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Teamwork might be defined in simple words as a group of people who work together in a team to achieve a goal or work most effectively. I had the opportunity to evaluate its benefits during the last module of my studies and in this essay I am going to share my experience.

Our module BUS156 focused on sustainability, social justice, and good governance as the three main challenges during the time of COVID-19. While working together in a team, I developed good research and analytical skills that made my work effective and efficient, and I learned how to function together as a team wherein I acquired knowledge from other teammates as well.

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The joint effort proved to be effective as during our group sessions we discussed and learned interesting facts on COVID-19 and the effects it has on the environment and businesses. I worked collaboratively with all the students, and we had a proper division of work along with working on Microsoft Teams. We used to meet for around forty-five minutes to discuss, analyze, and develop points for arguments. I focused on learning about the problems and understanding them, which enhanced my creativity and critical thinking. The designated groups were small, allowing all of us to think, share opinions, and scrutinize every possible aspect of the challenge. Among the group, we decided to distribute the work so that everyone gets a chance to present their opinion and contribute properly to the work.

The advantages this group work provided me were that I learned how a team works to accomplish a common goal, how work is distributed among members, and how to learn from each other's mistakes. This helped me develop a lot of skills that I will use in future endeavors. In our first challenge (sustainability), we had too much on our first page of the presentation that was not correct, and in the referencing and bibliography section, we did not change the format and left inserting citations, but we kept on improving until reached the third challenge (good governance) where we were fully focused and determined to give our best.

For some people, it was new to work in a team which created problems and clashes within the team. Some teammates thought they were correct in the argument that they made without providing any evidence, on the other hand, I presented a different idea from my expertise for the team to work efficiently that later proved fruitful. We realized that we needed someone who could lead the team, and this helped us later in our other two challenges, where work was distributed in such a way that there were no clashes and mutual deadlines were set for the work to be completed on time. We would even fix a time to conduct a meeting on teams to have better communication and understanding regarding the challenges. We used to practice our presentation beforehand to complete our work in under five minutes, as we were told beforehand. Furthermore, we nominated a person from our group who would talk and lead the presentation.

My opinions and ideas were helpful for the team's success, I also kept in mind that we should stick to the points which were relevant to the topic. I equally participated and contributed my part of the work to the team, which helped our group a lot while presenting the final presentation. At times, we all did not relate to each other's perceptions at an equal level and even cross-questioned each other so that we could come up with better ideas, which I am sure helped us cope a lot.

After all, my experience of working in a group was that it helped me get good exposure. By acquiring better insights, I improved my power of thinking and developed good communication skills. In other terms, I enhanced most of the skills that I thought to improve on from my peers, and I gained a lot of knowledge while working on these challenges.

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