Does The Bible Speak On Juvenile Delinquency?

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In answering this question, items 3, 4, 16, 1 and 2 are considered respectively. 98% of the respondents agreed that the Scripture contains biblical stories of youths who cause positive changes and live exemplary while 2% are not sure. But upon this inference were the analysis based for reliable inferences. Adewusi asserts that “the Bible is the standard for every believer and according to it, there is nothing ever new in the world today. Both the good and bad, tall and short, rich and poor and many others have once existed and some others are in existence now and with sure fact that before the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, many would still live.”

In view of this George also explains that “human beings lives on the basis of the information passed to the verbally, in written formats and by revelation. Therefore, good people do not just exist now, there was, there are and there will continue to be, perhaps fewer than expected.” The researcher agrees with this view because there are countless numbers of people who are evil than those who are good. But nevertheless, people like Joseph, Abel, Joshua, Caleb, Moses, Jephtha, David, and many others are recorded examples of people who during their youthful lives did well and caused positive change in one way or the other. It is sure through the eye of the 99% respondents that the Bible also contains issues relating to juvenile delinquency.

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Oghoghoye explains that “theft, disobedience, assault, crime against public order, rape, gambling, killing, and lots more are all recorded in the Bible.” Example of people in these categories is Eve, the daughters of Noah, Cain, Jacob and Esau, Delilah, Jezebel, Ahab, Absalom, Ananias and Sapphira and so on. In sum, 98% of the respondents agreed that God negates juvenile delinquency attitudes. No wonder in some cases He commanded the disciplining of children as “spare the rod, spoil the child”, and also He placed some judgments on anyone who practices the act. Godwin points out that “God might even not clearly mention juvenile delinquency attitudes, but as far as the Bible quotes He is a God of peace and orderliness and love. Anything that negates this attributes of His automatically commands His wrath and anger.” The above understanding brings in item 1 and 2 which are the causes why100% and 96% of people respectively knows what juvenile delinquency and youth ministry are about.

The respondents agreed that biological factor is a major cause of juvenile delinquency. Bello points out that “gene mutation is real and any parents who smokes, or womanizes for example have a higher probability to give birth to a baby who will do the same.” Also, 93% respondents also agreed that the society is another cause of juvenile delinquency. It is viewed through oral discussions with Omosefe that “the society is an avenue that consists of disciplined and undisciplined people, and if the disciplined are not careful enough, they will be corrupted too.”

86% of the respondents concurred that ineffective and unorganized homes constitute to the rise of juvenile delinquency. Falade asserts that “God did not give a child or children just to the father or the mother, He gave it to the both of them; and if anyone fails in his or her duties, it sure will affect the child /children in one way or the other.” Aderemi also points out that “the home is the root of the society and if unruly children come from a home, such mixes with the society and corrupts many others. Also, in a home where the father always hit the mother in the presence of the children, there is tendency for the child/children to also want to hit someone too.” This means that whatever the parents does is what is registered to play in time to come in the life of the children. In item 10, 89% of the respondents also agreed that school factor also fuels the operation of juvenile delinquency while 11% are not sure. Adedeji asserts that “most times, parents come to school to complain of bad influence on their children as a result of mixing with other children. This has been a battle teachers have been confronting in recent times. This occurs in manner of speech, detesting attitudes, aggression, anger, retaliation, dirtiness, slangs and so on.” Upon these groups were the analysis based for reliable inferences.

In sum, 91% of the respondents to the questionnaire also expressed that the abuse of modern technology and modernization is another huge cause of juvenile delinquency. The 21st century is the era of rapid growth in, and application of Information Technology. Although this has great impacts, but its abuse can never be underestimated in the life of both young and old. Ajide explains that “man children views ex-rated movies, browse sites which are not proper for the eye and mid to behold and so on. These have caused a downgrade in the morals and have polluted the society more than the mind can fathom.

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