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What is Success? Success for me is getting organized including determining how and currently using my time and setting priorities. Success for me developing learning strategies, self-motivation, and persistence. Success to me it is important to strive for a well-balanced life. Throughout my life I have achieved a life’s ambition, working hard towards being successful and acquiring an education (Bain, 2004). Success for me is to be open to new experiences as well as change. (Fitzpatrick, 2006). My success in life is the ambition that I always seek to achieve being happy with the fulfillment of my goals brings a smile to my face. (Sopher, 2014). The context of reading Gardner (2009). As a doctoral student will be able to focus on my professional identity, and socioeconomic success, and acquire a mentor. This process will not only create a new educational entity it will also help to adapt and improve my skills in order to provide quality research which leads to academic success. The three common themes in this article are Academic Success, Relationships, and Individual Efforts.

Theme One

Academic Success

Having an (aphasia) learning disability throughout my whole life growing up and overcoming learning difficulties with proper accommodations, support, and preparation not only find success, but with the right support from my parents, my professors and my student service advisors Jenna Hamilton and Megan Aldrich gave me perseverance, guiding me to identify and achieve realistic goals without being harsh or critical. Having an (aphasia) learning disability in knowing how to deal with obstacles and setbacks (Baker & Pifer 2011). Time management became a key factor in my study skills for college constantly reviewing and reassessing my schedule can help me to recognize whether need to make changes in order to help me complete any university tasks (Gardner 2009). Instead of focusing solely on the grade, I consider how each course deepens my expertise in a field of interest or contributes to my overall intellectual development (Smith & Hatmaker 2015). Knowing my intellectual proclivities and habits helps me to apportion my time more effectively and to be more productive overall (Vella, 2007).

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Theme Two


In the context of Baker and Pifer (2011). Being a student at Colorado Christian University, gave me the ability to form strong bonds with others, and knowing that as a former student at Colorado Christian University, it will allow me to see the big picture more clearly with understanding and knowledge. Being a former student of Colorado Christian University gave me interpersonal relationships based on my personal growth in life and knowing that having support from my student services, and my professors gave me the reinforcement of positive outcomes that made me able to do very well in my classes and made me stay focused on my personal growth and my destiny. As my learning process grows deeper, as a doctoral student here at Grand Canyon University it will give me new relationships with new instructors, new student services advisors, and new staff from the library that will help me reach my goals and build confidence and support me so can be able to do very well in my classes (Olsen, Defrain, & Olson, 1998). Coming in as a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University will not be easy for me but having new instructors, and new staff will help me learn to adopt the values, skills, attitudes, norms, and knowledge (Van Maanen & Schein, 1979). Gardner (2009): Coming in as a doctoral student with Grand Canyon University developing new relationships with new classmates will require perspectives that will bring positive attitudes and beliefs and a new university environment. (Foss, K.A., & Foss, S. K. 2008). Smith and Hatmaker (2015): Strive for good, clear, honest communication with my advisor. As a student, I can initiate dialogue. But achieving and maintaining communication channels means knowing how to open a conversation, when to speak and when to listen, and how to communicate my desires and concerns (Weinberger, 2017).

Theme Three

Individual Efforts

Baker and Pifer (2011): Traditional mentor relationships acknowledge that developmental relationships may provide support beyond just career and/or psychosocial support to include knowledge development and information sharing which is likely important to the doctoral student experience and professional identity development (Ford, Smith, E. M., Weinstein, D. A., Gully, S. M., & Salas, E. 1998). Gardner (2009): By taking advantage of these opportunities, as a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University am better prepared to achieve career goals in academia and elsewhere (Bishop, 2007). Smith and Hatmaker (2015): By my individual differences such as socialization susceptibility and learning orientation, and by the new relationships they developed during the experience and the preexisting relationships students brought to their doctoral education experiences. (Braxton, J. M., & Baird, L. L. 2001).


In doing this research the conclusions in my analysis of recent research, in reading from my textbook and other articles and other textbooks gave me the beneficial effects on my student motivation and as a student and being able to set goals and to accomplish these goals. Doing this research it taught me my success in my field and that never give up and keep going on. (Abbott, & Bordens, 2018). Doing this research has also taught me that having academic success, relationships, and individual efforts will help me understand as a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University and help me to be a better writer.


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