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North and South Essays

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Chartism Versus North and South: Comparative Analysis

In Chartism from Carlyle, it deals with the conditions of the working class in England at that time. He also questions the ‚Äúlaissez-faire‚ÄĚ policy that Adam Smith advocates in England. According to him, there is a social, political division between the upper class and the working class. These two classes have different interests and the struggle is the expression of these discrepancies: ‚ÄúFor, as is well said, all battle is a misunderstanding; did the parties know one another, the battle...
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Portrayal of Women in North and South and A Dolls House: Comparative Analysis

Both North and South (1854-55) and A Dolls House (1879) present women as systemically restricted by an 1800’s patriarchal society, which elicits a response of sympathetic relatability within a typical female Victorian reader. Both of these novels are defined by the controversy of binary conflicts, which, if left unresolved, tear apart Gaskell’s Nora and Torvald, but consequently draw Ibsen’s Margaret Hale and John Thornton closer together. Both Gaskell and Ibsen explore the idea of equality within relationships, and whether it...
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The Distinctive Features of Victorian Literature

Literature in the Victorian era is a response to the economic, political and social changes that have accrued in that period. Each of literature is only a difference in how faithful the record is, and in what point of view is the reaction and what values are advocated. The diversity of Victorian literature‚Äďexception of play area‚ÄĒindicates that Victorians enthusiastically reacted to the realities of that time in all possible ways. Furthermore, It shows Victorians were expressed various kind of thoughts...
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Discursive and Literary Analysis of North and South by Gaskell

Tess encounters Angel Clare who forms a relationship with Tess after agreeing to tutor her and who becomes a significant impact on her life. Hardy presents Tess as a powerful force as he creates a border between happiness and depression in her life. Mark Asquith critiques ‚ÄúAngel abandons her, masking his prurient disgust at her sexual history with spurious Christian principles‚ÄĚ. This is evidenced when Tess grows fond of Angel Clare and Angel returns his love for her. But the...
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The Ways to Conquer the Victorian Doctrine of Thomas Hardy’s and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Heroines

The authors, Thomas Hardy in ‚ÄėTess of the D‚ÄôUrbervilles‚Äô (TOTD) and Elizabeth Gaskell in ‚ÄėNorth and South‚Äô (NAS) convey their female protagonists as independent women who brim with confidence and reject the expectations of Victorian womanhood. Interestingly, in TOTD, Hardy does not convey Tess as a saintly paragon nor in NAS does Gaskell include experiences of serendipity in Margaret‚Äôs life but both authors allow their female protagonists to be as realistic and relatable. Through this Tess Durbeyfield and Margaret Hale...
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Realism and Illusion in North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell: Critical Analysis

The social-political novel and romance ‚ÄėNorth and South‚Äô by Elizabeth Gaskell examines the contradictions and real disparities that existed in Milton in the early Victorian era between the south of England, traditionally at the seat of power, and the north of England, which was historically more prosperous but where aristocratic wealth was still primarily derived from landowning. And the north of England, which was strongly embracing manufacturing, as a result of which the population was migrating from rural areas to...
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Analytical Overview of Industrial England in North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Historians study the past to help us better understand the past and avoid old mistakes. They reassemble the facts to create a picture of a time, a place or an event that may be completely foreign to the way we think and behave today or may explain why we do. Historians use all sorts of data to help create the picture of society; census data, economic reports, laws, newspaper articles, poetry, and even literature. In every part of the world,...
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The Main Types of Narrative Voice in M.Shelley's 'Frankenstein‚Äô and E.Gaskell‚Äôs ‚ÄėNorth and South‚Äô

The extract from ‚ÄėFrankenstein‚Äô demonstrates how Shelley utilises first person narrative to express the inner thoughts and workings of Victor Frankenstein‚Äôs brain and conscious. Whereas in ‚ÄėNorth and South‚Äô, Gaskell employs the use of third person narrative to contrast Margaret‚Äôs sophisticated way of life with the working-class characters in the novel. Narrative voice and perspective are important in every novel as it is the medium through which the author expresses the thoughts and views, they wish each character to have....
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