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Recycling of Materials: Entrepreneurship Assignment

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Recycling of materials has been a very crucial part of our economic activities. It forms a part of the national income and also secures jobs for some individuals within the economy. Recycling itself involves the transformation of the already used products in other useful products that can be sold for re-us (Markessini, p05). This sector has also helped to reduce pollution of the environment since the waste products from materials such as paper, metal; electronics are put into other useful forms. In the United States the products that are commonly recycled are steel and iron. Other products that are usually recycled include plastics. These products have for a long time dominated this sector of the economy since they can easily be molten and re-used to make new products.

This sector has however not explored how the old wooded products that are often disposed can be re-used. Most furniture when they either get out of fashion or they are old enough not to fit their purpose are usually disposed. Most individuals usually dispose off their old furniture such as broken tables, chairs and worn out seats. It is very possible to recycle such products and bring out some new and attractive products. For example furniture such as home sits can be easily recycled. This is possible since the carpenters will only need to create centers for buying such old furniture and dismantle the top covers and put new material covers that are very attractive (Markessini, p07). This means that the old materials in the inside will not be removed but they may require to be added just a little reinforcement to support them for a longer period. This means one can be able to make a new set of seats without necessarily having to buy new wooden parts that are used in the inside part of the seats. This can then be sold as second hand seats to the individuals who may not have enough capital to purchase new seats. The old furniture can not only be bought from the customers but the carpenters can give a service of repairs for the customers who would want either to change design or the outer look of the specific furniture. This will be a good business venture since it will create more jobs in the economy for more jobless individuals. It will also be possible to make good and attractive new furniture for the low class individuals who may not be able to purchase the same product if it was a brand new set (Markessini, p15).

Another way that wooden products can be recycled is making use of such old wood for carvings. The sculptors can actually buy this old furniture, dismantle them and curve the wood into new products such as wall hangings, animal or human sculptures among others. The carvings will only need to be re-painted, decorated and made attractive to attract customers. This will also be another way of generating income within the economy and it will also help in making use of the old furniture which would otherwise be disposed as useless. The recycling of such wood would also reduce the cost of importing a lot of timber that is used to make such products within the sector (Hiromichi, p9). It is a way of reducing the vice of deforestation which is an environmental hazard. The recycling of such products will be of economic benefit to both the government and individuals since it will be a new venture of creating income.

Another area that can be explored for new business venture is the energy sector. Most people in the United States use electricity and LPG products for home energy. Energy being a very crucial sector of the economy has been a sector where many individuals have concentrated on ways of either conserving the energy or recycling the energy. With the increasing cost of energy globally, it would be a wise idea for the new entrepreneurs to venture in new areas of either reducing the cost of energy or look for cheaper means of energy that can be used in the alternative of the current sources of energy (Hiromichi, p11). Charcoal in the United States is not a very common source of energy although it is very convenient and affordable energy for cooking in the US.

This is a sector that only requires one to explore deeper and find cheap means of getting charcoal and mobilizing people through convincing marketing strategies of why they should use charcoal as a source of home energy (Hiromichi, p19). The main source of charcoal in the US is from the trees such as olives or the fruit stone charcoal. These types of charcoal are not recycled because no entrepreneurs have concentrated in renewable charcoal in this sector. A new business venture can be the making of cheap charcoal that can be made from readily available materials. A good example would involve the individuals to collect plant leaves or grass, clay soil, the coffee husks from the coffee factories, fine charcoal that is normally regarded as waste from other charcoal collection points, wooden chips and ash. These materials are mixed well in certain proportions and they are then compressed to make small balls of none-smoking fine charcoal. This type of charcoal would be very cheap and affordable for many individuals since the cost of making it will be very cheap. The waste materials from this charcoal will not be wasted since they can still be re-used as one of the raw-materials for making new charcoal. It would also contribute in the environmental cleaning since the mowed grass in the compounds can be put to use. The charcoal does not produce smoke and therefore it reduces the chances of charcoal being a health hazard (Wares, p20). The charcoal can then be used in homes for cooking and also as a source of heat in the homes especially during the winter. The charcoal is actually very economical since it does not burn fast and can therefore be used for many hours before it is completely used-up.

