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INTRODUCTION: Throughout my first semester of college,I have learned much more than I anticipated.I gained a lot of knowledge about software development life cycles which will surely come in handy in developing my future career. My undergraduate college experience has been an innovative process.I first entered Patan college for professional studies back in September 2019 with a goal in my mind to become a software engineer.So, I took the course of Bsc(hons) in Computer science and software engineering which I...
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There are three different types on learning styles, these are: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. They are all quite different and everyone has their own preference will in a learning environment. Some people might find more than one Style helpful for themselves while others might struggle to learn from any of these styles. A visual learner will learn well by watching demonstrations on the topic. They tend to have neater handwriting at a younger age, spacing and neatness are top priority...
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INTRODUCTION Every Human without noticing is learning things through whole life from being a little child end ending as a student this period can be called as active period of learning then follows the passive learning period when any adult is learning from seeing things hearing things, touching, doing, and many any other. all this can be called as a learning styles or tactics strategies etc. Which can be applied in a learning process at any time and everywhere. Main...
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Abstract In this case study, we assessed the effects of learning styles in online education and how they impact students’ academic success based on gender. Online learning is a contemporary concept in which ideas, models and traditional teachings have changed. Since learning styles are controverted and the existence of the latest research has been undermined, we examined how learning style affects the learners ' academic achievements in online lessons and gender-specific environments. However, many learners still think that learning styles...
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Intro In badminton I aim to be able to optimise my personal performance. In this folio, I will do this by devising a tactical strategy to enhance my gameplay. I will also implement two movement strategies into my gameplay; ‘force the opponent to the baseline or net at the start of a rally’ and ‘hit the shuttle from the attackers front court into the rear court of the opponent’, to provide further gameplay strategy. In this folio, I will also...
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The researcher had reviewed that various learning techniques were discovered and understood around the year 1892 and was most likely used by Thelen (Fatt, 2000). The initial impression of learning styles was focused upon David Kolb’s theories (Fatt, 2000). This is where is states Kolb saw learning as a circular process where learning is viewed as a series of experiences with cognitive additions: concrete experience, reflection and observation, abstract concepts and generalizations, and active experimentation” (2000, p. 32). It was...
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Sir Ken Robinson is a British author and speaker who took the TED Talk stage to speak about how the culture of American education contradicts three things that help humans and human life thrive. Those three things outlined in his TED Talk are diversity, curiosity and creativity. In his speech, he talked about gaps in the American education system, and the importance of individualized learning within schools. He also mentioned that it is important to value teachers and to think...
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I’m a freshman at Stockton University in my first semester of college. As an eighteen-year-old with three younger siblings, I’m held to a lot of responsibility and accountability in how I do at school and in my regular daily life. I’m currently majoring in business management but have a feeling that I will most likely switch my major going into my sophomore year to communications. I chose to go to college because I’m the first in my family to go...
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Abstract According to WHO Wellness is state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The proper understanding of the value of education is way to bring desired effect and drastic change in the social life. The new challenges of this postmodern era with the advent of information technology can be coping up with respect to physical, emotional, psychological social, financial, intellectual development of an individual. Feeling well-being is fundamental for the...
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Defensive steering is essential to be implied to keen drivers in building a safe learning experience. Despite the basic steering skills, many drivers basically get into trouble for not being skilled in defensive driving. There is always a requirement for individuals to learn more regarding steering, this enables them to enhance their skills regarding secure steering. Driving schools in Calgary provide steering tactics to enhance confidence after the notice provision from the court. These institutes are administered from courts. Hence...
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Nature has given us many priceless gifts in the form of renewable and non-renewable sources. Renewable sources will never perish from the earth but non-renewable sources need to be preserved otherwise there will be no trace of these sources on this planet. On the other hand, renewable sources also need due care because even if they will not perish from our earth then also if they get polluted then it will be very harmful to the planet. There are many...
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What type of learner are you? According to my Learning Style Questionnaire results, I have a strong preference for reflective nature. What does this mean for me? Being a reflective person means that I consider many alternatives and perspectives before I come to a decision. It means that I am a good listener and consider other people’s opinions before stating my own thoughts. And when I act, it has been well thought through, considering the past, present, and other’s viewpoints...
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