The Types Of Success In A Human Life

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Success has many definitions. The reason for this is because everyone’s ideals are different, no two people are the same and therefore will not think the same. People can share similar ideas; they can also share similar goals. Goals are the reason for doing things in hopes to become successful; in the process completing the set goal. With this, success can be defined as the completion of a goal. Everyone’s goals are different and will therefore cause everyone’s definition of success to be altered as well. The reason why success matters is because it affects our entire lives. Everyone that thinks that they have a meaning towards their lives are trying to achieve their end goal and become successful in competing that goal. People that believe that they have no meaning for their lives and have never set a goal for themselves will have no burdens. The people that care about this would be everyone. The people that try to finish their life’s goal or try to discover one will have a huge impact on how they feel to the time of their deaths. They can rest peacefully, instead of having burdens and feel as if their life isn’t done yet. There are 8 different types of successes that have varied goals. These are Inner Success, Physical Success, Family Success, Career Success, Economic Success, Community Success, Adventure Success, and Impact Success.

Inner success is the discovery of peace within oneself. Many examples of these are through religion. Most religions think the end goal is after you die. After you die, you end up in a good place that have no problems and is a utopian society. This type of success can vary due to the difference of people. People that have different beliefs, have their definition of success altered, but their type of success is the same. Inner success is very important in our lives. It makes people be good because of their actions will have consequences. Without inner success there would be more crime and anarchy. People that are atheist; however, does not mean they can never find inner success. They find inner success by the acceptance of- if they die, they die. Although this is different from religious inner success it still has the same affect. They will try to live life to the fullest without shortening their life span or ending up in jail so they cannot live it.

Physical success is the success in health. Although caring about your health is a good thing, achieving a health goal is entirely different. People that set health goals vary tremendously. An example of this would be a dying patient and an Olympic swimmer. The dying patient health goal would be conquering their sickness and keep living. On the other hand, the Olympic swimmer would want to be in great shape in order to win the Olympics. Physical success is also important. It makes people have the desire to be healthy and live longer. This success can be contradicted however, through inner success. People that have inner success believe it is the will of nature to take them when it is their time, they will let death come. People that believe in the success of health would want to do everything they can in order to keep themselves or their love ones from dying.

Family success is the success of family. Family are the people that are the most important to you. It doesn’t have to only be your biological family. This success is not just wanting your family to be happy; it is literally achieving the goal of your family being happy. Many people attempt to do this but never achieve. These normally apply to immigrants migrating to America. They want their children to have the best future and push them to succeed in their career for financial reasons. This results in an economic success and career success. Most family success is just wanting to have their close ones succeed in a different type of success.

Career success is the success of your job. When people think of a job or a career it automatically means money. Career success does not necessarily mean money but can result into gaining a high fortune. People that strive for career success are people that are looking for the end goal of their job. They want to achieve the highest profession standard; this can result into gaining other types of successes. It is very hard to reach a Career success. The reason for this is because a lot of people only have jobs to make money. The only motivation is to get a higher standard career success is the money that people gain from it, this results into wanting more and more and can never be truly satisfied with their job. This type of success is always looked over and forgotten due to people neglecting their happiness and doing everything for money. People that love their job will still always look over this type of success. They always want to do more and never seem satisfy of how much they’ve helped people.

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Economic success is the success of financial reasons. This type of success is the most popular and the most hated. Many people say that money can’t buy happiness, or why be the richest in the graveyard? These sayings just mean money isn’t everything. Money is valuable and riches only goes as far as what people put behind it. An example of this is a rich person and a poor person. If a rich person were to lose 100 dollars, they wouldn’t think much of it because they have so much. A poor person however, if they had lost that much it would affect them a lot. Everyone believes that economic success is being rich and having lots of wealth to back it up. This is incorrect. Economic success is knowing you have enough money to be happy. Although a rich person may have lots of wealth, they can still not achieve economic success. A person that have achieved economic success is someone that normally retires from their career and can relax and enjoy life. A wealthy person however can work until they die and still want to get more money. Economic success is very important because it leads people to finishing their lives and relaxing when they are old. Economic success can be tragic because a lot of people want it but cannot achieve it.

Community success is the success of the community. People have the need to feel connected, psychological and physically. People need to be known. Community Success and family success are the two most relating. They both express care for their parts but instead of being to be limited to family it is the entire community. Community success is also another very hard success. They have the need for their entire community that they live in to be happy. This normally applies to big leaders such as the president. Community success is also very important because it has a massive impact on how well the big leaders are doing. They make people united and give nationalism to their citizens.

Adventure success is the success of traveling. Traveling is what a lot of people wish they can do. A lot of movies and video games gives prime examples of these. Games that have any type of action normally has them moving to different areas of the world. People game miniature experience towards this and can feel as if they have already felt adventure success. This can also cause the opposite, however. People that watch other people go on adventuring trips can cause others to create an adventure success. This success matters because it creates a sense of memory behind your life. It makes it seem as if you’ve accomplished something. This type of success is what people think of if they want action.

Impact success is the success of making a difference. This type of success is through affecting another person. When people think of impact success, they always think of someone famous such as Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, George Washington, etc. Impact success does not mean you have to be famous in order to achieve impact success. This type of success is one of the more common type of success but is one of the most overlooked type of success as well. People that have impacted another person life, no matter how big and small, good or bad; if a person has impacted another’s life, they have done impact success.

In conclusion, throughout a person’s life, people always overlook all their successes. This causes people to be sad or even suicidal. When people believe they have no meaning they jump to all their failures which causes them to get even more depressed. If people were to know all the types of success they have achieved, they can understand that they have meaning or can still try to search for their calling. Everyone should care about success because not only does it help you, it can affect another as well.

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