Participation in the Army ROTC Program: Essay

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When I took the NSTP online course, when the first chapter of the program began, I learned that NSTP is a program designed to promote youth civic awareness and safety readiness. Fostering a culture of responsibility and patriotism in the training and preparation process. I also learned that NSTP has different components for students to choose from. It depends on the student's choice; it will determine which service project the student wishes to participate in. There are three programs: the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), the Literacy Training Service (LTS), and the Citizen Welfare Training Service (CWTS). I learned that the Philippine Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is one of the three components of the National Service Training Program, Civic Education, and Defense Preparation Program for Filipino college students. ROTC aims to provide students with military education and training to mobilize them to prepare for national defense. Its specific goals include preparing college students to serve in the Philippine Armed Forces in emergency situations and training them to become reserve personnel and potential AFP-appointed officers. Therefore, I chose ROTC programs because they provide important opportunities and benefits for students.

ROTC participants received valuable training and financial support to support their education. In addition, there is the golden rule, which involves selfless service, i.e. putting the welfare of the country, unity, and subordinates above self-interest, honor, i.e. adhering to all values, and integrity, i.e. doing what is right, legal and ethical.

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Taking virtual courses online within the ROTC scheduled time is exciting because designated students will discuss the new course with students, and at the end of the course meeting, designated students will provide credits to students who are still present, and the Se will discuss the class, at the same time I also write notes for better understanding. For example, drug education is very important for students, if they understand what is happening, they will handle things better. In addition to maintaining a healthy external relationship, you should start talking to them about the dangers of drug use from an early age, the sooner the better. Another lesson in the first semester is about disaster risk reduction and management awareness. Safety is very important. Disaster risk reduction aims to reduce the vulnerability and impact of school disasters and prepare teachers and students for possible disasters, thereby reducing influences. Said disaster. Another lesson is between truth and lies: Puksain mga Salot sa Pagbabangon, a virtual forum is about the Balik-Loob Task Force signed by President Duterte. The government believes that all Filipinos are entitled to a second chance, especially those who have accepted the occupation rebel movement. Therefore, terrorist acts are a form of war that affects the lives of many Filipinos. Instead of taking action against the government, we Filipinos should emulate them for the peace and order of our country, because CCP-NPA-NDF is not a solution to our social problems, and my online learning experience is different from mine. I used to. However, I prefer to experience military cadet training on the school campus, because it allows me to ask questions when I need to experience physical training, and it is much more effective than online learning.

By participating in the ROTC program, we can learn to protect ourselves and help strangers. We can also learn to respect and discipline ourselves. Furthermore, we can also learn to respect others and understand the rights of all. In addition to acquiring advanced knowledge, we also benefit from it and can ensure our safety. As students, we can help and protect ourselves from strangers and others.

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