Reflections on the Possibility of Standardized Testing to Measure Ability

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How do you feel when there will be a test coming up in school? What if it’s a really important test, like a midterm or final test of the school year? I mean you definitely have to spend the time to review and memorize it, right? But have you ever wondered if the standardized test actually measures ability?

Most students know that standardized tests have been a major part for them in the United States due to the reason that standardized test mainly decides a student’s grade. Students are taking more and more tests and spending day and nights to review what they have learned from school and prepare for the ACT and SAT, which mainly decides their future. Even though standardized tests are used to check the learning process of students, but I believe it has become a poor way of measuring students abilities. According to Washington post, it suggests a low score can’t indicate how much knowledge a person has on the subject, saying that students can’t be judged based on the grade they got on each course. Now let’s talk about some famous people’s process to success.

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We know that many big entrepreneurs, wealth owners actually don't know how to read when they are studying, or even miss the school. Have you ever wondered why? For example, Einstein (founder of General Electric), Mr. Bell (inventor of the phone, founder of Bell Phone), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), these big names are actually called idiots by teachers when they are learning. Their success is because they are not afraid of failure, are not afraid of being rejected, have their own dreams and beliefs, and put them into action. To be successful, not to read or study, but face challenges and always stand up longer than others.

Outside of school, we will always have other resources around us. Students have the Internet for questions they don’t know, and they can always go to friends, family, or other people that would know how to help us. Education shouldn’t just be about memorizing facts and taking tests but instead to learn how we can use our knowledge in the real world. Tests such as ACT and SAT carry too much weight in determining which university or college a student goes, because it doesn’t fully measure students intelligence, but to be tested on how well your teacher had taught you throughout the years, and how much information you can remember.

Academic achievement does not determine the child's future development, but only reflects one aspect of learning ability. While personality, ability, knowledge, health, contribution, wealth, personality plays a decisive role! That is, the state of mind determines the future of the child.

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