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The Elements Of Successful Family

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“Only 46% of American kids now live in a “traditional family” – defined as a home with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage. In 1973, 73% of U.S. children lived in such families.” stated in the book Rereading America Tenth Edition. It has been proven that no family is perfect, no matter what image they are portraying for their audience. Families in the early ages of time were considered perfect when they met the requirements of having a traditional family. There are various ingredients that construct families into being effective, resilient, and happy even if the family is a non-traditional family in society’s eyes. The following ingredients in a family are being able to communicate, love, and support one another. Important facts that can be retained of the two resources provided are that the first text wanted an unrealistic family in their home. The narrative did not comprehend all that were given to him. The second text explained a family discussing yet, then having a positive outlook, but later stating many more examples of families.

Gary Soto was a young Mexican American boy who wanted a perfect family. Knowing there is no perfect family out in the world the best way to define a family is not by categorizing those on how many are included, the amount of wealth they carry or who specifically is counted in the family itself. In Looking for Work, Gary Soto dreams to gain money in order to live like the family in Father Knows Best. Family is to be defined as a heartwarming group of people who care for each other.

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The first key ingredient of having not necessarily a successful family, but one that is nurturing to the heart is communication. This element, people do not believe is essential until it destroys one’s family. Everyone in the household should communicate and verbally speak to each other about problems or even to chat for entertainment. In the article titled The Stories that Bind Us the reader is given a family at a dinner table. A turn around occurs when one family member commits an action that results in arguments across the room. Although it was an argument one family member saw this as them having a stronger bond. This family had their way of communicating with each other. Communication holds a family together by progressing the relationship further.

Another component that makes a family resilient and happy is providing love. Feeling, this ties a lot of emotion together between people. Love can provide kindness to the heart and improve the person’s personality as a human being. When one does not have a loving family one does not have the brightest intellectual mind when handling their own in the future. Family is a combination of hearts brought together even when there are difficulties being challenged. Love in families is divergently being shown every day. Examples would be doing chores without force of action or simply screaming, but only to prove one loves the person deeply.

Lastly in order to have an effective family, everyone needs to support the decisions being made for any relating humane scenario in life. When it comes to important decision making, the person goes straight to their family to ask for support and opinions. Having family support is like having an elderly man’s worn out back replaced for a stronger one. Supporting a family member brings a bit of pressure off them and they lose fear of becoming confident. When difficulties come face to face with the family, everyone should be able to assist and stick together until the best is to come. Overall within the two sources provided it can be declared that family is a unique bond that holds people together differently around the world. There are several factors that can be used to make a family effective, resilient, and happy. According to The Stories that Bind Us, “The ones who know a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges” this is where communication, love, and support takes hold in the family. Another key ingredient that should be additionally added is being able to tell the truth and know that families are not perfect but can be preserved for the better.

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