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Money. A huge aspect of becoming a member of our justice system blinds most of us into fulfilling a career in law. But there is so much more to it that we do not particularly see. The word 'Law' is such a powerful word itself; it is a rule of conduct that holds the ground authority in the community which defends it from unfairness, it builds and connects us making our country a stronger one. This is the aspect of law people should be interested in and educated about. For me, law has always been the concept of equality. The rule of law preaches that beneath the variance of identifications and abilities, we are all one being who are united under the law.

My interest in studying law began ever since my secondary school teacher quoted Roscoe Pound's words 'Law is experience developed by reason and applied continually to further experience', it has pulled me to learn about our justice system in much more depth than what we see in movies or hear in the news. I have always wanted to be capable of helping others and potentially making a difference in their life.

I trust that I would be a suitable student to study law as I am a confident, strong-headed individual who works at my best when I am challenged. My A-level choices, such as politics, criminology, and law, have helped me deepen my knowledge of this field. Studying politics has helped me develop an understanding of the power of individualism and theories of the state, international states, and intergovernmental relations. Additionally, on how laws that have been created through the political process in Parliament. Studying criminology has given me a deeper understanding of crime, processing and gathering criminal evidence in a case, criminal theories, and criminal justice in the present world. Besides, studying law has certainly given me a helping hand as it helped me develop a range of skills like research skills, essay writing skills, and logical and analytical thinking, with the addition of legal knowledge within both criminal and civil law.

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My understanding of different faculties within the law was booted, and I engaged in a two-week work experience program over the summer. I benefited from this program significantly, as I was able to join live virtual chats with qualified lawyers to learn about their experiences in getting a career in this field and all the achievements and disappointments within it as well as, complete quizzes and tasks that involved legal research and writing an essay on my perspective of our justice system. This work experience program has benefitted me as I was able to get an insight into my future career. My present job, as a sales assistant, is a great opportunity for career development as it is helping me develop useful skills for the future such as helping and interreacting with others, teamwork, organization, and other useful skills.

Throughout my study of law, I have noticed that I have the personal skills that will help me succeed. I am comfortable with presenting and expressing my ideas in front of others. Furthermore, I enjoy working well individually as well as within a team. I understand that the handed trust is the most important aspect of being a criminal lawyer, it holds the most value for lawyers today and it most certainly will hold much more value for future lawyers like me.

The next step on my journey is studying law at your university. I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge of the legal world as well as putting my logic skills to the test in a debate scenario. My studies at your university will be my stepping achievement to a superior life.

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