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The Role of Cyber Warrior in Cyberspace on Social Engineering Attacks

Abstract In the Cyberspace domain, the rate of cyber-attack is rising every day. This reason initiates the need to encourage individuals to become Cyber Warriors. To have a better understanding of a Cyber Warrior, we need to know the training, requirement, skills, and knowledge to obtain and also its difference with a traditional warrior. Social engineering attacks have now become very successful, looking at the fact that most of technical devices are unreliable to prevent such attacks. The best way...
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Reflections on the Effectiveness of Social Engineering

After reflecting on the quote from Dr. Thomas Plante about social engineering and learning about behavior intervention, I believe that both approaches can lead to effective behavior change depending on what the behavior is. I agree with Dr. Plante’s quote to an extent because it can be very hard for people to make significant, lasting behavior changes in their lives using just willpower alone, even if they know what they’re doing is bad for their health. However, even with social...
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Role of Social Engineering in Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an attempt to evaluate the degree of security of IT or any functioning infrastructure by attacking it from various aspects. There could be many vulnerabilities in an IT system which could be exploited to perform unauthorized actions on the system. That is why penetration testing is done on the system beforehand to make it immune to those attacks. But then also, there is the issue of ensuring that the human element of the infrastructure do not compromise...
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Social Engineering’s Definition and Its Impact on the Society: Analytical Essay

Abstract While an image of a person with high technical skills exploiting the system has been used many times to demonstrate a hacker, a new type of attack is changing that, it’s called the Social Engineering attack. This paper will go deeper into explaining what Social Engineering is and the principle behind it. Popular attacks based on Social Engineering will be mentioned and explained in detail how one attack is executed. The appearance of Social Engineering in our surrounded digital...
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Argumentative Essay on Real Work of Social Engineering

Does Social Engineering Really Work? Does social engineering really work? Yes, I believe it does. The main two reasons that I believe social engineering in the context of cybercrime works, is because firstly, it targets what I think is the weakest link in any digital security system, the human. The second reason why I believe social engineering works is because it has been around since humans have existed. It is still used to this day. Why? Because it works. The...
3 Pages 1394 Words

Types of Identity Theft and Issues of Social Engineering

Introduction “Everything that you have access to, short of your own family, the identity thief masquerading as you has access to.” In his book, Stealing your life, Frank W. Abagnale precisely sums up the danger of identity theft in mentioned quote. What would you do if you woke up and find that you are being impersonated and that person committed a crime? In a day and age where connectivity is key, data is extremely easy to access. The new currency...
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Role of Social Engineering and Online Influence on Users in Cyber Security: Analytical Essay

Chapter 1: Literature Review What is Social Engineering? The term Social Engineering is simply the process of manipulating the user into disclosing either his sensitive information or his personal identifiable information (which could be referred to as PII) to the social engineer. According to (Conteh and Schmick, 2016) social engineering is also known as human hacking. Additionally, it is regarded as the hacker’s strategy to trick and manipulate people’s tendency to trust and engage in a specific behavior online for...
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Social Engineering-Based Cyber Attacks and How to Protect Against Them in Indian Organizations

‘Social engineering’ is referred to as the art of manipulating people such that they avoid giving any confidential information. Information type that these criminals might be seeking can differ, but when someone is targeted the criminals are usually tricking you into providing them with passwords or access the computer system to secretly install false software or any bank information, – providing them access to your passwords and bank information, moreover giving them control over your computer system. Criminals often use...
3 Pages 1190 Words

Hacking Countermeasures and Social Engineering': Analytical Essay

Introduction When thinking about the security of information systems, the predominant concern is with digital security. Performing evaluations and assessments to identify risks and vulnerabilities that may comprise the information stored within the system. However, often is the case the largest threat and easily exploitable vulnerability is overlooked, humans. Some of the biggest hacks of all time were made possible by social engineering. These breaches have caused financial, reputational, and social damage to both companies and individuals alike. Social engineering...
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