What Are Dubai's Prospects for Becoming the Most Innovative City in the World: Analytical Essay

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Millions of people from around the world are currently working in Dubai and are earning a lot more than what they ever expected for themselves. At the same time there are millions around the world, who are looking forward to shift their setup to UAE and start working in this country. But what are the reasons people are choosing UAE and Dubai in general as their host land for investing the money that they have. It is well-established fact that the overall taxation and other laws regarding businesses are very favorable in UAE, but this does not mean that the place is necessarily going to earn you a good fortune too, but Dubai does. In this paper I will have a look at why Dubai has taken over the business industries and working as a hub of all the best kinds of businesses.

Although people are inclined towards having an Abu Dhabi main land company setup, there are certain benefits that only Dubai can provide in a better way. The first one is the competitiveness of any business who works in Dubai. It is a place where many enthusiastic and innovative people live. This state has all the facilities and luxuries that are important for any business to run like a pro. This makes it an ideal location to work in and hence many aspiring enthusiastic and skillful people from around the world have moved in to Dubai. This has obviously increased the competency of the businesses working in Dubai and the overall competition in this particular area is very healthy and high.

The second and most important factor that effects the business environment in UAE is the competent and supportive leadership. The government of UAE has been very supportive for the people who want to bring in their business to UAE. That is why they are bringing in newer and better facilities for the businesses working in their country. This supportive and motivational leadership is a factor enough to make Dubai the best place and the most innovative one to invest your money in a promising way.

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Another factor, that plays a very important role in making Dubai the most innovative place to work in and inviting people who are interested in company formation in UAE to choose Dubai as their spot, is the infrastructural developments. The infrastructure in Dubai is famous all around the world and is very supportive towards the businesses working in this area. The buildings are fully equipped and office spaces are very attractive and overall environment is supportive towards the business which is not easily available in any other place in the world.

Besides the location of this country is just perfect for any trade related activity and hence it is right to think that the time when Dubai will be leading all the business locations in the world is not far away.

So, for anyone who wants a promising future in an innovative business environment, Dubai is their deal.

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