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The Effect of Child Custody Conflict on Juvenile Delinquency and Psychopathy

Introduction This paper will describe how custody conflicts have detrimental effects on children and it will create a link between psychopathic tendencies and juvenile delinquency when exposed to parental conflict. Definitions Juvenile Delinquency. The habitual committing of criminal acts or offenses by a young person, typically between the ages of ten to seventeen. Offending. Committing an illegal act Psychopathy. A socially devastating disorder defined by a constellation of affective, interpersonal, and behavioral characteristics, including egocentricity; impulsivity; irresponsibility; shallow emotions; lack...
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Conflicts and Relationships in Oryx and Crake: Analytical Essay

Even from a young age Jimmy noticed that Crake seemed disinterested in girls and claimed that he received no signals telling him what kind of girls Crake was into (Atwood, 73). In fact, Crake thinks that sex is a messy and convoluted way of reproduction and sees it as a downfall of human engineering. Things such as jealousy, sexual assault, relationship maintance, etc are seen as unnecessary and debilitating side effects of an ineffective species. “‘How much misery,” Crake said...
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Social Perspective on Social Class: Conflict Theory

The film Purge is about gang members and violent activities that occur for one night last until 12 hours where all criminal activity is legal to commit. Therefore police, medical or any other emergency services are unavailable to provide support. During this time people often tried to take out their frustration, anger, and problems they have with each other by killing. This time individuals often take revenge, if anyone has done something wrong to them or even people who don’t...
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Function Of Mediation And Its Role In The Conflict Resolution

Introduction “Conflicts have been with man since creation. In fact it was as a result of conflict that God sent away Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, in the Bible.” (AMOH, 2007). According to this statement, conflict and life have been intertwined since time immemorial. The author meant that, as long as there is life, there is conflict. It doesn’t matter what kind of conflict it is, whether it is internal or external; social, economic or political (Bergmann...
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Internal And External Conflict In Things Fall Apart

The African novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Abbane is a story of how the beginnings of the colonization of Africa affect the Igbo people, specifically one man named Okonkwo. The novel is a tragedy because it shows how the community unravels and Okonkwo’s inability to deal with the new way of life in his community. Things Fall Apart is more specifically a Shakespearean Tragedy because it has the aspects of a tragic hero with flaws, struggle between good and...
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Portrayal of Martial Conflict in Eliot’s Middlemarch

“Such, my dear Miss Brooke, is the accurate statement of my feelings; […] to be accepted by you as your husband and the earthly guardian to your welfare.” In doing so, Eliot positions the traditional assumptions of marriage, as “decided according to custom, good looks, vanity and merely canine affection,” (p. 8) she will undercut. Eliot presents the marriage between Dorothea and Casaubon, as driven by selfish motivations and egoism. Ironically, that which draws Dorothea to Casaubon, by means of...
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Mediation In Workplace Conflicts An Role Of Mediator

Introduction: Conflict is a rift or imbalance created between two individuals or between a group of individuals in the way of approach, thought or work. This imbalance may be due to social or personal behavioral change. If physical or psychological damage is caused to any person or group then the issue turns into conflict. Mediation is a problem-solving technique with the help of a neutral third party called mediator. He navigates into the conflict without any capacity to make a...
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Self-Assessment And Conflicts Resolvement

Every week throughout the semester our class has been asked to complete several self-assessments and miniature simulations. Many of these self-assessments pertain to specific skills that are crucial not only in the workplace, but also in our day to day life. For instance, a number of the assessments focus on self-awareness, ethical leadership, teamwork, motivation, and creative problem solving. Of course, these self-assessments were not designed to measure how much we’ve learned throughout the semester, rather they were designed to...
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The Role Of Team Leader In Conflict Management

It was during Week 2 of university and we all received a notification on Thursday. The scavenger hunt assignment was posted on Google classroom. ‘Will I be able to fit in a group?’ ‘What if I’m left on my own?’ “Will my peers like me or befriend me?’ were the random thoughts that tormented our brains. Later that day, a bunch of classmates who were still unknown to me and I entered a tutorial class of another module. The girls...
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Project Team Building, Conflict, and Negotiation

