The Aspects of Group Conflict

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Sheriff’s experiment and study of inter-conflict formed the major base for the study of intergroup conflict. This experiment which he conducted made him to be the founder and father of social judgments theory which has been researched by any sociologist and psychologist to comprehend on the finding which he made. In this article the profound article is based on three major ideologies of how ego involvement determines the kind of message acceptance or rejection in accordance to cognitive level (Sherif, 1956).

On the study conducted by Cohen and Inskos about three inter group perception on out-group, objective perception and intergroup showed that different people perceived information differently. In this regard, they discovered that the case of prisoner’s matrics obtained different perception from the three groups (Cohen and Insko, 2008).

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This hence formulated for more acceptance in the out-group empathy than in the rest. This was majorly because people with high level of guiltiness showed low cooperation in comparison with those with low prejudgment. In his book he found out that, it was important to identify and describe individual and communicate a message with persuasion either verbally or non-verbally. In this regard, message communication to a group of people involved a perception of good reception or rejection by an individual (Fine, 2004). He disclosed that ego is a major contributor to message reception as it determines through first prejudgment of the message and focusing if it has some personal sense before accepting or rejecting it. In his persuasive ideology on individuals he identified that individuals will judge the message from the set at which they receive it either far away or close relating to them and this influences perception of the message (Sherif, 1956).

According to Cohen and Inskos out-group relationship can help solve the problem of individual and group conflict and historical ideological difference which brings conflict (Cohen and Insko, 2008). On this note, conflict such as those of Muslims and Jews and Protestants and Catholics can be hopefully solved by indulging in groups with history of ideological indifference.


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