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An Essay Explaining the Best Way to Learn New Things

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Nature has given us many priceless gifts in the form of renewable and non-renewable sources. Renewable sources will never perish from the earth but non-renewable sources need to be preserved otherwise there will be no trace of these sources on this planet. On the other hand, renewable sources also need due care because even if they will not perish from our earth then also if they get polluted then it will be very harmful to the planet.

There are many programs initiated by many businesses like CUTCO to save the environment because saving the environment will surely result in monetary benefits for the business but also provide a healthy atmosphere to future generations. Hence, if organizations like CUTCO take steps like these to save the environment then one can predict a healthier planet in the future. CUTCO saved the environment by saving electricity, paper waste, and another type of pollution were also controlled by CUTCO. These all resulted in a high profit for the company but also sacred the planet which is shared by all flora and fauna. This company also improved the products that needed to be used by consumers to save the atmosphere. They spent their time and effort on this agenda. So, this can be termed greenwashing according to the basic case file.

Going green means adopting practices that result in no harm to the planet and instead result in saving the earth. It is clear no harm is equal to benefit. This is in the favour of future generations. For the going green practice, some companies launch green products for example LED lights which are brought by green customers mean by the people who want to save the planet. So, a single effort results in a lot of benefits to the planet. A customer who prefers to buy green products even if the price is high is a green consumer. Accordingly, they are able to make a profit, also improving a company’s image. For example, green-product account for 79% of the company’s

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total increased revenue in 2018 from Unilever on examination. Hence, green means preserving, and washing means hiding. In critique, it can be said that greenwashing means not doing activities to save the planet but pretending to do these favors to the planet. For example, AJM Packaging practiced by using the false symbol of recycling. Many efforts are made to save this beautiful planet but it deserves more. Like in Canada everyone is concerned about the planet.

There are more steps that could be taken to save this planet working from home will result in less travel that could save the non-renewable energy of fuel. The steps like keeping garbage bins in the locality can help to keep the climate clean, public transport should be given priority to save the earth because it will result in less use of fuel as many people could travel by the same vehicle. Many companies keep their computers turned on all the time if they turn off these computers when not in use can save a lot of energy as there are a lot of companies of this kind. In overview, there are so many efforts that could be taken to save the environment. These even do not cost anything.

In the nutshell, going green should be promoted by all businesses instead they should stay away from greenwashing as there are a lot of laws that prevent companies and other businesses to reduce greenwashing but these laws are some kind of thing which is not made familiar to everyone. Efforts are needed to make everyone familiar with these laws including fines and penalties. Going green needs to be popularised in the whole world because this can be a great step to saving this planet. In the future, this could prove to be a more effective way to save the earth if practiced by all businesses. More efforts and means should be introduced to cover this giant leap of going green.

We learned a lot of new things while doing the critique for the CUTCO’s case as this is the best way to learn new things. Many things that were not in our mind while doing this case are present in this case that we critiqued. I hope our case also helped another group to learn new things about saving the environment as this is the major concern of this time. If we came to know about the new ways to save the planet then it is surely going to give a great benefit. We all enjoyed a lot in this activity and learned to work in a group with more efficiency.

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