When building a team, it is important to build a team that feels capable of getting the job done. If a capable team was not developed, then the project will likely be a failure. Effective team building can only occur when people feel valued and are able to express their opinions, ideas, and opinions in a manner that satisfies the goals of the entire team. One of the most common issues that people report having with their teams is that...
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The Interrelation of Teams and Conflict

The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal is referred as team. Teamwork is often a very crucial part of any business irrespective of its geographical location, as it is very necessary for employees to work well together, trying their level best in any circumstances. Teamwork means that people should cooperate, using their individual skills and providing feedbacks, despite any personal conflict between individual. While academic research on teams and teamwork has...
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Does Religion Incite Conflict?

We live in a world where religion has flourished over the years. This impacts on the way people see things, what is considered good in one religion might not be considered the same in another religion. In some parts of the world, there are social and political issues around religion, whilst religion is supposed to be all about peace. Due to this, my group specifically chose to focus on religion and how it may or may not influence conflict. Razin,...
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Politics of Peace and Conflict Ending

“Peace is rarely conceptualised, even by those who often allude to it” (Oliver Richmond). Peace can be conceptualized as a communion of ideas, that when agreed upon, causes a state of welfare and well-being for self and others. In other words, peace can often be looked upon as a state of harmony that comes from the lack of conflict. Conflict, can be of different types, differing in intensity and casualties, whether on a local scale or international, spreading across a...
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Management: Skills, Behavior, Conflict And Organizational Change

“On Wednesday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg – Australia’s economy stood up relatively well in the face of a global, once-in-a century pandemic” (ABC NEWS: Matt Roberts). (Khadem, 2020) The first recession of Australia after three decades. Economy is faring better than other advanced countries and declining while fighting against coronavirus infections. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg conceded that Australia will face a recession, after GDP data is released, breaking its record of 28 years without one. First recession of Australia but not bad...
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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Knowledge about treatment options, decisional conflict, treatment intention and preference for participation in decision making. Use of the PANDAs decision aid reduces decisional conflict, improves knowledge, promotes realistic expectations and autonomy in people with diabetes making treatment choices in general practice. Concludes that the fact that operational managers continue to use some techniques and reject others may not be related so much to ignorance of more sophisticated methods as to an explicit or implicit assessment of their relevance to the...
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Conflict and Community

I remember our first lecture when we were given the assignment of writing down our own definitions of peace, community, and conflict. For peace, I wrote “Acceptance of what is, trying to be best that can be.” For community, I wrote “Belonging, kinship, and support. Can be family, friends, work, or people who simply share your interest and values.” For conflict, I wrote “Conflicting values, imbalance, and inharmony of things and matters.” As we’ve explored peace further in course I...
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Tracking Managerial Conflict Adaptivity

Introduction Albert Einstein once said “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” But years of research have found that those in position of powers (leaders and managers) tends to get stuck in dominating and controlling approaches to negotiation and conflict. When leaders and managers operate from a way of general dominance, they fare less well in negotiations, undermine relationships, foster less commitment to their decisions, and cultivate negativity and rancour of subordinates. And as the saying goes, there’s...
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Conflict of Interest: Calibration Laboratory Accreditation in Dubai

Abstract A conflict of interest may happen when an organization or an individual becomes bias because of a clash between personal interests and professional responsibilities. This conflict may happen when a company or person have an interest such as money, knowledge, relationships, personal interest that may affect their actions and decision-making. (Segal, 2020) I would like to use our current company that provides calibration services in the local UAE market as an example to this written assignment. The main conflict...
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Karl Marx and a Conflict Theory

A conflict theorist would typically state that people with wealth and power represent a society. Excluding the lower class; law and law enforcement are used by dominant groups to minimize threats to society and have control over lower class being biased and protecting the wealthy. In this case a Latino male of the lower class steals $1,000 from a convenience store and is served to 3 years in jail. While a white male who owns a business steals $100,000 from...
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Intergroup Conflict and Technological Mediums

