day that I dreaded came quicker than I thought. I got up later than I have for school since I did not have to deal with the metro system. Only this time I got on a school bus as the new girl, two months into the seventh grade. I stole a quick glance at my younger brother, briefly grateful that I didn’t have to face this completely alone being that my sister was in high school. On the first day of school, I got judged on my appearance before anyone took the chance to know me. Being silent was my way of saying I wanted my old life back. I was always filled with gloom, having no say in my life. Running away was always on my mind, but I could never do such a thing. I started to just feel like I did not belong at all. Being from the city actually made me unique. It was a place everyone up here was fascinated by. I slowly stepped out of my shell and made friends with people I consider family to this day. I learned to adapt to uncomfortable situations and accept change. Over time, I gained the freedom to go over to friends’ houses and go places with other people, which was something I never did in the city. I joined extracurricular activities and became involved with the community, making new friends.

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Moving to a completely different environment gave me a new perspective on life. Though I often thought negatively about new situations, I have been optimistic about trying new things. It certainly made me a better person. I saw the world differently and understand why moving was for the best. I instead turned an unfamiliar situation into an opportunity to make myself stronger. Regardless of where I go, I’ll embrace my new surroundings with an open mind and make the best of what life has to offer.

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