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Is Recycling Worth the Cost? Essay

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Human beings’ lives and health depend on the diversity of life on the Earth. A healthy planet provides air and water, gives food for people and other species. However, pollutions, cutting down the woods, global warming with the greenhouse effect threaten the world and its biodiversity leading to the extinction of species and damage to ecosystems at record levels. Therefore, when people endanger the Earth, they cause harm to their health and survival. If there were a project to save the planet, waste recycling would be the number one task along with sustainable consumption. Despite recent advances in the waste industry, the amount of garbage disposed of daily requires increasing recycling efforts as careless waste management is fraught with environmental and economic perils.

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The Earth is a system where all the components are connected and interrelated, similar to any other universe formation. Accumulation of waste on the planet is inevitably increasing every day and leads to ecological catastrophe. The main advantage of recycling household waste is the elimination of environmentally hazardous situations caused by large landfills. Throwaways disposed at the burial sites begin to rot, resulting in the proliferation of bacteria and toxic products, which can penetrate groundwater and contaminate the soil and air. Moreover, landfills occupy massive territories, which the government could use more rationally for more worthwhile projects. Consequently, by burying synthetic garbage in the ground, humanity contributes to global warming and, ultimately, to climate change, as waste emits greenhouse gasses.

It is generally agreed that environmental pollution forced by garbage disposal affects wildlife ecology. Thus, owing to careless waste management, fauna’s natural habitat is easily destroyed by climate change, and their food is spoiled by poisonous substances appearing in the soil. For instance, increased plastic recycling can contribute to cleaner oceans and seas. Therefore, the use of recycled products will reduce the depletion of natural resources, including rainforests, lakes, and rivers, which are the areas of animal habitats.

Waste recycling has a beneficial effect on the environment and allows for more efficient use of precious resources and materials. Some may argue that sorting and recycling processes cost a significant sum of money. On the contrary, sorting household waste dramatically simplifies manufacturing products from secondary raw materials, which reduces the costs for enterprises and the prices of future products. For example, collecting waste paper can save up to 69 percent of enterprises’ energy and save about 2 tons of wood for every 1000 kg of paper products (Kumar 32). Moreover, trees absorb carbon dioxide, which also restrains the greenhouse effect on the planet. Thus, recycling is favorable for the American economy, as the costs of irreplaceable natural raw materials in the production of new goods are reduced.

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Other benefits of waste sorting and recycling include the creation of new jobs as recycling organizations require staff. The popularization of eco-friendly practices will result in an increased number of plants fabricating and distributing recycled products. Thus, the business will enhance employment opportunities and boost the country’s economy. Besides, progress in the recycling procedure may promote the overall growth of technology use in other spheres of life.

Against the backdrop of global warming, ecological anxiety has arisen among citizens. According to the Pew Research Center, 60% of Americans are worried about climate change and consider it a major threat to the country (Kennedy). Moreover, 51% of U.S. residents feel helpless in the face of this peril (Kennedy). Therefore, recycling programs involving residents would help people become more responsible and connected to the fate of their environment. Furthermore, eco-life philosophy may encourage people to unite and feel that they benefit their neighborhood, society, and the planet. It is certain, that working on environmental awareness is a rather long and laborious process, which may take more than one decade. However, the level of ecological awareness is relatively high nowadays, and it means that society does not stand idly by but understands the importance of taking the measures to avert global pollution. Nevertheless, people need to be continuously informed about the threats of non-recycling and educated to reutilize properly. Thus, culture becomes the primary motivational power, which promotes successful recycling.


In general, recycling is an integral part of the conscious consumption concept. It assumes that people need to buy fewer things, choose products without packaging, withdraw from using disposable goods, buy high-quality, long-lived items, and recycle all the garbage which can be reused. A person, who starts to sort garbage, becomes less prone to spontaneous spending, pays more attention to what they buy and in what packaging. It is also an excellent opportunity to save money on things the population does not need. As a result, waste sorting has a positive effect on people’s lifestyles and makes them rethink their consumption attitudes

Now, at the height of the Anthropocene, humans play a decisive role in the Earth’s ecosystem. The existence of other species and the state of the planet’s resources entirely depend on people’s activity. The results of successful or unsuccessful environmental policy are instantly reflected in the world around them. Therefore, it is crucial to consume natural goods sustainably and recycle afterward to create a healthier environment, a responsible society, and an enjoyable experience of residence on the planet.

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