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Teamwork is important for mingling several individuals who have different kinds of experiences and knowledge. I believe that the presence of teamwork increases the possibilities and efficiency in work. It also provides better performance which leads to higher outcomes and also the weak performance of one member will be compensated by others performances.

The process of teamwork that I mastered begins with setting of goals and objectives, development of trust among the members, cooperative activities and a deadline. In working as a team, issues and opportunities regularly arise. Our team started off very smoothly but later due to a lot of pressure the members could not function properly. Our team was able to decide a suggestive guideline for who would be responsible for certain parts and offered suggestions on when these parts should be posted for compilation and editing. After the first two meetings, one team member became a team leader, who kept the team focused and on track. As a team, we have managed to complete our research on the topic assigned and contributed according to the instructions of the assignment, providing appropriate citations and references. By the end of the assignment , we have reached an understanding on team expectations, why team communication matters within the group, and leadership. As a team, we have discovered that communication is the key to success, and can continue to improve our efforts by checking in more often and acknowledging when assignments are due, as well as letting others know if any issues have arisen. Our team had a responsibility in keeping individual commitments to the deadlines allowing more time for compilation, edits, and peer reviews but could not keep up to the mark as the deadlines did not matter to some members. We also found that it is necessary for all team members to give their final comments on the assignments before the leader posts to the assignment folder to ensure a unanimous team approval. At first, there were speculations that the team members would not work well together so It was necessary to keep a positive thinking for the group. And at last my thoughts about the group was met; it was even surpassed and we completed the report successfully.

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In conclusion, Teamwork is everything in the modern workplace and it starts with you. An effective communication, openness, trusting each other to do their part as well as clearly outlining roles and responsibilities is the key for the success of a teamwork. A team’s effectiveness relies heavily on a balance between clearly established goals and clear communication. I personally would not like to work in groups as there are lot of complications and one bad performance of a member can affect the whole team.

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