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Most peer college students group set up use substances using imitating their buddies who have interacted later preserve up to an uncontrollable line zone, it might also come to extraordinary risks such as unexpected pregnancies, mental problems finally loss of life due to dueexcessive substance drug usage. Educators in Rwanda are worried over the prevalence two [14] it was researched two At least 25% of every secondary faculty college student in Rwanda at two the age of 14 to 17 years historically interact with health risk conduct in particular in the city areas where college students show up to have social commitment friendship, initiative behavior concerning social active at the top. The prevalence of the use of drugs in Rwandan faculty showed that 2.45% of secondary college students smoke, 3.8% drink alcohol and 4.2% engage in sexual intercourse dndayambaje two these prevalences, showed that 95% of college students engaged in health risk behavior have extra than one pal who is currently engaged in health danger behavior as a result of peer pressure influence[15]

Many researchers figured out cases where teens get impaired and commit the biggest mistakes of intoxicating their lives due to negative peer pressure, when one does not like a particular thinking or when we have no inclination toward a specific field, it is apparent that we might not like to go via it. For really, we may not like to go that way. But it is a peer group, which may additionally compel on doing something one hates. In such cases, there are chances that one might not do nicely in those things. Things one no longer enjoys doing can't fetch success. One can't emerge profitable in something that he/she has in no way preferred doing. So, one mustn't lose the happiness of one’s life by succumbing to Peer Pressure.

Many times, it so occurs that we are pressured to lead a certain variety of lifestyles due to peer pressure[17]

Previous researchers mentioned that peer pressure associated with peer affiliation impacts health risk behavior in adolescence, peer affiliation has been considered as an authentication mark of adolescent experience of health risk-taking behaviors such as drug abuse, sexual behaviors, and Drinking alcohol [5]. In that case, Rwanda is one of the nations that is going through this trouble of many college students attractive in health risk behaviors. In distinctive secondary schools, peer pressure has been identified as an influential factor in the involvement of college students in quite several risky behaviors.

The pressure of friends in Rwandan secondary school, and the nature of peer conformity predicted the likelihood that adolescents will take part in behaviors such as smoking, and drinking alcohol that pose a danger to their health. Affiliation with friends who have interplay in health risk-taking behaviors has been proven to be a predictor of an adolescent's private behavior. Teenagers face many troubles related to conformity and peer pressure rationale of being pulled between the inclined to be considered as people of particular value and the desire to belong to a group in reality they experience comfortable and special popularity [7]. They have an impact on Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure happens when a group pressurizes anybody to do something unexpectedly that peer group makes it clear to send out the individual or object to revenge as long as an adolescent doesn’t enter into group members by using force. The peer additionally makes it clear that participation leads to acceptance by using the group members, which is very valuable during that duration of time. flawlessly, if the peer pressure is terrible rationale, then it may simply block the progress of a student.[16] . It is said that Living in a terrible group can alternate getting under pressure or have an effect on terrible behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and using drugs.

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The prevalence of substance abuse in Rwanda has been less studied, alternatively, a find by Kanyoni et al., published in 2015, observed that among Rwandans aged 14-17 years old, dependence on alcohol was 7,5% and on sexual behavior 2,5%, prompted by the Alcohol Use[19].

The prevalence of substance abuse is worrying due to the fact substance use is related to consequences from the malfunction of group participation, the prevalence in Rwanda how college students who engage in substance use, their first intent used to be friendship there in, friends insist participants do what they do[19].

Rwandan prevalence of student’s associated with friends the use of substances amongst adolescents and as a result the significance of the problem is likely dangerous, primarily based on periodic lookup works, observations, and reviews from police and hospitals, colleges in 2015 the Ministry of Youth in collaboration with the Kigali Health Institute, sponsored a nationwide lookup challenge to discover the prevalence of substance use amongst adolescents in Rwanda determined that it is 15% have used substance use. Among those above percentages have proven that 8% of college students who regarded interaction in the usage of substance drugs amongst 8% were a secondary college student who indicated they had ever used substance drugs or have been presently having been the use of drugs (Rwandan Statistical drug abuse,2010). consuming Alcohol is a contributor to massive agents leading to high health chance behaviors in adolescents. A survey on teens' health conducted through the Rwanda Department of Health reported that 4% of young people aged 11 to 14 years old had consumed alcohol 0.2% had been drinkers, at the age of 10 years old or young, and 35.3% had accomplished between the while of 10 to 21 years, the young generations two reached secondary school age, 23%of they had Consumed alcohol or said to be smoking, sexual intercourse two (Rwanda statistical Drug Abuse,2018).

It is worrying that adolescents are engaging in unhealthful, the use of drugs not for doctor’s reasons but to enjoy themselves. The percentage of life expectance drug use was 1.2%, and those who had ever tried drugs was 2.7%, with the median age of first time, substance use pronounced to be 14 years old (Rwanda statistical Drug Abuse,2018). Among teens who take drugs,2.2 percent have been daily considered to be unhealthy, 1.4% used drugs three to 4 times per week, and 6.2% once monthly. A neighborhood survey published that the percentage of secondary college students who had had health risks in some situations also sexual experiences increased from 1.7% to 2.4% amongst female college students and 1.2% to 2.2% among male students from 2010 to 2015. two

There used to be a tendency for earlier Sexual trips among adolescents, with the mean age of their first Sexual journey being 15 years for females and 12 years for males. Around 5% of girls and 7% of adult males indicated that their First sexual activities were promoted using consuming alcohol and through the usage of drugs. It is also alarming to word that more than half of college students with sexual trips 54% of females and 59% of males had had more than one sexual partner. However, greater than 1/2 50.2% of them do not use condoms during sexual intercourse. 13 Risky sexual behaviors, such as having multiple intercourse partners and unprotected sex, completely lead to sexually transmitted ailments (STD) and undesirable pregnancies [20, 21].

In Rwandan secondary schools, peer groups with which adolescents associates influence the student's beliefs, attitudes in classes, lifestyle choices, and uptake of health risk behaviors. It is essential to identify the affiliation of peers with health risk behavior among college students in Rwanda. As the initiation through adolescents of behaviors that put their health at risk has emerged as a predominant public health problem in some secondary school college students in Rwanda, this study was designed to discover the association between peers and the health risk behaviors of adolescents.

A better understanding of how teens are influenced by way of peer pressure norms within the context of taking up behaviors may help to facilitate the development of effective peer-led prevention programs to decrease the uptake of health risk behaviors [18].

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