Collaboration: Case Study Of Flood In 2018

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The flood started on the 8th of August 2018 and ended on the 30th of August 2018. The main dilemma was that the dam was not opened so as days went the rain started and the dam got filled . Then this got into a huge topic to alert the other districts as they were also under threat. So in this report we are going to see the perspectives of the other countries and responses of the nation.

Global Perspective

This leading problem in India was spread to the world. The perspective of the globe was that the monsoon rain started and flooded the Western part of India. According to the research 13 out of the 14 districts in Kerala was affected. More than 40,000 houses were damaged . But this subject was not brought out to all the countries and never gave their opinion. Only some countries like UAE. But this was just news for the other parts of countries. But this was a very important issue in overall India.

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United Arabia Emirates had a conversation with the Indian Prime Minister about the Kerala flood which took place. They also had a conversation about offering donation to Kerala. The donation UAE planned to give was Rs 700 cores. But the prime minister rejected it so UAE did not have any idea to help India. So UAE published a poster about helping Kerala. Most of the campaigns in UAE were sent to Kerala to help the people. The prime minister of UAE told that UAE is known as Indian people.

National Perspective

This flood was caused by the heavy monsoon rain which fell in Kerala. As well all the dams in Kerala was closed all these years without distributing water to other districts. By the time the rain fell about 256% more than the usual rain. So by the 9th Of August, it filled and covered almost the 13 districts. So for the first time the dam was opened to get rid of the flood. More than 430 people died, 14 people missing in the flood and more than 1500 houses were destroyed. So big destruction was held. So to help Kerala, the cities in India got together and offered the Kerala government 212 cores (US $ 30 million) to help the people with all the needs.

Different Perspective

The comparison between global and National perspectives there are many differences than similarities. The similarity was this news was a breaking/ flash news in Asia in one minute and India’s top flash news. The difference are that in other countries it is just news but in India, it is very important moment to help that district to come out from that disaster and also it can give some water for some district. This was the 2nd time it is flooding in Kerala.


This disaster was caused by rain. Kerala has about 35 out of 36 dams are not open at all , because of this many districts in the western side do not have water at all. As lots of rain fell the dams got filled and cause a massive landslide. Roads and homes were no more after this destruction. About 357 people lost their lives. Roughly 906,400 hectares of crops were no more. More than Rs 19,512 cores used and it was a loss for Kerala. The water was until the people`s neck. But more than 9 districts were facing the flood. The southern government had an idea of offering them 2 cores. Even the Delhi government offered them 1 core. As all districts collaborated it was easy for Kerala to get out the catastrophe.


Actually Kerala was already facing a problem of rain. So day by day the problem became worse. A red alert was given to 14 districts. But like one day you will earn the problem came up and made the disaster. It started with a landslide. Then later the big blow of flood attacked Kerala. This attack was unexpected for the whole India. Landslides were caused so many houses and other buildings were destroyed. But later it took more than 15 to 20 days to get rid of the flood and other disasters.

Problem Solving

The solution was the districts getting together and helping by giving the amount for them to help them out. Then the government organized helping camps to help the people suffering. The Kerala army also got inside worked to their level best to save the people. But still they were unable to save about 430 people they saved the rest of the people. They also used helicopters to take people safe to another place. Public in Kerala helped their people to be safe. The saved public has to stay in the camp until the water completely goes out of the land. It took more than 4 days for the water to dry and leave the land.


So overall the issue was ended on the 30 Th of August 2018. The flood was caused by a lot of rain. However with lots of support from other countries, Kerala was saved. Even countries like UAE and Qatar supported Kerala most to help them out of the problem. Even the Southern part of India helped them by giving a supply of food items. The lesson learnt in this issue is collaboration is very important in every country. Collaboration is a main key in every country. So to solve this problem collaboration has helped India to come out of it. So for countries to be peaceful collaboration is important. Only collaboration can keep all countries in touch with each other without being enemies with all countries.

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