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Scarface was the nickname gifted to Al Capone due to the noticeable slash across his right cheek. The story of his famous scar was caused by a physical altercation between him and a man by the name of Frank Gallucio. It began with both men enjoying a night out when Al Capone began to hit on a Frank Gallucio’s sister, Lena. Neither Frank Gallucio nor Lena were fond of Capone. Gallucio and Capone got into a heated argument that quickly...
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In 1920s America, a rise of consumerism had emerged, as well as many new rebellious sentiments. As a younger generation began to rebel against societal norms, different aspects of society would also experience changes that would eventually transform American into a modern society. In an attempt to uphold the morality of society, the government passed the Prohibition Act in 1920 to ban alcohol altogether. Although the concept of Prohibition was initially meant to eliminate crimes or even society’s downfall, it...
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How unescapable is prison? Well, many prisons may seem difficult but eventually, someone will figure a way out. Alcatraz was seen as an inescapable prison but that didn't stop people from trying. Over the time that the prison was open, many people tried and failed to escape The Rock but not all. Many people have gone there even people like Al Capone have been locked up in prison. But there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the island. Although...
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The history of Alcatraz (1775-1971) On August 11, 1934, Alcatraz opened its doors. Alcatraz was the maximum high-security, minimum privileged Penitentiary for the most ruthless criminals, or the worst of the worst. That’s where its nickname came from, “The rock.” One of these criminals was Al Capone, who was one of the most wanted gangsters who practically ruled Chicago. Once he was sent to Alcatraz, he later said: “It looks like Alcatraz has got me licked” Early Alcatraz 1775 On...
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“ Son of a bitch, give me a drink one more night this cant be me son of a bitch if i can't get clean i'm going to drink my life away. Whoa-oh Whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh-oh .... Let's give it up to Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats for singing a lyric from their song S.O.B. Ah, S.O.B a song about a man drinking his life away, much like most average Americans of the nineteen twenties. The nineteen twenties a prosperous...
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Introduction to the Rivalry “Within thirty seconds, the seven lay dead on the floor while their killers drove away…” (qtd. In “St. Valentine’s” DISCovering). The competition between the North Side Gang and the South side gang to dominate the alcohol business was fierce. Both gangs did more damage than any other during mob rule. What no one knew was that this day would change perspectives on alcohol across the country. The Saint Valentine's Day massacre was a bloody incident between...
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