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Ned Kelly was born in 1854 in the small town of Beveridge. Sadly, he was hanged in 1880 at the young age of 25. Ned’s difficult childhood led him into the life of a bushranger. There is no doubt that Ned was a hero. Ned showed extreme bravery, generosity and his self-sacrificing actions is what made him a hero. Ned was respected by many after he bravely dived into a river to save a drowning lad, without thinking of his...
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Bushranging played an indispensable role in the development of Australia’s identity. Over time, the term ‘bushranger’ has evolved, but at all times defined outcasts, yet, attitudes toward bushrangers remain quite equivocal and complex. To understand the beliefs surrounding bushrangers and the perspectives of those considered marginalised and ordinary in nineteenth-century Australia, we must consider a range of sources such as those histories ‘from below.’ In this essay, I will be comparing Mary Ann Bugg's petition for Clemency and Ned Kelly’s...
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Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger in Colonial Australia. Over the numerous years after his death, some people established different judgments on whether Ned Kelly was a hero, victim, or a hero. Some people say he was a hero who fought for the justice of others while others say he was a villain who committed numerous crimes Ned Kelly was certainly a victim because the police treated his family poorly, he was drawn into a fight between two hawkers that...
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Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader, convicted police murderer, and the face of the Colonial Australian Identity. This ‘identity’ being the ‘bushman’ identity- also known as the ‘noble bushman’. Edward 'Ned' Kelly (December 1854 – 11 November 1880) held this infamous repertoire. Kelly is synonymous with the ‘Colonial Australian’ identity due to many reasons such as; his outlandish method of pushing his beliefs, the way he carried himself, and Ned’s profound and enduring effect on Australian Society. Ned Kelly pushed his...
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Edward Ned Kelly was Australia’s most famous bushranger; regarded by several as a hero who fought “for the rights of the battler.” Whether or not Ned Kelly was a hero, however, has been debated throughout Australia’s history. Some consider him to be a folk hero while others condemn him as a cold-blooded criminal, making it a controversial topic to talk about. The representation of Ned Kelly in poems and stories, however, is overwhelmingly negative, possibly because many people have the...
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Introduction: The task is to examine the key events, actions, beliefs, and values of groups, the causes and effects of the events, and developments from a number of perspectives. This research task is aimed on Ned Kelly’s life and That Ned Kelly became an Australian Legend and folk hero because he struggled for the oppressed against the oppressors. Focus Question 1: Who was Ned Kelly? Ned Kelly was a bushranger and was born in June 1855 at Beveridge, Victoria. His...
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Ned Kelly had a belief for social inequality. He wanted to stand up for his right by giving more to the less fortunate by taking less from the rich. When Ned had been more known to Australia, people knew about his rights. Half of the general public who knew about Ned had believed that he was a good person as he was taking care and spreading the word of his political concerns, which made them think that he had made...
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In Australian bushranger history, Ned Kelly was the one everyone either feared or loved. Ned, a controversial character with many flaws, is a villain. A bushranger’s apprentice, more than two jail sentences, and being the instigator at the Stringybark Creek incident (where three people were murdered) is proof of this man’s evil. Ned Kelly chose to start his notorious career as a bushranger’s apprentice. Ned liked the idea of robbing on the highways, knowing it was wrong. “They didn’t earn...
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Allow me to challenge your perspective of the once defined scoundrel, Ned Kelly. However, before we begin let’s define a cultural icon. A cultural icon is the embodiment of a particular idea, belief or way of living which one deems rememberable. Ned Kelly is one of the most controversially well-known folk heroes within today’s society. For decades he has had an abundance of controversial representations throughout all genres and fields ranging from journalism to songwriters. He is often considered the...
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