Abstract Intergroup conflict analysis in political psychology has identified ways that groups form their perceptions towards the outgroup and different reconciliation methods have been suggested as a means for conflict resolution. This paper combines essential theories of communication and psychological theories to argue that the internet can be used as a tool for reconciling groups in the 21st century and years to come. It will first look at why the ‘medium’ through which intergroups interact is a crucial component with...
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The Role And Importance Of Conflict Management Skills

Conflict triangle has three major components that influence each other, the context or the situation at hand, the behavior of the people from that situation and their attitude. For instance, a situation that does not pay attention to the needs of a particular group can make them to have the attitude of frustration and may make them protest (Levinson,1994). This behavior can further lead to context of denials where the group does not accept that they are ignored and their...
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Peace and Conflict around the World

The United States federal budget allocated a military budget of approximately $693 billion for it’s Department of Defense. Spending only a quarter of that, i.e. $116 billion annually could have fed 650 million people and end world hunger. However, in a realist world, security and political interests remain a top priority. When the biggest super of the world spends this enormous amount of money on the military, it goes to show how even the modern world has been plagued by...
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Solving Conflict in the Workplace with Team Building Activities

Lance Best is the CEO of Barker Sports Apparel and after speaking with his company’s general counsel, Nina Kelk, he has decided that he has a problem. His CFO, Damon Ewen, and his Head of Sales, Ahmed Lund, have been at odds for quite a while. However, the tip of the iceberg was the 360 – degree reviews. While these reviews were supposed to be anonymous, it quite was obvious to everyone who made the negative comments about Damon Ewen,...
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Using Communication to De-escalate Conflict Situations

The combination of pain, stress, uncertainty, and a lack of control can be a cause for conflict among children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. At lavender house, sometimes a combinational booking does lead to other children being upset with their colleague’s behaviour during the night. This is because other children are unable to settle to sleep while others are still awake. This can cause additional stress and conflict can become escalating and potentially lead to conflict situation that can...
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Is Society Best Understood in Terms of Consensus or Conflict?

Consensus theory is when an individual is granted the privileges to state their opinions but also come together as a group and share their opinions and beliefs. Consensus theory gives everyone the equal freedom of speech an example of this can be everybody gets to vote a new prime minister or a person who is to come into authority. Closely linked in with consensus theory comes a theory which is Functionalism, TriumphIAS (2019) stated the following “Functionalism represents the viewpoint...
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How Conflict Creates Character

Michael Jordan once stated, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”Often in literature, both fiction and non-fiction, characters are faced with obstacles and conflict. This conflict helps them find the parts of themselves that they didn’t know they had. The process of dealing with conflict forces characters to adapt and become more resilient in life. An...
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Effect of Work-family Conflict on Commitment Organization

Humans are one of the resources needed to run an organization or company. As the main factor that runs the organization system, humans hold the role of crisis (crucial factor) which will determine the success or failure of a company. In a hospital industry, health workers are human resources who play an important role. A hospital, with abundant capital accompanied by sophisticated technology will not be able to advance without being run by qualified health personnel and having a strong...
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Communication And Conflict Management

Communication and Conflict Conflicts are best viewed as forms of interaction. Even though interactions are phenomenon which are complicated in an extraordinary fashion, this perspective helps in grasping what happens in conflicts more easily. Effective conflict management usually leads to a productive kind of conflict interaction. Conflict can be perceived in terms of two broad phases, starting with the differentiation phase and ending with the integration phase. The differentiation phase involves interactions which present a sharp distinction between positions that...
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The Features of Conflict Management

Knowing the existence of conflict as well as managing it is essential in our personal and professional lives. A conflict occurs when two persons or entities have no common or similar ideologies or opinions which creates minor disagreement to heated confrontations between the two parties. To better understand conflict, it is also important to know the root cause of it. There are four major sources of disagreements ranging from social, organizational, change, and external influences. Social or interpersonal source of...
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Conflict, Influence, and Power Solving

In marriages, conflict naturally occurs during a long period of time as both partners have lost similar interest or challenges individual face in their life together. Conflict is the opposition of incompatible need. In a companionate marriage, it the interdependence that a great expectation will be achieved by both partners needs. In the Conflict theory which suggests conflict is necessary for a couple of relationships. Different roles of men and women during the post-industrial, result of three dilemmas for relationships:...
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