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Recycling-Related Benefits for Dubai

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Recycling is the process of changing wastes into new usable products. The purpose of recycling wastes is to prevent dumping potentially useful products, reduce environmental pollution, and control the use of raw materials. Recycling is an important method that is used in the modern world to dispose of and manage wastes. Dubai is a modern city that is recognized for its excellent infrastructure together with a well-defined and structured waste management system. This essay seeks to establish how recycling has enhanced the health, safety, and economic status of Dubai.

Reno and Alexander (2012) reveal that Dubai had registered over 20 waste recycling companies in 2012. The registration of these companies has enhanced the management of wastes that are released from industries, construction sites, residential areas, households, and institutions. Indeed, the management of industrial effluents, hazardous wastes, construction wastes, general non-hazardous wastes, and medical wastes among others has resulted in enhanced sanitation. This situation has heightened both safety and health amongst the city residents.

In the wake of waste management, the government has licensed various companies to establish water projects to meet the ever-rising demands for water by the city residents (Bains, 2009). As a result, several companies have established improvised technologies such as Membrane Filtration Technology and MBR systems for water treatment. Treated sewerage water has improved agricultural practices in the area through irrigation. Water treatment technology has remarkably improved since 2009. Presently, Dubai’s well-established water recycling technologies have led to the provision of water to other regions that are outside the country (Shinkuma & Managi, 2011).

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Moreover, Rathje and Zimring (2012) reveal that Dubai produces large quantities of solid wastes that require frequent disposal. Several companies have established various strategies that are aimed at the management of solid wastes. These strategies have significantly enhanced the city’s environment by the reduction of environmental pollution. Extensive education has created waste management awareness to the public. This strategy has led to innovativeness in the management of recyclable materials (Pepper, 2010).

Dubai’s remarkable world-class facilities and physical infrastructure have resulted in a plethora of initiatives to create an eco-friendly city. All-in-one recycling methods have been introduced in the city. This situation has enormously enhanced the recycling of paper, plastics, glass, and metal wastes among other recyclables in one unit. As a result, there has been reduced waste trucking within the city. This situation has lessened waste management costs; hence, it has improved the economic status of Dubai (Beck and Martin (2009).

Other strategies that have been established by the government include green technology. According to Gavin (2007), Dubai has always had a strong focus on green energy, green economy, green city, and green life in its endeavors to manage the effects of climate change. Presently, the city has experienced intense development and promotion of green technology. The government has significantly supported the implementation of the aforementioned waste management projects. One of the greatest moves towards the implementation of these strategies was the launch of “Green Economy for Sustainable Development” (Goodship, 2010).

Recycling is an eco-friendly process that ensures the maximization of resources. Recycling in Dubai is highly structured because of the availability of many interested participants whose aim is the establishment of a haven for clean technologies. A large number of registered recycling companies have contributed significantly to the management of wastes that are released from different sources. Also, the government of Dubai has been actively involved in waste management through the establishment of strategies to transform the city into a haven for a green economy. Dubai’s recycling capacity has enhanced safety, health, and the economic status of the excellent city. Other countries all over the world should emulate Dubai’s recycling strategies to promote the wellness of the environment.

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