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The Effects Of Prejudice And Discrimination On The Victims

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Similarly, the perpetrator limits themselves to opportunities for growth and potential experiences. It damages their growth as well as the growth within society, in terms of culture. In many instances, minority groups and the more targeted groups that are surrounded by people who aren’t classified as their social group membership, have feelings of loneliness and unworthiness. As well, the stereotypes that come with certain groups make an individual feel less of a human, as they feel they are not meeting the standards of society or, their stereotype. For example, an Asian person might have the preconceived idea in their mind that they have to do extremely well due to the typical expectations and stereotypes of all Asians being smart in particular subjects such as math, sciences, etc. As a result, their performance on a test regarding their cognitive skills, turns out extremely bad as they become too overwhelmed under pressure. Research finds that humans often diminish the differences between people in particular categories and embellish the differences between them. Several people were given an image and asked to judge the height of the individuals shown as an experiment. They were told that the people in the photograph were of equal height and to not judge based on their gender, rather judge it as an individual matter. The competitors typically gave a rate for the men being taller than the women, due to their categorical beliefs and were unable to disregard those beliefs in the moment. As well, the stereotypes of men being stronger, taller, and more masculine also contributed to their preconceived judgement. A reward of $50 was given to the person who made the most accurate judgement.

Study shows that individuals are prone to perceive members that aren’t part of their own group as more analogous, which is called the outgroup homogeneity bias. They are able to spot the differences in the individuals within their groups, however they perceive everyone of other members in society as identical. As well, bigots interrelate with the outgroup homogeneity bias as they have a rigid mindset where they completely disregard any facts or useful information, which in many cases opposes with their beliefs. They are extremely parochial towards minority groups. Conflict and segregation predominantly arise, due to the dissection of the human race. The idea of certain social groups being similar is impudent, as it certainly applies to every social group whether it be their race, gender, religion, age, etc.

Essentially, prejudice can lead to severe effects such as: bullying, genocide, drug use, self- sabotage, mental and physical health problems, and poor performance. In some cases, prejudice can lead one to commit suicide due to lack of empathy from others, chronic bullying, and constant fear of the future. As well, societies can have feelings of worthlessness, fear, and unbearableness.

Discrimination is the negative and cruel behavior of an individual, group, or system towards another group or individual due to their gender, sex, social class, race, etc. It is the immoral behavior of a more privileged group assaulting a targeted or minority group. In the late nineteenth century, it was not uncommon for business owners to hang signs that read, “Help Wanted: No Irish Need Apply.” And southern Jim Crow laws, with their “Whites Only” signs, exemplified overt discrimination that is not tolerated today.There are different types of discrimination including: direct, indirect, harassment, sexual harassment, and victimization. Some examples of discrimination are: racial discrimination, age discrimination, and gender discrimination.

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During 1948 to 1994, laws of racial segregation were established under a system called Apartheid in South Africa. The non- white people were forbidden to vote and resided in segregated communities. In the late nineteenth century, signs that wrote “Help wanted: No Irish Need Apply” as well as Whites only”, were customary for corporations to hang up. In addition, during World War 2, Jewish people were obligated to wear yellow stars for identification as Jews in Germany and German-governed lands. Thus, the Jews were taken into concentration camps by the Nazis, as the Nazis were discriminatory towards Jews. The Jews have faced maltreatment for many years. The genocide of the Jews has given a leeway for other countries to perpetrate systematic killing in this day and age. Furthermore, everything in life has become racialized. For example, Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years for sexually assaulting and drugging numerous women. He has become the pinnacle of the Metoo movement. Meanwhile, when countless white men who have done worse to dozens of women all around the world, and have come forward with their accounts are not convicted or charged due to their white privilege. Numerous white men have committed the same criminal act, if not worse, yet they have not been incarcerated and are living freely. As well, in one scenario, Harvey weinstein was accused of rape, sexual assault, and harassment multiple times, yet he is also not imprisoned given he’s a white man. Many people questioned the women who made the accusations against harvey, yet nobody questioned the allegations against Cosby, being that he is a black man. Harvey Weinstein’s case is recent, however nobody seems to be speaking about it and he is living freely. The protection of white people has always been the main determinant in terms of criminal acts and media coverage. Indoubtly, they’re deemed to have more protection than minorities and people of color, which substantiates the inequitable privilege and power white people have over other social groups. Study shows that many white people agree that minority groups and people of color are prone to complications and hardships in all aspects of life due to their race, while some are oblivious to their white privilege that has made almost everything uncomplicated, if not all. While most white people are willing to admit that nonwhite people live with a set of disadvantages due to the color of their skin, very few are willing to acknowledge the benefits they receive.

