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Difficulties Encountered In Coordinating Teamwork

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The most common problem students are dealing in teamwork coordination is lack of contribution of team members. For example, some members tend to remain silent and do not participate in tasks with full commitment. This is due to the fact that delegating unfair mark on workload contribution (Labeouf., Griffith &Roberts, 2016, p.18). When a group submits their work, all the members get the same mark regardless of their contribution. So, students resort in taking advantage of this marking system. Students who have contributed more is unfairly disadvantaged by those who did not perform well in group work. Hand in hand, this situation forms free riders in teamwork process (Bovees&Thill, 2014, p.512).Students do not like to contribute in teamwork based project because of these free riders. Free riders do not give their full commitment in team works. They just get benefits from the effort of other members. Based on (Bushe&Chu, 2011, p.186), students are facing difficulties in expressing true opinions. In this case students give less contribution to the team. They are less confident and lack of skills which make them hesitate to speak out their mind. Students should have the belief that they will not be punished if they make a mistake to overcome the problem in expressing opinions.

Continuously, students encounter difficulties in coordinating teamwork because teamwork is not effective in online environment. Information technology has become a big part of student’s life. Therefore, they have started to work in groups virtually. So, teamwork is now hindered by complicated and unreliable technology, insufficient transfer speed and limitation on understudy get to internet (Karin, 2011, p.3). Online teamwork totally depends on the internet. Students get in trouble in the process of finishing a group project when insufficient accessibility occurs. Based on (Karin, 2011, p.3), the given task cannot be completed earlier because of the lack of communication in online teamwork. They suffer to exchange ideas when a slow internet connection takes place. Students could not receive or share the details completely. This creates misunderstanding and delays the project work. Students find confronting and collaborating to be difficult as there are high chances that the students will not see each other face to face.face to face (Karin, 2011, p.3). Online team members only communicate once in a while for discussions and get disconnected. Such case brings no bonding among team members. At the same time, it makes the teamwork unproductive.

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Next, students essentially do not like group works. Students understudies favor work independently (Daft, 2012, p.511). Because some give less collaboration in groups and it is hard to find out who is participating and who is not participating. So, they prefer working independently. Students does not enjoy the process of working in group works. They feel anxious, shy and introverted to work in group (Labeouf., Griffith&Roberts, 2016, p.17).Students who are Introverted and shy usually do not voice out or remain silent during teamwork. They feel nervous and awkward to share their thoughts and idea. In this case, discussions and meetings become harder and the work left undone. Based on (Bovee&Thill, 2014, p.72), students dislike working in groups because they thinks that it is waste of time. Group tasks needs cooperation, performance, presence and collaboration of all team members. It takes quite long time to be completed due to lack of collaboration and busy schedules. Some members do not collaborate well and some might be work slowly. Students should wait until other’s part is done to finish a group task. Team work is consuming a lot of time. Thus, students does not interested to be involved in team works.

In addition, students suffer to coordinate teamwork because different people have different style of working (Witt, 2011, p.12). Some students are loud and outgoing person. On the other hand, some students are quiet and need a little time to open up. Various type of personality may lead to conflict and arguments in a group. Based on (Bearmen, Owen, Brooks&Grunwald, 2013, p.6), discussion and disagreements will slow down the problem solving process. This can delay the group works. Each students have different ability and skills. Lack of understanding of skill and abilities of people also can lead to conflicts in team work. Team members should understand the potential of all the members and divide the work according to their ability. Existence of cultural difference can also disturbs the work process (Bearmen, Owen, Brooks&Grunwald, 2013, p.6). A team consists of members from various country, religion and family background. The reason team members struggles working in multicultural team is because they do not aware of cultural difference. They behave or talk in improper way without knowing it can hurt a person from different culture. Students should try to understand the culture of their team member to avoid problems.

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