Cause and Effect Essay on Online Classes

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Assignment deadlines, holding down a job, upcoming exams, etc. can be very difficult for students to balance, causing many of them to register for online courses. Online classes were first introduced in 2014 and have been a popular source of education since; they provide students the amenity to access courses at their convenience. Student’s chaotic lives cause them to undertake online classes; the effects can hurt students’ grades due to the lack of directness, impair a student’s integrity with easier access to cheat, and balance priorities by learning time management skills.

Online classes cannot provide the same intimate learning environment that in-person teaching can. An on-campus course helps students better retain information and they are forced to pay attention, unlike an online course. The average age of college students is 18-24; at this age, adolescence has a very short attention span. This becomes a dilemma when students are taking online classes, due to the lack of directness, which generates difficulty for students to focus and effectively get their work done. Lack of time and effort can cause students to miss deadlines, not do homework, and not study; this can cause them to fall behind and hurt their grades.

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There is a greater chance of cheating in online courses because students have no active supervision when taking the course. Cheating gives an unfair advantage, and the grades received aren’t earned justly. In addition, participating in this atrocious act can lead to consequences that can jeopardize a student’s permanent record and corrupt one’s integrity. By doing this, students aren’t learning vital material; only hurting themselves.

However, taking an online class can also be beneficial for students; in an era where people struggle to deal with their priorities efficiently. Taking online courses can provide stability and order in a student’s daily life. Online classes give students the opportunity to work at their convenience, allowing them to be able to put their full effort into the class. It can improve their grades not only for the online course but for their other classes as well; these classes give students the flexibility to balance their priorities and provide assistance in bettering their time management ability.

In conclusion, students take online courses to implement ease and flexibility into their overwhelming lives. The effects of these classes can damage student’s grades, due to the lack of intimacy; this leads to less effort and focus on schoolwork. The absence of supervision presents a predominant influence to cheat, it can corrupt their morals by earning them a grade they didn’t merit. Yet students can also profit from taking online classes because they provide flexibility to ensure balance in their lives and can teach them effective time management skills. Taking an online course will provide barriers for students (distractions, cheating, etc.) as well as, opportunities (flexible schedule, improved time management skills); conclusively the effects depend on the specific student’s dedication to the class.

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