In a documentary, called “Surviving R. Kelly”, many black women had came forward with their accounts of rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, child pornogrophy against R. Kelly. He is a prime example of how deserted people of color are. Dozens of women have come forward with their accounts of rape, sexual violence, sexual abuse, Most, if not all of his victims are black. Furthermore, one of the white jury’s in the case voted not guilty due to the victims, who are black females, looking a certain way in which he did not like. He had stated that he did not like the way they dressed; the way they wore their hair, etc. This clearly signifies the racist beliefs the system has indoctrinated in society, in which leads to prejudices that an individual holds towards people of color. As a result, the opinion and beliefs of higher power becomes valid, while the oppressed remains invalid. The jury’s prejudices is one of the main factors as to why R. Kelly remains free. Essentially, society doesn’t perceive young black women as innocent. They are perceived as fast; older than their age, and are at fault in sexual assault cases, when the predator should be held accountable for their vicious act. Thus, they are held to a different standard. If the victims were white, R. Kelly, would’ve been incarcerated long time ago. However, the stigma that young black women do not deserve any protection and do not matter has been indoctrinated in many people for years, that the thought of protecting young black women, or black women in general, is negligible. There are numerous ways for the young black victims to gain media coverage who are being sexually assaulted, however, it wouldn’t take effect due to the belief that black women are irrelevant. For instance, the MeToo movement was established by a black woman. However, it has now been co-opted by a white woman who is getting all the credit and limelight. White women get all the media coverage when black women are often grafting, due to how the world perceives the protection of white women.

In addition, the LGBT community tends to face discrimination immensely to this day, which is also considered a hate crime. Research shows that 25.2 per of the LGBQT community have experienced discrimination due to their sexual orientation, in which is a an ultimate threat to their overall well-being, health, and economic security. In one article, actor Jussie Smollett, was severely beaten by two homophobic men in attempt to lynch him. He was insulted with racial and homophobic slurs; had a noose tied around his neck, as well as bleach poured all over him. A vast majority of people are extremely homophobic and racist towards the LGBQT community. As a result, they get attacked and treated maliciously in virtue of their complete ignorance and abhorrent behaviour.

Gender discrimination continues to this day. Women often get discriminated in the workplace by both sexes. They not only get judged based on their looks and the way they dress, but they also get judged on their level of attractiveness for certain positions such as sales or public relations. Furthermore, on average women earn less pay than men for the same performance. Despite laws making gender-discrimination illegal, small and big corporations still favor the promotion of men. In 2012, a former high-level female manager sued CSC for disregarding her complaints in the workforce. She had complained about the constant gender discrimination, sexual harassment and was told to stop complaining. She was then fired for refusing to comply. Men also get discriminated in the family environment, however not as much as women. Ralph D Minard analyzed how social norms impacted prejudice and discrimination. He looked into the actions of both white miners and black miners in the Southern United States, below and above ground. He observed that the environment with the friendly social norms (below ground) towards work colleagues, were 80% more friendly to black miners and the environment with the less friendly social norms (above ground) were 20% likely to be friendly to black miners. A person can maintain prejudices without taking action. However, in many instances, prejudice often leads to discrimination. For example, an employer looking to hire potential employees may refuse the elderly as they perceive seniors as slow, sick and uninterested. As well, they will disregard their qualifications being that they are seniors. Corporations will often have only younger workers due to their ageist views. As a result, this leads to systematic discrimination.

All in all, prejudice and discrimination has not only had a huge affect numerou minority groups and people of color, it has also affected the world, both domestic and abroad, Many different factors contribute to the shift in society due to the acts of prejudice and discrimination, which are evidently unjust to minority groups, people of color, and the LBGQT community. Prejudice and discrimination are not the same concept, however, they are merely similar as prejudice often leads to discrimination. As well, prejudice and discrimination against minority groups are far more prevalent than they are against white people. All human beings are equal and should be treated with respect and fairness despite their race, age, gender, sex, social class, etc. Additionally, everyone should be able to live their lives rightly without having to worry about.

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