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Essay on Online Classes

Policy on online classes Introduction: Online education in Punjab was discussed by the Punjab Higher Education Commission in March as the Covid-19 had left its cracks everywhere in Pakistan on surface and far deeper. Covid-19 is not a global public health concern but also a political, economic, and educational one. Number of the meetings were held by PHEC to discuss this issue in order to come up with suitable guidelines to overcome the educational difficulties raised by the deadly disease...
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Course Reflection

Course Reflection on Psychology 201 As I reflect on the class as a whole I realize that I have a very neutral point of view of the class. I see it as neither good or bad. I normally enjoy psychology as a whole and find it quite fascinating to learn about how or brain works and the causes of our behaviors. On the other hand though, I really dislike classes that are online. Besides that, chapter 12 really stands out...
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Essay about Online Learning

Effectiveness of Online Learning The concept of online learning has already existed since 1999 when the phrase was first used in a lecture on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs. Subhashi (2008) further defined that “Online learning is any learning experience or environment that depends on the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW) as the main medium in communication and presentation”. E-learning has developed mostly due to the advent of the internet throughout the mid-20th century. Many researchers believe that the...
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Argumentative Essay about Online Learning

Introduction Hook: Everything seems to be migrating online these days. Our learning is also migrating to the internet. Connecting Statement: Traditional education allows you to choose the curriculum of your dreams, but it will require you to go away from home, live in an unfamiliar location, and compete in a very competitive learning environment. You may enroll in any degree or course offered by traditional four-year institutions through online education. Thesis Statement: The advantages of online learning might be more...
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Marketing Report on Introduction of New Online Courses

Eli Gladstone and Eric Silverberg are the two co-founders of Speaker Labs. They are aiming to reach $1 million in sales and a 9.6 satisfaction rating from their customers in fiscal year 2019. To reach their goals, they must decide on a new promotion strategy and decide whether or not to introduce a new service such as different workshop topics or online courses to their customers. To reach their goals, Speaker Labs should introduce a new online course containing the...
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Disengagement in Online Learning: Analytical Essay

Online education witnessed rapid growth over the past decade. According to The Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (2018), more than two-thirds of Canadian higher education institutions offer online courses. In 2018, roughly one in five Canadian students are taking at least one online course for credit. Furthermore, 74% of institutions expected online registration to increase in the future and almost all institutions mentioned that the main advantage of online education is improved students’ access. As a result of this growth,...
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Online Education Essay

Introduction Online education, often referred to as e-learning, web-based learning, virtual learning or online learning has been around for over a decade. Since the covid-19 pandemic hit a couple of years ago, there has been a rapid increase in the use and acceptance of online education. Furthermore, online education has always been associated with higher institutions until recently when we see online education taking shape in primary and secondary schools across the globe due to the pandemic. There are several...
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Online Courses Versus Face-to-face Lecture Courses: Comparative Analysis

Should online courses replace face-to-face lecture courses? Education is important in society because it helps individuals develop socially and economically. Society takes education as an important aspect because it assists individuals have new skills that will have a huge impact in the daily lives of people. It is important to note that education changes the lives of individuals. Delivery of education gives individuals a different perspective in life, which changes our attitude towards life. There is a need to note...
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My Online Course Experience

I never imagined that by the development of technology virtual meeting, conferences and online classes is one of the way to connect people from different countries. Teacher and students from different countries enrolled in same college share their knowledge and experience by virtual online classes by the help of Internet and media. In today’s society online courses are widely used in colleges providing easy access to course materials, classroom discussions and feedback to instructors. The course materials and activities may...
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Online Learning as Meaningful Life Learning

Who wouldn’t want to be able to go to class at any time without having to commute? Online courses have been getting more and more popular due to how convenient they are. Students can choose when and where to complete the course while working towards their degree. As long as students have Internet access, they can access and complete course requirements. Online students must be responsible and self-motivated to benefit from freedoms of online classes. Online classes have a considerable...
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Benefits of Online Courses for Students

An online course refers to the course or medium of content that is provided to anyone irrespective of their age through a digital platform. Nowadays, these online courses have become important for the ones who are seeking job opportunities in accordance to some prescribed professional skills. Students are required to be familiar and well versed with the usage and applications of technology. The advancements in Information Technology (IT) has actually opened the way for students to shift from their traditional...
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Massive Open Online Courses As a Modern Form of Distance Education: Analytical Essay

Abstract Distance education has proven its advantages over time as a form of learning that overcomes geographical and time barriers. Massive Open Online Courses are a modern form of distance education that creates prerequisites for life-long learning. The purpose of the current work is to investigate the nature, distinctive features, and models of Massive Open Online Courses. The main elements of the courses, which are provided to learners through learning platforms, are systematized. Keywords: Massive open online courses, distance education,...
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Impact of Online Courses in Business Education in Higher Education System: A Qualitative Case Study Approach

Abstract The purpose of the present study is to explore how people gain chance in online business education, who has an administrative role in their profession and differ on levels of skills social skills, motivation, and satisfaction. This study probe how soft skills elements result online business education, favorable outcome in teaching environment. The Data has been collected from variety of different sources through video-recorded interviews and written comments found interviews using a social network. Samples include students, teacher, and...
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