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Youth in Conflict with the Law

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The programs available within my community that I was able to locate are as follows, Jubilee Centre – Safe Bed Crisis Support, Justice Support Services through the Canadian Mental Health Association and then through the local North Eastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services, there’s Youth Justice Committees, Attendance Centers, Community Support Teams, Residential Programs, a Restorative Justice program and bullying mediation programs offered by the Timmins Police. All these programs are geared towards the successful rehabilitation of youth to encourage the deterrence of substance use and to assist youth through any mental health issues. Throughout this assignment I’m going to run through each program listed above and go through further details to cover exactly what they do and how they operate in Timmins.

Jubilee Centre is a facility located in Timmins where it focuses its attention to people of the age of 16 or older who are experiencing, or at a perceived risk of developing an unstable addiction, concurrent disorder or mental health symptoms who may have also come in conflict with law enforcement1. They present these people with beds to sleep in and work alongside other allied agencies programs. The goal of this program (Safe Bed Crisis Support) is to attempt in reducing the number of individuals with addiction, mental health or concurrent disorders from entering into the Criminal Justice System. They provide these people with temporary housing, time to arrange funding, high intensity care, counselling support as well as provide a safe and secure environment to allow for stabilization and management of addiction and/or mental health symptoms. The Jubilee Centre seems to be a really good location for those stuck in a negative environment, sometimes just changing your surroundings can make some of the biggest changes in your life, ideally for the best but unfortunately its doors are strictly open to youth at the age of 16 and older.

The next program is the Justice Support Services offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association; this focuses support to individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system to assist them with the appropriate services within the community as means to deter re-occurrence of crimes2. This is especially good for those who are having current legal issues and require support.

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This next organization offers multiple services to suit someone’s youth which is North Eastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services3. The first service I’ll introduce is the Youth Justice Committee which asks for an apology from the client and from there they can find a resolution for the incident caused, time to work on his/her behaviors and gain benefits from volunteering in their community. The next service involves attendance centers which represent alternatives to a custody order, it focuses individual needs such as anger issues, employment/life skills and so on. The third service is the Community Support Team, they’re focus is on counseling services to high-risk youth who find themselves in conflict with law enforcement. They focus the prevention of young offenders return to custody. The fourth service offered by NEAOFACS is the residential program, this program is all about youth assessments, skill development and recreational programs. It’s mainly geared towards youth between the ages of 12 and 17. The 5th program which is geared towards giving the individual a little more freedom on how their judicial journey plays out including their accountability and reparation is the restorative justice program. This puts a large focus on that persons want or will to make things better for those who have been caused harm. The final service I was able to locate within NEAOFACS is the Youth Mental Health Court Worker program. The goal of this program is to assist youth who have been identified to be living with a mental disorder through the court process. It provides these people with access to the appropriate mental health services and other community supports available.

The final program I was able to locate is the anti-bullying course offered by Timmins Police Service4, this is geared towards involving themselves with the schools and making presentations about the importance of standing up to bullying and talking to the appropriate people to put attention to it. I feel as this program needs to be done more often and in a steadier basis to really make a significant impact. I can only recall one class in middle school where presentations we’re made about bullying but don’t remember anything else. I’ll talk about this more in my idea of a good crime deterrence program.

In conclusion, all these programs have their ups, and downs based on the individual’s needs but the one fault I found that all of them seemed to be missing was youth on youth interactions. Being able to see and hear of local issues related to youth crime committed I know that it’s much easier to go through any of the programs I listed alongside someone of my age. I know I’d be intimated to be surrounded by people who aren’t really at the same level nor understanding as I may feel. Having someone of my age or closer to really connect with could really change someone’s perspective on to properly behave, how to involve myself in my community, how to talk to people, how to help people, how to succeed in my studies and so on so forth. It’s a lot like the expression’s parents use often for children who hangout with the “bad kids” and how they need to change their groups of friends to avoid any further issues that came from that expression. My program would essentially force further youth interactions among other community youth members, to grow that child in need group of friends, to have someone maybe even going through something similar who has found success in his deterrence away from crime; a role model some may say. I think this connection is crucial to the youth’s future and speedy recovery towards rehabilitation.

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