Drugs And Alcohol Abuse In Quran

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Findings and discussions
  3. Conclusion and recommendations
  4. References


This is the main thing which is facing by Muslims in current social challenges. Muslims are facing now many of problems but it is first and main problem around them. The Holy Quran which is the book of Allah and only Muslims read this book. According to Muslims all the things which are written in this book is all of Allah and we took Islam so we are Muslims and we all about of Allah. Allah asks in this book to avoid drugs and alcohol , but Muslims in 21st century drink alcohol and taking drugs. Also Muslims government prepare drugs and sold it . They do not banned it in their country. So due to this topic related to main topic current social challenges confronting the Muslims in Islam. In Islam it is very bad habit and this is also a very un lucky to now that at that time now a days this bac habit is present in all Muslims community. It came from British because they again take all options on Muslims and it is very bad idea. But the Muslims are also against them and they abuse them also in second way they can’t release there made things and also took drugs and drinks alcohol as they can in a day.

In Islam smoking is makkruh and alcohol is considered haram . Some strict Muslims nations banned it in their country but some Muslims countries make it and making money from it which is very dangerous and also said about to avoid this in Holy Quran. Allah said in Quran that every drugs and alcohol is haram for Muslims but Muslims do it and lost their lives by these drugs , so this is the current social challenges facing to the Muslims. About the hundred years ago there is no any sign of drugs and alcohol but as the world became more latest they make drugs alcohol and other harmful substances which give pain to body and then person became die. Now in all countries and regions there is a much of alcohol and drugs which are selling to Muslims non Muslims and others persons so it is very harmful substances which are selling in all parts of world. People became dying from this slowly it is very harmful substances which has all bad effects on it. In all Muslims areas where Holy Quran is based and Islam is present there is an idea of un use of alcohol and drugs because they spend there lives according to Islam and take there guidance from Holy Quran.

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Findings and discussions

The one of the big and social challenges was facing to Muslims is drug and alcohol addiction. Much of the Muslims take drugs. First the alcohol was not made in Muslims community and countries, at that time these drugs bring from British countries . Because the British want to decrease Muslims and want to remove Islamic nations from world so they transfer drugs and alcohol to the. Now a days Muslims nations make this in their own countries and sold it. However this is all to is against to Islam and Quran. In Quran Allah says these all things were haram on Muslims but Muslims not stop. British mission was accomplished and they want to remove Islam slowly. Although , narcotics abuse was not so important during the time of honourable prophet Mohammad and innocent imam, we don’t have any verse or narration in this regard. In the Holy Quran these all the things are haram and makruh but now a days Muslims came behind British or non Muslims and take drug addiction and alcohol consumption first they bring this from out of country but now they make their own. According to Quran there are many hadith and verses present in Quran that easily clear that there is no permission of drinking of alcohol and addiction of drugs in small or in large amount. Our Islam clear this in very easy word in the term of hadith and verses. In our Quran this is also present that no one can be punished by prophet of Islam in case of alcohol consumption and taking of drugs but our prophet Muhammad very clearly tells of prohibited of these un-useful and toxic things to take it. Alcohol in Quran is prohibited by a specific text of Quran. In these lines we can specify that it is very clearly that no one a Muslim person can drink alcohol in small amount or in large amount so iy is strictly prohibited in Islam. But when our prophet Muhammad saw never punished a one in case of drinking of alcohol but they only told with strictly to abide by these things and also clear the next person about their works. During the days of our Holy Prophet the alcohol was made by wheat, barley, dates and fruits but now the days it was made by many toxic and harmful substances which destroy the body organs slowly and after it one day a person should die due to this addiction. Now the days in many areas Muslims persons are more than the British.

Since Islam is universal region and have completely provided all needs of society to all ages . In Quran it is strictly prohibited to not offer prayers when you are taken drug and drinking alcohol. It was strictly forbid from these things and I took this and it was not to say prayer in that condition drug addiction and alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam and numerous in numbers of Muslims do these drugs and go mosque for after prayer. Drugs and alcohol will be drink and taking before the prophet came. Al the people which are Muslims or non Muslims drink it , but when the prophet came and they told to all people that these things are haram in quean for Muslims they remove this from their life so it is drinking about many years ago but now a days according to Quran and Allah it is haram for Muslims and Muslims don’t drink or take drugs so it is forbidden in Islam. In now a days there are only name of Muslims any one can’t offer prayers and not go to the mosque and it is only of this that is Muslims facing current social challenges now the days. In all the Muslims countries there is no drugs and alcohol at the time of prophet but now the days it is present in all countries and regions of there that Muslims generations are sitting in different areas. This is very clearly asked by our prophet (PBUH) prohibited this toxic agents in small and large amount of quantity , so it is the order to remain away from these things. Most of the hadith and verses of Holy Quran are based upon them.

Conclusion and recommendations

In conclusion and recommendations we concluded that the alcohol consumption and drug addiction is considered as haram and this is also ordered by Allah almighty in Quran. So Muslims should abide by these things which is forbidden for them. Muslims not keep of orders. Muslim communities and countries should banned these drugs and alcohol bottles in their country and also open different centres for which the Muslims taking drug. They treat them, but in now the days our Muslim countries make their own drugs in their countries and sold it to the addict Muslims. There is no tasks for them. Islam completely banned the use of alcohol about the 14 centuries ago and according to this the Arab countries also banned these toxic chemicals but the British countries don’t saw that they again supply the much and large amount of alcohol and drugs in Muslims countries and due to this the Muslims addict these harmful and toxic substances. The one of the conclusion is now the days there are different centres make by Muslims government in there countries and totally banned these alcohol and drugs in there country. Those persons who are the addicted of drugs and alcohol caught them and admitted to the different rehabilitation centres and keep their proper medical treatment of them by different scientific methods , because that persons don’t taking drugs and alcohol again. The Muslims should abide these toxic chemicals like drugs which produce a well being at one time and consumption of alcohol is clearly told by Allah in Quran. Alcohol is not only the waste of money but it also causes skin cancer , ulcer and other many disease . It also cause digestive disorders and causing different cancers so it is very harmful to us. We should leave away from it as we can. And also abide by it.

Islam does not asked us to do alcohol consumption and taken drugs but also in Quran there are many verse and hadith on alcohol consumption and on drugs. When our prophet came they asked to prohibit of alcohol consumption and other toxic chemicals. According to the verse our prophet not punished any person who were taking drugs and drink alcohol. But our prophet asked to leave them because it is called as haram for Muslims in Quran which is the book of Allah. So we can’t do these things and it is also very harmful to our body. Also in one more verse if there a drop of alcohol spread on cloth then with that clothes we can’t go in mosque for offer prayer and if one drop of alcohol is put on tongue then about thirty days prayer can’t be accepted by Allah. So according to this we can stay away from these haram substances and toxic chemicals. It is necessary for us in our lives. We should recommend that all the Muslims who are the addict of alcohol and other toxic chemicals they should abide by them personally. If they have difficulty to abide or leave them, them our Muslim government should make different rehabilitation centres and all the addict Muslims keep in those centre and give them a complete treatment of addiction. And also strictly banned alcohol and drugs in their country and also act upon them very strictly. So due to this their country should be clean from these things. So in all Muslims areas this is the one of the big current social challenges confronting them. It is not easy to complete removal of alcohol consumption and drug addiction from their country. If we should remove these all addictions from Muslims countries then first their government should banned all these things in their country and also apply much strictly rules for selling and drinking both of them , only this is the way from we should clean Muslims countries.


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