Why Failure Is Key Of Success

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We always celebrate winning with the people we love but forced to face failure alone. We reached the point where we can't accept failure because we are afraid of shame. We forget that accepting failure is an important part of learning. Failure can vary from one person to another and from one personality to another. It depends on the responsibilities a person has, as well as the age of the person. The definition of failure changed multiple times throughout my life, and it will change more when I become more mature and have more responsibilities. When I was young for example, I was ashamed of myself in front of my friends if I didn't own the full barbie collection. Now I feel ashamed of myself whenever I put my self down because of people's judgments and opinions. I keep convincing myself that people's comments should not matter. I also feel ashamed when I am not able to arrange my time correctly. When I am not able to attend certain activity because of my time management issue, I consider myself a failure because I was not able to learn something new and helpful. Every person must have his/her own terms of failure regardless of society’s traditions and religion.

The reaction towards failure varies from one person to another. Some people learn from their mistakes and move on. They use failure as an opportunity to fix their mistakes. While others go through depression and disappointment. Humans were not born to be perfect. Some people must memorize that by heart. It is normal for us to do mistakes, even its abnormal if we don’t. Whenever I fail, I write down on a piece of paper a list of the wrong things I did. I keep reminding myself not to do them again. For example, I have a driving test soon, so I wrote down the things I do wrong when I drive to make sure I won't repeat them in the driving test.

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Sometimes its good to feel “ashamed” a little of yourself. And I stress the words “little”. This might be a motive for you to do better next time. Especially if the matter you are working on or going through is very serious and life-changing, but you must keep in mind that there are bad consequencing concerning the feeling of being a failure. You will no longer be open to new challenges. You will stop learning new things. You will even stop trying becuase you are afraid of failing. All of these actions will make an unnseccessful human being who will do nothing to change the problems in the society.

As I mentioned before, some people use failure as a motive to start a new beggining. It allows people to change their ways of thinking. It also causes people to change their perspectives. Most importantly it increases self-esteem. People will be encouraged to try new things. It makes stronger personalities. I noticed personally that whenever I announced my failure to family and friends I became careless of what people think about me making my personality stronger.

As a result, we need failure in our life in order to succeed, but we must understand that failure is not the end of the world. Ironically its just the beginning of a new life. We need youths who are not afraid of failure in order to achieve the accomplishments needed to make a better society.

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