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The entrepreneurs upon gaining a good command of the market can make good source of income from such a venture. This will require good marketing skills to convince the potential customers the benefits of the new product. The initial set up of the business would also require the individuals to invest in cheap methods of collecting the raw- materials in order to maximize the profits besides making it affordable for marketing. The business would actually be a very good idea for the rural individuals who earn very little from logging trees to produce charcoal. They normally work for other individuals who have the capital to operate the production of charcoal from trees. With this type of charcoal the capital required is very minimal and most people in the rural regions can afford it. It will create jobs for jobless individuals and also income to the authorities. The use of such charcoal can also be a good source of cheap energy for both low class and also middle classes of the society in the urban areas (Wares, p30). The individuals can be able to reduce the cost of fuel that is used in the homesteads. This will eventually trigger more savings in the economy and thus improving the whole economy in the long run. This type of charcoal would also reduce the cutting down of trees which are later burnt to produce charcoal.

The tourist sector can also be another promising venture for new business entrepreneurship. It is in history that many tourists who come to the US may not have easy and cheap channels of getting direction and accommodation apart from the services of hotels. One can explore the sector by looking for a cheap way of making life cheaper, enjoyable and easy for any tourists or new entrants in to the US (Willcock, p43). One can focus on a cheap way of providing cheap accommodation and home services that will draw attention of many individuals to your service.

One cheap way of such a service would be organizing home based accommodation for such tourists (Henning, p16). The actual venture would be opening different centers of providing customer service in each city. Each of the centers in the different cities will then be given the mandate to look for individuals who would be willing to host the visitors at a certain fee. This means that each center will keep a record of the willing clients in each city and have their contacts at hand. The management will then open a website that can be viewed by every one globally such that you will be able to market the availability of your service to the potential visitors to the US. The interested visitors in your service will then have the freedom to choose the city of their choice where they are willing to spend their stay. At this point it is important to note that all the centers across the cities will be centrally managed. Once the customer identifies the city they want to stay, the central management will then contact the center in the specific city to identify an individual with a vacancy.

The central management will then be responsible for setting the rates at which to charge the tourist and also the fee to pay to the clients hosting the visitors. For this business to thrive well, the management should pay the hosting homes a lesser fee than what they actually charge the tourists (Henning, p20). The management should also charge a fee that is much lower than the local hotels in order to attract more customers. The management should also ensure that the homes given such contracts offer standard services to the visitors. The home based accommodation for the tourist will be very beneficial to them since it will be offering good service besides giving company to the visitors.

The potential homes will basically be offering simple roles of providing accommodation with food and laundry services. The management can therefore expand the business and offer services of picking Visitors from the Airport, familiarizing the visitors with the new environment, taking them to tourist attractions and also teaching them the general culture of the societies. The management would therefore require having its own means of transport which can be initially given free or charged at a discounted rate as a marketing strategy. It is important to note that the management will be charged with the sole responsibility of ensuring the comfort of the visitors. This is because it is good to consider the possibility of breach of contract by the homes. It should also be responsible of ensuring safety measures for both the visitors and the host homes. The management should therefore set standard rules indicating penalties applicable (Henning, p28).

Such a business would benefit the economy in very many ways since it will attract more tourists since they would have a way of cutting the cost of their visit (Willcock, p51). The method of looking for accommodation would be easy and there would be no struggle of getting somewhere to stay. It would be another way of earning income for many homesteads and also a source of income for the state through taxation. This would also help the individuals involved in the business get a way of earning income through acting as intermediaries between the homes and the visitors. The service will not only be provided to the tourists but also to the new entrants such as international students who may not be able to secure student accommodation at the time of their admission. This would be very convenient for all the individuals coming to the country irrespective of their cultural back ground.

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