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Role of Communication in Malaria Control in Africa

In April 2000, 50 malaria-afflicted African countries signed the Abuja Declaration, and agreed to achieve the following targets by 2005: 60% of those suffering from malaria will have prompt access to appropriate and affordable treatment within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms 60% of pregnant women and children under five will sleep under insectide-treated nets or use other appropriate and affordable means of protection from malaria 60% of pregnant women at risk of malaria, especially those in their first...
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Models Of Collaboration And Current Work Environment

The two models of collaboration that will be reviewed are collective impact and collaboration networks. The collective impact model is a framework for social change. Collaboration networks can drive value creation (Camarinha-Matos & Afsarmanesh, 2006). Collective impact is the pledge of a group of important members from different divisions to finding a common agenda for solving a specific social issue (Kania & Kramer, 2011). There are five components of the collective impact strategy. The components are a common agenda, shared...
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Multicultural Collaboration And Its Significance

Multicultural collaboration is situation where people from diverse cultures get together and work as an organization. They share common motives. They have common purpose and goals. They crate harmony between each other to work as an organization for long period of time. There are many example in present world of multicultural collaboration like CPEC (Pak-China economic corridor) a business collaboration between Pakistan and China and NATO a military alliance between European countries and America. There are some terms which are...
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What Is Collaboration And Why Is It Important?

Collaborative practice has increasingly become vital to how we do everything in the twenty-first century. According to Laal, Kermanshahi, and Laal (2012), in the current century, there is an increased necessity, in society, to reason and join forces on issues of serious concern, shifting the emphasis to group work from individual efforts. Specifically, collaboration is the working together of organizations or persons to deal with problems and deliver results, which are not effectively or easily attained by working single-handedly. As...
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Collaboration in Healthcare: Barriers And Effectiveness

Collaborative work including delivering more innovative resolutions to complex issues, reducing repetition of efforts, is an all-encompassing composition that can take on numerous forms (Marek, Brock, & Savla, 2015; Salignac, Marjolin, Noone, & Carey, 2019). Failure is prevalent in collaboration, but successful collaboration can be achieved (Marek et al., 2015). Evaluation of successful teams allows necessary changes to be made in a timely manner to meet the expected outcomes (Marek et al., 2015). The purpose of this paper is to...
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Benefits Of Collaboration In International Environment

As the world gets smaller and smaller due to globalization and technological advancements, countries and companies have access to the global market with a wide range of collaboration opportunities. Heidelberg (2004) defines that “Collaboration in the organizational context is the effort made by two or more organizations to achieve results that they cannot achieve working by themselves”. Countries being more liberal and open towards their trade policies indulge in importation and exportation of goods and services. This paved the way...
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Collaboration: Case Study Of Flood In 2018

Introduction The flood started on the 8th of August 2018 and ended on the 30th of August 2018. The main dilemma was that the dam was not opened so as days went the rain started and the dam got filled . Then this got into a huge topic to alert the other districts as they were also under threat. So in this report we are going to see the perspectives of the other countries and responses of the nation. Global...
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Collaboration and Management In ICT Sphere: Reflection Essay

Self-Reflection All the opportunities for business growth in the current world evolve around technology. Everyone working with technology has to be aware of the challenges that come with it. One of the main challenges that come with digitalization and e-commerce is dealing with security issues. However, most people think of hacking whenever cybersecurity is mentioned. But the truth is businesses are vulnerable in different dimensions. Other security concerns include unprecedented cyber espionage and data theft. Regardless of the intensity, the...
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Communication and Collaboration Development: Applications and Limitation

Introduction Gravitational waves (GWs) travel at the speed of light and are caused by a disturbance in spacetime by an accelerated mass.[footnoteRef:2] The idea of these waves was first suggested by French theoretical physicist Henri Poincare in 1905, and later predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916.[footnoteRef:3] For many years the existence of these waves was unproven. The evidence for the gravitational wave theory was finally proven to be true in 2015 by a laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatory (LIGO).[footnoteRef:4] Many different...
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Building Information Modelling for Collaboration

1. Introduction In AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry construction process is a vast course that includes different phases under it. Interdisciplinary teamwork has traditionally revolved around the distribution of 2D drawings and documents in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, until recently collaborative practices remained 2D-Based (Singh, Gu and Wang, 2011). Numerous individuals in professional have differentiated collaborative work within the team of consultants and contractors as a working technique that can enable corporations to become more competitive...
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Interprofessional Collaboration In Patient Care

Interprofessional collaboration is essential in ensuring that efficient and high-quality care is provided to all patients. Regardless of the environment or specific discipline, all involved healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, must work together with the patient to maximize care and reach treatment goals. When successful interprofessional collaboration is exemplified, the patient benefits in numerous ways. There are three essential benefits of interprofessional collaboration in patient care and overall physical recovery: high quality, transparent care with optimal outcomes; increased patient safety;...
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Social Science vs. Natural Science

The objects of social research and scientific are different. Specifically, social science is based on people and society while scientific is research on inorganic or organic matter. The former is expected to help us build a deeper understanding of humility and comprehension of the human behaviors and our society in a systematic, multi-level and scientific method while the purpose of the latter is to discover universal rules. (Hofman in his article Prediction and explanation in social systems argued that “There...
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Closing the Achievement Gap of Vocabulary and Literacy Skills for ELLs through Collaboration and Inquiry

Abstract The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not collaboration through inquiry-based learning can help ELLs increase vocabulary and literacy skills in order to close the reading achievement gap. A mixed methods design was used with triangulation, using a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews to determine the themes in the qualitative data and frequencies and percentages were used in quantitative data. Some implications to help increase vocabulary and literacy skills would be: for the district- to provide ideas...
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