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The Correlation Between Success And Failure

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Success normally envisaged the core element every human being reckoning to achieve in life. It is not a cake walk to shoot in one day. It requires doing toughest and unlikeable things to do in life. Ceasing discomfort opens path to success example PM of India sleeps just five hours. This is a perfect example of coming out of comfort zone. There are many more examples you can draw by looking around the globe. The inspiration can be taken from a common man to celebrity.


Success in broader terms is doing difficult task frequently. You cannot be an achiever in first attempt. Anything easily achieved cannot be a success in real terms because it may or may not be perennial. Success is achieved on the basis of piles of milestones, sweat, efforts and with self-discipline of an individual. And this is built partially in a daunting professional atmosphere.We live in the world where our work is judged in blink of eyes to be a success or a failure.

But ever wondered if every company every organization is looking for successful and skillful personnel than where will the rest of the human race go. These are surely looking for god in humans. I quote “ There is a skill in every human on this earth depending upon talent that remains shed”. Like for example a person working as an engineer might be targeted as a failure for his performance professionally. But that person again I am quoting that person can be a good painter digged in his hidden caliber. Ironically this skill is sometimes unknown to him whole life. As he kept himself stuck in his engineering career where he is tagged as a failure. His impetus declines and company eventually fired him tagging him as a misfit. This puts a psychological effect on that person as he starts believing himself as a failure that he is not for sure.

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Failure is a lesson to grow up more powerfully. It’s a rehearsal for success making you vigilant of your steps to follow-up. Normally you take failure as a disappointment and discouragement of life. You tend to feel yourself worthless and a non-achiever. You start skipping personal meets socially because of your non-achievements in life. Failure can also be termed as a struggle period looking for success. The more this period expands your self-confidence and self-esteem declines. Failure can make you or break you as this is the testing tool of your courage. It also sometimes results in depression in some of you- a chronic disease. It is a reality check of your mental and emotional strength like how you tackle and respond to adverse conditions. You might be facing rejections on a professional or personal level making you feel in a prism of mess. It might seem end of life for you at times but it’s not.

Life is bigger picture to move on. Failure is a blessing to make you grow strong. The point here is to come out of failure by turning it into success. You need to tell it to yourself that ok it’s not going to be an easy task for yourself. But trying and putting effort is always better than sitting like a rotten vegetable. This is a shell you need to break and no one else is going to do this for you. You need to insight your strengths, what you like the most to do. This could emerge a skill a direction for you to move forward reaping into success. You need to have bunch or even tons of patience for your goal. Every successful person was once a beginner. I quote “Foundation of a palace once started with a small brick “. Just in the same place where you might by seeing yourself to take a step further. You need to have trust in yourself no matter how many rejections you encounter with. Keep going no matter your age, qualification, and situations. Sincere efforts are better than casual actions.

These words of mine may seem elf to you or rather very rare. But I hope it makes sense to many of those struggling with your failures eventually serve as median to success.

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